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  1. I am currently using these on my focus... have been on for many months now and really bright and clean look! easy swap
  2. calllumallan

    Strange cold clutch noise

    After a bit of research I found the spring like noise to be the ABS test which usually happens when you first use the car between 10-15mph
  3. calllumallan

    Guide To Fitting 'submarine' Lighting

    Great Guide! I ended up getting a ST interior lights with the LEDs already in from a breaker yard for about £10. cable in but need to get some connectors tomorrow. Look forward to it
  4. calllumallan


    Hello ford buddys! Ive been on the forum for a while now but haven't properly introduced myself. Some great advice on here and hopefully I can contribute to some questions. I show a good interest in cars but I am not greatly mechanical minded. I'm 17 and up in the North of Scotland currently battling the ice and snow. Check out my Mk2.5 Focus Zebec S below... look out for the custom number plate surrounds
  5. calllumallan

    Strange cold clutch noise

    I don't know the answer to this but I believe i have the same problem. It sounds almost like a spring/scraping sound. only does it once when its cold... following this post
  6. Hello. Don't suppose you would have an updated link to this for a mk2.5 focus? I've been having a look around but my google skills aren't the greatest. Thanks!