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    Full Service Schedule

    Can someone point me in the right direction please... I'm looking for the full ford service schedule for my 2008 1.6 tdci focus. I know that it was available on before but that website seems to be broken. Is there anywhere else I can find similar detailed information?
  2. In my experience this should be much smoother, without Forscan I am unable to tell that a regen is happening. The only clue I get is when the engine fan is running after turning off the ignition.
  3. Actually no after about a month this went back down to the 1000 - 2000 km range.. I don't monitor this as much but it's currently at around 1400 km and counting up. I guess this proves that it's not just a simple counter and is in fact based on some sensor readings.
  4. It's been a few months now so I'll give an update... The increased distance between regens didn't last long and it's now back to doing a regen every 150 - 160km. I've given up on bringing it to the motorway every time it needs a regen, instead I just leave it complete in normal driving. Sometimes the temp reaches 590+ other times it doesn't but I'm not too bothered because the differential pressure is still consistently low which leads me to believe the filter isn't clogging. If I do see the differential pressure rise I will take it for a blast on the motorway but apart from that I'm not worrying about it. Hopefully an oil change every 10,000 miles will be enough to counter the effects of so many regens.
  5. Last week I had another regen after an interval of only 160km so I decided that I had to try something. I didn't call the garage but I used Forscan to reset the DPF learned values. This reset the values for DIST_REGEN to 0km and DIS_ASHFULL to 100,000km (not miles like I thought). I've only had one regen since then at an interval of 214km which is definitely an improvement. Hopefully this figure will increase a little further over time as the learned values gather more data. The DIS_ASHFULL value has been very consistent since I reset it - no sudden changes like others have experienced. It's simply counting down by 1 every time I drive a km (no longer counting up like it was before the reset).
  6. Back to the original topic of the thread, I have a theory as to what might be causing the frequent DPF active regens. Currently the value for "Distance to Ash Full" 1850km (and going up). This is clearly wrong since all the ash was recently removed but I didn't take much notice as I didn't think this value was that important. However, if the car believes the DPF is almost full with ash then it would also assume there is not much room/space for soot accumulation. As a result the car might be triggering regens more frequently as the distance to ash full value decreases. I've read that the preset value from new is 99,999 miles. I will contact the garage who cleaned the DPF tomorrow and see what their thoughts are. Maybe I'm trying too hard to apply logic to DPF's!!
  7. Yes, I've used it with both Forscan and Forscan Lite (Android mobile version). It works perfectly for me and the Forscan application says that the connection is good with no errors - "Min.delay: 15ms (Good)". I haven't looked at the MS-CAN modification but I doubt it would be suitable for that.
  8. If you prefer a wireless adaptor I bought the one from the link below and it works well so far:
  9. Thanks for all the replies - really good info. I've been using these for the last few weeks. A new regen starts every time the 'km from last regen' counter hits around 180km. To PID for 'km to ash full' does seem to be a bit off. It's counting up as opposed to down (every time I drive 1km the distance to ash full goes up 1 km). I don't think this should be causing any problems though. I've noticed lots of figures mentioned too but I've had regens kick off without ever going over 4-5kPa and it only reaches that when accelerating hard. The regens seem to be working perfectly. As soon as I see a regen kicking off I take the car to the motorway for a quick blast. If it happens at an inconvenient time I'll let the first regen fail but I'll take it straight to the motorway on the next journey (so never more than one failed attempt each time). Once on the motorway the exhaust temp climbs to around 650C and then the temperature falls again and the 'km from last regen' counter resets to zero. I take this to mean that the regen was successfully and revert to normal driving (5th gear). The whole process normally takes 15mins or less. After the regen the DP does drop a little but it was never that high to begin with. I do a mixture of journeys, including motorway + long runs. I do some town driving but I am rarely stuck in traffic or low speeds for long. The regens never seem to kick off on the motorway unless I've reached the 180km since the last regen. I've tried blasting it hard after 130km but it doesn't appear to have any interest in doing a regen then. The car is driving perfectly apart from the annoying regens. Would I notice symptoms if this was the case? Great information, I didn't know that. Also just to note I had my DPF completely cleaned out 6 months ago at around 100,000 miles after getting the engine malfunction light. So my ash levels should be fairly low and the the ELOYs fluid was also filled at the time so no problems there either. I got it done by a specialist so I'm assuming they did a pretty good job. Thanks for all the feedback this has been much more productive than all my googling lately
  10. Based on my experience with a similar issue I would recommend you start with the dpf (accessing the error codes would help). However I'm just a "Newbie" here too.
  11. Hello, Can anyone tell me what exactly triggers an active dpf regeneration to occur? (2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI) I've noticed (using forscan) that the dpf is regenerating approx every 100 miles. This seems very excessive especially considering the differential dpf pressure is well within the acceptable range when these regens are kicking off. Are regens triggered based on mileage? If so is there anything I can do to increase the mileage interval between regens? I've searched online and haven't been able to find an answer yet. Thanks :)