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  1. My camera fitted in centre just above number plate
  2. I have fitted a aftermarket reverse camera to my Kuga, and connected it to the sync2 unit. The total cost was £12. you need to connect the video feed to pins 14 (+) 15 (-) of the APIM unit on the rear of the sync2 unit and then activate the camera with forscan and it will work as the OEM camera. hope this helps Regards Dave
  3. I used these instructions on mine yesterday and it is working great.
  4. I have now fitted a aftermarket reverse camera and connected it to pins 14 & 15 of the APIM connector, and activated it with forscan. and it now works as the OEM camera, showing the PDC display in the top right corner of the Sync 2 screen.
  5. Hi all I fitted a reverse camera to my Kuga, and I would like to find out how to activate the sync2 APIM with forscan . any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Dave
  6. I have found that it is my dash cam that is stopping the GPS signal, when I disconnect the dash cam power feed the satellites come on line. so I either need to screen the gps aerial or move the dash cam to a different position.
  7. I have carried out this upgrade and activated the SATNAV seems fine, but I have found that It picks up 8 satellites when radio is on without ignition, as soon as I turn the ignition on it loses all satellites. HELP!!!
  8. My Kuga 2016 TIT X as a faulty SATNAV When the ignition is on it does not pick up any satellites, but when I turn the ignition off it shows 8 satellites! Help as I have no idea what is causing this. Any advice would be great Regards Dave
  9. Hi @BannkoI have a 2016 Kuga 2.0 Tit X with sync 2 and wish to enable sat nav I have herd you are the expert on this, your help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Dave