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  1. calllumallan

    New ECU or new car?

    See video here... 19-12-2018%2C 06 31
  2. calllumallan

    New ECU or new car?

    Hello everyone, here is my current dilemma with my 2011 mk2.5. I’ve been told that getting the ECU reconditioned could prevent this. When the car goes into this ‘mode’ it affects the central locking, dashboard cluster, radio and even the indicators by resetting itself constantly. However it doesn’t affect the use of the speedometer, Rev counter, electric fan and heating, and wipers. The battery puts out 12v and 14v when charging. Am I looking a a new ECU? This usually happens when the car is cold and sorts itself out once the engine has heated up. Will attach video when it uploads.
  3. I am currently using these on my focus... have been on for many months now and really bright and clean look! easy swap
  4. calllumallan

    Strange cold clutch noise

    After a bit of research I found the spring like noise to be the ABS test which usually happens when you first use the car between 10-15mph
  5. calllumallan

    Guide To Fitting 'submarine' Lighting

    Great Guide! I ended up getting a ST interior lights with the LEDs already in from a breaker yard for about £10. cable in but need to get some connectors tomorrow. Look forward to it
  6. calllumallan


    Hello ford buddys! Ive been on the forum for a while now but haven't properly introduced myself. Some great advice on here and hopefully I can contribute to some questions. I show a good interest in cars but I am not greatly mechanical minded. I'm 17 and up in the North of Scotland currently battling the ice and snow. Check out my Mk2.5 Focus Zebec S below... look out for the custom number plate surrounds
  7. calllumallan

    Strange cold clutch noise

    I don't know the answer to this but I believe i have the same problem. It sounds almost like a spring/scraping sound. only does it once when its cold... following this post
  8. Hello. Don't suppose you would have an updated link to this for a mk2.5 focus? I've been having a look around but my google skills aren't the greatest. Thanks!