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  1. Research Questionaire

    done my views are very one sided
  2. Tyre recommendations

    i have ZV7's on the front good grip on in the wet and dry, and have good tread left on them, iv just bought some toyo proxies CF2 they have good reviews im getting them put on the backs then swapping them to the fronts later on today, they were £55 off ebay and got it delivered to argos and arrived in 2 days.
  3. Brake Discs

    as isetta says check the diameter of the current discs and the same diameter.
  4. Zetec S Body Kit

    you will find going and buying a Zetec S will be cheaper in get same colour you want, the insurance will be cheaper aswell.
  5. Would this rule bother you as a parent?

    not a fan being an expecting parent i would be up to the school causing an uproar, stopping a learning child from using the toilet when they need it, i was told no to go the toilet then my bladder would fill and i would be desperate then i couldn't concentrate on the work due to needing a wee. its not on in the slightest if they were going every 10-15 mins then id ask whats the matter with them, if just once every now then then of course let them go. and the point of saying you should of gone at break is useless, if i have a drink or food it takes a goof half hour to an hour to get through the system, a child would be less so yes i would let them go.
  6. The TronFez build thread

    finally got round to finishing off the interior plastics, just got to clear coat it then put it back on the car.
  7. Fish aquariums

    we had fish when i was about 10 years old ish, we had two small shark like fish and a small catfish type, and loads of small neon fish i think they are, and a feww other types of fish the two sharks had babies but the cat fish ate them all and the small fish aswell after he got big enough, we never had anymore after the last of them died off, id like to have my own tank now iv got my own home we went to a fish pet shop last sunday they had a huge amount of fish, but i would love a outdoor pond with common carp or koi carp.
  8. Advice for DIY Tracker Install

    also interested, could you piggyback on an a fuse you could then attach it under the dash
  9. The TronFez build thread

    if its a rare colour for the center then id leave it as its something not many have, and the spoiler hasn't been released yet, so i still dont know a definite price or what it looks like, iv only got a idea of it as they have a mk2 focus one which is the one i posed above. but as iv just started to rent a house all mods are currently on hold.
  10. The TronFez build thread

    thank you so much and thats the reason i took the carbon off looked terrible and tacky, iv sprayed the center console frozen white with a clear coat over it. the pinstripe i think i said before was the hardest thing iv done, it took many hours of laying and lifting and the bin was filled with scrapes because i wasnt happy and wasnt doing a half ar*ed job. the curves were easier funnily enough after doing so many curves you get a nack for it and a steady hand is needed. befor show season i need to re do a few lines as the winter weather has lifted a few lines and the rear wrap needs redoing properly (i did it on a cold evening in December). the wrap on the lights were an ebay buy off the missus it was a no from me to begin with but i gave in and actually really liked the out come. im so happy with the outcome and last year when i decided i want to go to shows id seen many cars which had the same sort of thing going, yes they look and sound good but i wanted to do something not many people had done (to a fiesta) only a few have done this to a fiesta and i took my own take to it, the amount of love i get from the rolling oval club guys and people i see out and about, i see people take photos and turn heads and point puts a smile on my face as i know im got something unique. the car is no where near finished, as above i want a spoiler and then take my attention to the engine and get that BHP figure up a bit.
  11. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    got some VHT paint last night, after checking pipes few days ago and found them starting to rust, whats the best prep for the pipes, i did see it somewhere on here.
  12. Sraight pipe

    my mate got a custom system made for 300, this was for 2014 ZS, it was with MIJ performance in walsall, it sounded pretty good, i had my changes done at a local exhaust shop in telford.
  13. Locations to take pictures

    what about chasewater my mate took a few a while ago and they looked decent. side note since your from the midlands like me, why not join rolling oval (main group) and rolling oval midlands (sister group) its a facebook group, its a decent friendly group where everyones welcome no matter what ford you have heres a few pics from the last meet end of january, we have meets every month. theres a link in my bio below this post.

    have a look at matt lewis Motorsport that can supply and fit for you also. but as your in kent probably not able to travel to him as its a single place, they have a website you can buy and get delivered.
  15. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    i definitely need to check my pipes i still haven't iv put an alarm on for tonight so i remember. if its bad ill clear it up and paint them.