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  1. I used Gorilla Super Glue on mine, have stayed stuck on ever since!!
  2. Interested in this one! My 2011 Focus has condensation in the offside headlamp and I was wondering about the best plan of attack. I assume it would be an M.O.T failure? Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  3. Thanks for the reply! It seems you have to buy the whole vent assembly!! 40 odd quid! dont think i will be doing that! cant even find any at a breakers yard as of yet! It,s not really a major problem but it,s a pain in the backside not being able to use the vent in this warm weather!! Regards. Steve.
  4. Hi all! I am looking for the small plastic link rod that joins the centre panel air vent flap (right hand side) to its adjustment wheel. Has any one on here got such a piece, or alternatively can give me a part number for said piece? or is it only available by purchasing a whole centre panel? It clips on using a sort of ball and socket arrangement on each end and is about an inch or so long. Car is a 2011 MK3 focus by the way Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  5. Hi again! Hope this picture is ok?? Regards. Steve.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Car has a factory fitted DAB radio with bluetooth hands free etc, so not sure if it is anything aftermarket???. Not really worried about it ,but I have never seen anything like that before and am a bit curious!!! Regards. Steve.
  7. Hi all. I have recently bought a 2011 focus 1.6 Titanium Estate. I noticed the other day that the passenger side rear quarterlight window has what looks like a wire and connector attached to it (top centre) the glass also has what looks like three evenly spaced vertical elements on it. Can anybody tell me what it is for? Surely it,s not heated is it? Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  8. Thanks for that! I suspected as much!!!
  9. Hi all! I have recently purchased a 2011 Mark 3 focus Titanium Estate with a Sony DAB stereo (with the separate information screen). Are these units security coded?. If they are I dont have the code!. Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)
  10. Hi everyone. I am thinking of changing my 2009 Focus 1.8tdci Titanium Estate for a later model Focus ( hopefully around 2014 age wise). I will probably going for a petrol this time as I no longer do enough miles to go for another diesel. I was wondering if anybody on here can point me in the right direction regarding engine choice or any potential problems I should look out for from that years models (I know there are a few variants of petrol engines and was wondering which is the one to go for) Thoughts anyone? Regards Steve (aka carpysmith)
  11. A friend of mine had a similar problem a while ago and it turned out that he had two washers on switch so it was not protruding into gearbox far enough! Original washer must have stuck on gearbox when he changed the switch? Just a thought??? Regards. Steve.
  12. Hi Damian! Thanks for that! funnily enough I had another look today and guess which pipe had a split in it, Yep the very same one! Have fitted a new one today, problem cured!! Many thanks for the input! Regards. Steve.
  13. Hi David. Thanks for the response! Reckon I will have a better look over the weekend and maybe get an assistant on the throttle while I look for any bulging pipes etc! Regards. Steve.
  14. Hi all! I have a 2009 Focus 1.8tdci Titanium estate that has developed an "odd" noise. It is difficult to describe as I cant decide if it is a "hissing" noise (like a turbo pipe or something split) or more of a fast rattling noise, like a heatshield or something rattling/vibrating. It seems to be coming from the drivers side front area but is difficult to pin down exactly, It only does when you are going through the gears when driving it fairly briskly (but not thrashing it), still does it but not as bad when driving very gently, and does not make the noise when just revving engine when not driving (so making it very difficult to pin it down) it started making the noise whilst driving back to Norfolk from hols in Devon whilst driving down the A43 at about 68mph in cruise control so not caning it or anything!! Car still seems to pull ok and doesn,t seem to be using any more or less fuel. Thoughts anybody! Regards. Steve.
  15. I had a set on my 2005 Focus Estate which fitted in the channel along roof so could be slid to any position on roof (I think it,s called a "T" track). When I got a 2005 hatchback it had fixed fixing points for roof bars so I think the estate one,s are not compatable with the hatchback! Hope that helps! Regards. Steve (aka carpysmith)