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  1. AlexBartlam

    How Many People Can You Fit In A Focus?

    years ago when i was in primary school i used to do badminton after school we used to have to drive to a different school for the courts, the instructor picked us up in her car it was funny enough a mk6 fiesta, there were six kids plus instructor, i was sensible enough to know about car safety so always got in the front seat so i had a belt on.
  2. AlexBartlam

    hello all again

    well iv neglected this site for a while due to being a new parent and having a new car, going from "boy racer" to a dad has been difficult but heres the new car a focus 1.6 TDCI estate, i have plenty of ideas that i will be doing over the next year, these include, RS bumper (genuine one as they are a direct fit), alloys, remap, exhaust. these are for now till 2020, the bumper will be the hardest as i hoping to find a white RS whats written off at the back end.
  3. AlexBartlam

    The TronFez build thread

    defiantly not lol, when i removed them it left wax and the adhesive on the paint, which took 3 hours of pure polishing so get it all off, im thinking of a wrap, i love the camo effect iv seen so may go with something like that. or go with a ford related wrap,, or im think ing of pure stealth if i get black car, tint black wheels, black vents, then maybe get a dark gray half wrap.
  4. AlexBartlam

    The TronFez build thread

    fair enough and yeah i will do, not sure if ill carry this build thread on or post another thread of the new car as i want to do so much more as ill actually own this car lol.
  5. AlexBartlam

    The TronFez build thread

    yeah i have had a look at the Zetec s but its mostly the power as the ZS had like 115-125 hp and the ones im looking at have 150 or if i find one the 180hp models. and iv sort of always wanted a Titanium lol. im that type of person to just buy gadgets for the sake of its cool so plenty for me to play with.
  6. AlexBartlam

    The TronFez build thread

    well the time has come to sell the fiesta, due to a little one due in august i am in need of a 5 door, but as my blood runs blue ill be sticking to ford with a focus, im looking at a mk3 1.6 titanium 150HP, thats what i want but first iv got to sell the fiesta. last weekend consisted with removing all the tron lines,, sold the wind deflectors and sold the induction kit this Wednesday to mate of mine. if i cant sell it i will part ex it at a garage so just got to find the right car, i will be looking at another white car or black car, and definitely wont be doing tron lines again,
  7. AlexBartlam

    rear wiper bung

    hello all i am selling my car soon so i am reverting all the mods back to stock, but i have rear wiper delete, i have all the motor and and wiper arm, except for the rubber bung that goes between the wiper and the motor as it disintegrated when i removed it. any ideas on a part number or where i can get one from, iv looked on fordpartsuk but with no luck.
  8. AlexBartlam

    Turbo whooshing

    does the woosh happen when you lift the accelerator, if so it could just be the intake and factory blow off valve, have you changed the filter for an uprated cone filter or the likes of an K&N
  9. AlexBartlam

    Spray point solution?

    wicked im going to try this, my mirrors are the same and the runners on the roof are white with wax stains.
  10. AlexBartlam

    Fiesta mk 7 Bonnet vents

    i can +1 for nick wiley, hes done a a few of the cars in westmids for the car club im in, very recommended and they look good.
  11. AlexBartlam

    front grill

    yes i did take of the gloss bit off first, ill try again later after work thanks.
  12. AlexBartlam

    front grill

    hello all been a while since i last posed but iv got a dilemma, i need to get the honey comb top grill off for half hour last night i was giving it death had trim tool pulling pushing the supposed clips, iv seen the posts on here about it and else where and the videos that say it just pulls off, not a chance, anyone had this problem and managed to get it off somehow and want to shear the tips.
  13. AlexBartlam

    What do you clean your car with?

    yeah they do do some good stuff, i get a discount with rolling oval who im with, i need to get a snow foam lance before tho.
  14. AlexBartlam

    Telford PRH hospital car park

    nice one if its a week day you wont see me lol ill be grafting at work.
  15. AlexBartlam

    EcoBoost 140ps performace

    my 1.0 does the same iv got the 125ps 1st and 2nd are good power output then third just dips till the turbo spools and then pulls again, just the car im sure the map will sort this out.