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  1. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    That’s what I meant haha, yeah I knew you could transfer the chip but due to the design in the original key the chip is built in, it would mean damaging the key to remove the chip
  2. Jordan99

    Corsa help anyone??

    right guys, I’ve got a video on YouTube; ignore the sound of the engine, it’s not that loud in person haha
  3. Jordan99

    Corsa help anyone??

    Any ideas where? The car runs smooth & sounds fine apart from the ticking sound
  4. Jordan99

    Corsa help anyone??

    Great description I know 😂😂 I do have a video but it won’t let me upload it. I’ll upload a photo now. The ‘thingy’ is that thing with the big air pipe going to it
  5. Jordan99

    Corsa help anyone??

    Hi all, I know this is not a Ford but I do have one I promise! I recently got my mrs a 2010 Corsa 1.0 ecotech with 52000 miles on the clock. I brought the car with a misfire, sorted that no problem. But there is a ticking noise there too. Doesn’t sound like anything back. Maybe like a relay ticking? Mot sounds like it’s coming from the thingy sat dead centre of the engine (pipe from airbox joins onto it) i have raised YouTube but can’t find any noise remotely similar to mine I do have a video but I can’t upload it! Many help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    Sorry about the long delay in replying! Its only half solved because I only replaced half of the remote ;) I don’t have the tools/software to reprogram the immobiliser chip in the key so I got a blank key off amazon, used the old key, old remote back (containing immobiliser chip) & new front. Programmed that to the car and hey presto! I figured it was the key because the car only locked when I was close with the key, it didn’t lock if I was in the house for instance.
  7. Jordan99

    Spare key not working

    Hi all, so I put a post up here the other day regarding faulty central locking. Turns out as my remote was faulty. I now have a new remote (new key from amazon) which locks/unlocks the car fine. My plan was to use the new remote with my old key then get the blank key cut to use as a spare. For some reason the car won’t start using my old key with new remote, it will start however using my key, new remote front and old remote back. Im assuming this has something to do with the led sender thingy within the key. This is not a issue, I’d just prefer to use a complete new remote. Does anyone know any way to make this work? Thanks, Jordan.
  8. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    Half solved! Faulty key remote. Continuously telling the car to lock, remote replacement solved this.
  9. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    Is there any way to check the microswitchs?
  10. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    Yes I don’t understand what it’s doing. It works perfectly fine, just continuesly locks its self, it only started happening today and it’s driving me mad
  11. Hi all, so last night at work I popped into my car, sat there for a minute or two with the door open when the central locking tried to lock the car. Over and over again. Even after a short drive, the second I turn the car off, the car locks. This has not done this before in the two years of ownership. I can unlock and lock the car using the fob, so nothing is broken. Anyone know why it’s doing this? Thanks, Jordan.
  12. Jordan99

    MK2 Boot Floor Insert?

    I have this in mine, great for storage!
  13. Jordan99

    exhaust suggentions

    im going to be watching videos all night now! haha cheers mate
  14. Jordan99

    exhaust suggentions

    Haha, hopefully 🤞
  15. Jordan99

    exhaust suggentions

    the second one is more my style, but my arts and crafts aren't quite up to scratch these days 😕