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  1. I'm a dab hand with a soldering iron if that's a possible fix. I'll have a look through the 'how to' section to see if there is a guide to remove the cluster. I'll post any findings here if anyone would like the update? cheers for the help. Will hopefully sort the problem soon.
  2. Pretty old post but thought I'd ask if these problems got sorted. If so, what was the fix? I have the exact same issues with my 57 reg Focus Ghia. Clocks make the clicking noise, the Rev counter sitting below 1k until the key is turned and the clock not holding its time but it is keeping the radio stations. I know the history of the car as I'm its 3rd owner. My father inlaw owned it before me and his dad before him (original buyer from new). The problems only started around a year ago. No work had been done to it when the problems started either. I've only owned the car for 5 days and these little issues are driving me nuts! Lol any help/advice/fixes are appreciated cheers.
  3. Newby from Tyne & Wear

    Cheers chaps
  4. Hi all! My Names Dan. From Sunderland, I'm 34, I work as a sound engineer and I should be picking my 2007 Focus Ghia up next weekend......hopefully. My first Ford in over 11 years 😕 Hoping to tap into your vast Focus Knowledge as no doubt I will need it from time to time. Looking forward to it. bare with me though as I'm not a very heavy forum user.....this could change I suppose 😃 Cheers 😇