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  1. Easy fix that the vehicle would not be a cat b for that at all, we specialise in damage repairable salvage that come to us direct from insurance companies
  2. Owen

    Hi mate could you send us them wire diagrams for the mk3 focus

    1. Owen


      Hi pre would you know how to wite in the st halogen headlight with the led drls into my my standard halogen. Headlight loom 

    2. Owen


      I've done it myself now all lights and LEDs are working

  3. Anybody know how to fit push start and stop button to 2013 focus, the button we have is off a 2015 focus st,
  4. Sorted wired them into the rear interior light instead
  5. I don't know about electrics had a little go befor to the front interior light in the headlining, got the sill light to light up but seemed constant until I pressed the button for the interior light to come on then the sill light would go out
  6. Want to fit 2015 focus mk4 sill lights to my 2013 mk3, where and which wire would I tap into so the go on and with opening the door with interior lights, I do not have any footwell lights to go into
  7. I have put the st dashboard in so no need to cut it out, the conversion it complete just need the front led headlights wired in tomoz then it's complete,. I've just put the pod in for now but be better if I could get it working or lighting up or something
  8. after some information and help I am completing a 2016 st diesel conversion to my 2013 focus 1.6 tdci, is it possible to fit the st boost pod to my vehicle and what is involved if some could help please, I have the stranded factory fitted boost pod
  9. We have converted the rear end already hatch needed changin so did the rear bumper and bumper brackets, the rear lights fitted same as the old 1s just need a new hole making for the taillight bold, everything straight forward easy enough