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  1. Carpysmith

    Reverse light hell problems.

    A friend of mine had a similar problem a while ago and it turned out that he had two washers on switch so it was not protruding into gearbox far enough! Original washer must have stuck on gearbox when he changed the switch? Just a thought??? Regards. Steve.
  2. Carpysmith

    Strange noise!

    Hi Damian! Thanks for that! funnily enough I had another look today and guess which pipe had a split in it, Yep the very same one! Have fitted a new one today, problem cured!! Many thanks for the input! Regards. Steve.
  3. Carpysmith

    Strange noise!

    Hi David. Thanks for the response! Reckon I will have a better look over the weekend and maybe get an assistant on the throttle while I look for any bulging pipes etc! Regards. Steve.
  4. Carpysmith

    Strange noise!

    Hi all! I have a 2009 Focus 1.8tdci Titanium estate that has developed an "odd" noise. It is difficult to describe as I cant decide if it is a "hissing" noise (like a turbo pipe or something split) or more of a fast rattling noise, like a heatshield or something rattling/vibrating. It seems to be coming from the drivers side front area but is difficult to pin down exactly, It only does when you are going through the gears when driving it fairly briskly (but not thrashing it), still does it but not as bad when driving very gently, and does not make the noise when just revving engine when not driving (so making it very difficult to pin it down) it started making the noise whilst driving back to Norfolk from hols in Devon whilst driving down the A43 at about 68mph in cruise control so not caning it or anything!! Car still seems to pull ok and doesn,t seem to be using any more or less fuel. Thoughts anybody! Regards. Steve.
  5. Carpysmith

    Roof bars (2005) estate to hatchback

    I had a set on my 2005 Focus Estate which fitted in the channel along roof so could be slid to any position on roof (I think it,s called a "T" track). When I got a 2005 hatchback it had fixed fixing points for roof bars so I think the estate one,s are not compatable with the hatchback! Hope that helps! Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  6. Carpysmith

    Flexi pipe

    Thanks Stefan! reckon thats what I will do, got a place near me that does that sort of stuff!!
  7. Carpysmith

    Flexi pipe

    Thanks for the reply! I thought that repair sections were available, but I dont really have the facilities to take system off the car, garage told me that after taking into account labour costs it probably wouldn,t cost that much more to replace the whole CAT??
  8. Carpysmith

    Flexi pipe

    Hi everyone! Recently had an mot done (and passed) had an advisory for slight blow on exhaust. It is blowing at the flexi pipe on the end of the CAT that joins the rest of the system. I have been told that it comes as part of the CAT, is this correct or is it possible to get just the flexi pipe? Regards Steve (aka carpysmith) 2009 focus 1.8tdci Titanium Estate.
  9. Carpysmith

    h.i.d headlights.

    Cheers for the swift reply!! will have to save the pennies up for some new bulbs then! not cheap I believe? Best place to get them anybody? Regards. Steve.
  10. Carpysmith

    h.i.d headlights.

    Hi all! I am currently running a 2009 Focus 1.8tdci titanium estate. It has hid headlights and to be honest the dipped beam is awful! Do hid lights loose brightness as they get older? or is this something I will just have to live with? Anyone else got the same problem? Main beam is fine by the way, but I believe main beam bulbs are normal halogens? Thoughts anyone? Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  11. Carpysmith

    Club meets??

    Hi everyone! Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was wondering if there are any club meetings happening (particularly in the Norfolk area) any time this year? I would definitely be interested in attending if there are any localish to me (Kings Lynn)!!! Regards Steve (aka carpysmith) 2009 Focus 1.8tdci Titanium estate (full leather, 18inch alloys, etc etc!!)
  12. Carpysmith

    Silence is golden!

    Hi Damian! The owner told me they don't use "non Genuine" parts but it seems too cheap to be a genuine Ford bearing? Although when I booked the car in at the garage I saw the "ex owner" who I used to do jobs for way back in the days when I was an auto electrician at Lucas, He still has something to do with the business I think! Mates rates maybe?? Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  13. Carpysmith

    Silence is golden!

    Hi all! I put a post up on here a couple of weeks back about my noisy wheel bearing. Finally got car booked in to have it sorted today. It turned out as I suspected that it was the offside front wheel bearing making all the noise! Anyway, I picked the car up after work today and the lack of "growling" from the front wheel is lovely!! The supply and fitting of said bearing was £84 inc vat. I thought that was a really good price?, what do you guys reckon? Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  14. Carpysmith

    Crash, wondering how much for repair or write off

    Hi! Had my car written off recently, according to the assessor anything up to 60% of cars value would be a repair, anything over 60% would be a write off! Regards Steve (aka carpysmith)
  15. Carpysmith

    Wheel bearings

    Cheers Alz! I think on further investigation it is on the front! Don't have special tool to do it either! She is booked in at my friendly local garage to have job done!! Regards Steve (aka carpysmith)