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  1. mondeo mk3 remote

    I took the remote apart again today and had a look at the silver spring clips that hold the battery,they needed adjusting into place slightly as they werent touching the contacts,Its now working as usual. Thanks for your help in this matter.
  2. mondeo mk3 remote

    Thanks for that,I will try at the weekend and let you know how it goes.
  3. Hi,I have replaced the battery in my remote today as it was virtually flat,When i have put the new one in it doesnt do a thing. I put the old one in to try it but it would unlock but wouldnt lock,Does it need reprogramming?I have looked on other websites for answers and a lot say that the remote should work fine even after the battery has been flat for a while so have i done something wrong,The positive side of the battery is facing up as it should but im stuck for ideas. Any replies would be appreciated.
  4. Mk3 Anti Hijack

    Hi,I have been reading about the anti hijack feature which you can put on the mondeo where it locks all the doors once your speed hits 5mph,All the items i have read seem to say for the facelift mk3,Mine is a 02 plate so was wondering if this would work on mine,Any comments would be appreciated,Cheers.
  5. mondeo mk3 alarm activation

    Yep mate,tried that too but it still doesnt flash?Cheers for replying though.
  6. Hi,I have just bought a mk3 mondeo ghia tdci. When i lock the car using the remote the indicators dont flash to show this,My dad has a mondeo and his indicators flash when locking/unlocking so does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Any replies would be appreciated.