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  1. You might be better off with a titx with the 180bhp
  2. My mondeo has 19 with Bridgestones on what are not the best but no worst than the 18 on my old st
  3. I have the same lights on my car and have run it about a year now and have not been flashed once so it might be problems with the car
  4. the chrome trim hides a black plastic opening and the pipes are not bent so you might have to change the back boxes
  5. You put your hand in the door handle to unlock and push the ridges on top to look
  6. I've a 2015 tit x it has got keyless entry u can tell by the top of the door handles they should have little ridges on top
  7. Its standard on the titanium so you must be able to buy one from ford
  8. Thanks I was going to the main dealer tomorrow
  9. Did you get in sorted ?? As mine is doing the same