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  1. Yes, I found the indentation on the rear right of the plastic cover With screwdriver, lock restored back to normal Thanks
  2. Iantt Phew thanks for that info. I had visions of removing the boot plastic cover, then removing the lock and getting inside to release mechanism I will give it a try next morning. Much appreciated alan
  3. I had to carry a bike in the back of my Fiestam MK7 To stop the "Boot Open" alarm, I mechanically moved the lock mechanism to the closed position I thought that when I used the key fob to release the door locks this would also release the lock mechanism However, it is permanently stuck in the closed position, so now I am unable to close the boot On reflection a stupid move Any idea how I can release this lock now back to its open position
  4. Auxiliary Power Socket

    Thanks both, I will look into those suggestions
  5. Auxiliary Power Socket

    Fiesta 2011, 1.4 Petrol I went to fit a Dash Cam to my daughters Fiesta this weekend only to find the Power Socket by the Gear Lever permanently live Never come across this before ? My own 2014, 1.4 Fiesta, the socket is only live when the ignition switch is in the aux position Dont fancy leaving a Dash Cam live 24/7, with the vehicle unattended Is this feature normal on some models ? Where could I find an easy accessible supply operated by the ignition key ?
  6. Reverse Gear

    Ok, I will give that a try I was under the assumption, your reply was some sort of joke Sounds a feasible option to try
  7. Reverse Gear

    Yes, when it first occurred, I wondered what the heck had happened I was on a grass verge, I selected reverse, there was a bang/crash then the engine was racing like fury - as I had my foot on the accelerator
  8. Reverse Gear

    Well, I find that either very re-assuring or very worrying My Fiesta has only done 10k, it only started last week, so I will try different techniques of engaging gear Thanks for the advice
  9. Reverse Gear

    I never occurred to me to read a book on how to select reverse ! Do you take me for some sort of idiot, the handbook states " not to engage reverse gear while moving forward" I can tell the difference between jumping out of gear or stripping the gear wheels of their teeth !!
  10. Reverse Gear

    My 2014 1.25 has now developed a worrying habit for jumping out of reverse gear Put it into reverse, let out the clutch and Bang its jumped out Are we looking at an simple adjustment here or a gear box problem Fortunately, its still under the Used Warranty
  11. Witter Tow Bar problems

    DIMWIT here has solved the problem Previously I had checked the chassis rail for holes I only found the end hole Today after using a wire brush to remove mud and debris I uncovered another hole which is designed to fit Bolt E So with this uncovered hole to fit this additional bolt, the problem has been resolved Looking at the schematic I was under the false illusion that the section D and E was eternal to the chassis rail The instructions said tighten bolt F into Chassis rail - it would have been far better if it said fit Bolts E and F into Chassis rail Anyway, thanks to all who took the trouble to leave their comments TOPIC CLOSED
  12. Witter Tow Bar problems

    Either 2 x Hole F is fixed onto Chassis bar by bolt (a)Total Lenght of side rail 43cm (b)Distance between E and F = 29cm (c)Distance between hole in chassis bar and the rear bodywork - 32cm So as per my first image hole E is inaccessible as it now inside the Chassis bar by 3/4 cm What the heck am I doing wrong Like you I have fitted bars to Corsa, Puntos and other earlier Fords but I have never got stuck like this
  13. Witter Tow Bar problems

    Only one side of chassis rail The left hole is right behind the two fuel pipes making it a real pig to get inserted
  14. Witter Tow Bar problems

    Not Quite On my schematic the fixing point E has now disappeared into the chassis rail, If I pull it out to expose Fixing point E then F wont line up with the internal chassis rail hole Its what they call a "conundrum"