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  1. benali10

    2.0 duratorq 143ps poor starting

    Well I've had a new fuel filter and all the lines checked over. Starting problem still the same unfortunately. Garage reckon one of the injectors has gone. Approximately £300ea but they need more time to fully diagnose. Anyone else had injectors go, blimey the car has only done 74k?
  2. benali10

    2.0 duratorq 143ps poor starting

    'If the fuel line to the fuel filter has an air leak that also cause simethiing similar as you have to re-prime the filter before it starts. Often this is helped by turning the ignition on for ~ten seconds, off for a short while, back on for ten seconds, off for a short while, and only then trying to start. This can also work if the glow plug doesn't stay on for long enough (and the glow plug on times look a little short to me...but they should work).' These method seems to enable the car to start. So I'll take a look at the fuel line. Is there a common failure point on the line anywhere?
  3. My 2009 2.0 duratorq 143ps 70k miles has weird intermittent starting problems. It on occasions just fails to fire up. Turns over nice and quick but just doesn’t fire up. It can be when it’s hot or cold no particular pattern. When it doesn’t start after 3 or 4 times the trip computer will want to rest itself (not sure if that’s relevant). It’s just been serviced with new air filter. It’s difficult to take to a garage as it only does it 20% of the time. Any common issues i.e.. Glow plugs, immobilizer, diesel filter. Any ideas?
  4. My auto lights are very slow to turn on. I mean it needs to be virtually dark before they come on. Is anybody aware if there is a lux level setting that can be adjusted within the sensor?
  5. benali10

    Stuck overhead storage compartment push buttons

    Take it apart, a few screws need to be removed if I remember correctly. Theres like a rubber sleeve around the plunger/button which acts as the spring, this rubber sleeve can get misplaced and malformed which cause it not to function properly. With mine I just rotated the sleeve into a different position and it all worked well again.
  6. Fair doos this system is pretty crap. Swapping the discs under the drivers seat is just a pain! Only original dvd's seem to work. Does anyone know how to burn films onto disc that will actually be readable by this unit? Can the unit be swapped to a usb drive that you can load a library of films onto? Also, any sort of game controllers available that can be plugged into the screens?