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  1. Running in - really needed?

    @MarksST and @Luke4efc i didnt think of it like that, would cost too much on their part.
  2. Running in - really needed?

    a work mate just bought a brand new 18 plate BMW he said they run it in for 1000 miles at the factory then reset the clock to 0 like above saves the idiots making big claims after the engine blows up from the dealer ship.
  3. The TronFez build thread

    awesome mini meet yesterday with rolling oval, and a great photographer was on point aswell. also since i last posted the RS spoiler is now on just need to paint it properly
  4. The TronFez build thread

    sorry i forgot to take a pic, heres sort of a side shot i took yesterday if i remember ill get a full pic at some point.
  5. Telford PRH hospital car park

    nice car dude this was ages ago
  6. Ford Fair 2018

    thanks, iv been trying to convince the missus to let us go but not having any of it, only 1 and half hour away so could get back in time. going to cars in the park so that will be the last show for me this year
  7. Ford Fair 2018

    unfortunately wont be able to come this year, got a baby on the way and is due 13 august
  8. Damaged bonnet - paint or wrap?

    i would get it re sprayed like above even if you do a good job of prepping the surface even a small step between the paint and the prepped surface will show.
  9. My current problem🙄

    order a obd reader Wifi and download a free app called EOBD facile, that will tell you 100% what it is and will keep you in pocket as a garage will charge you an arm and a leg for diagnostics. you can then go in and say this is the problem fix it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WiFi-OBD2-ELM327-Bluetooth-Car-Scanner-Android-iOS-Torque-Auto-Scan-Tool-OBD-II/253337133047?epid=8013413435&hash=item3afc11dff7:g:AhIAAOSwmphaR41p
  10. 2013 plate currently on 48k (20k mine) still runs sound, not had any engine problems, i know my suspension top mounts need replacing but having time and money to do so.
  11. Fiesta Ecoboost cat back onto an ST

    the mounting points for the hangers should be in the same spot, what diameter is the cobra pipe, as the standard 1.0 pipe is different to the standard ST pipes. ST stock size is 2.5 inches (63.5mm) sop if the cobra system is this then it should fit, would also depend if the gasket part where it bolts onto the car if the holes line up and fit. side note if it doesn't fit and are low on cash to get another system, you could get a exhaust shop to modify it to fit properly.
  12. Fiesta Ecoboost cat back onto an ST

    yeah should do if it was intended for an ST in the first place it should just bolt on.

    Yes peugeos are terrible mu sister got 19mpg i think in hers they are lovely cars to drive comsidering the mods ive done it still drives smooth. Can she reaet the trip computer on the mpg reading and drive round for a week if this can still be the privous owners mpg that will still effect her read out

    short trips will always give lower MPG im the same my commute is 10 mins everyday and thats it, the engine doesn't get to optimal temperature so will use more fuel i get 34 mpg in my 1.0 but being a slightly bigger engine will use that bit more and bring it down. side note does the car loose petrol as in the needle drop or the read out drop over a short period or is it consistent loss over time. my sisters Peugeot which she got rid of recently lost 30 miles of fuel in a short trip to the shops and back
  15. Mk7 fiesta splitter

    is it the small splitter that sits in the middle like mine the white one or one which does round the whole bumper like my mates car the blue one.