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  1. The cruise control reacts more gently in eco mode. So this may make a slight difference on motorways.
  2. That list of stuff is what I have would expect on a "regas" (which is used almost interchangably with the term "service" as it is easier to sell to customers). At a reputable establishment, which is where I suggested the OP visit, much and if not all of the stuff on your list should be being done routinely. It is mostly visual checks and I would be alarmed if a garage were not doing it frankly. Stuff like checking the condition of things like pipes, the connectors, the operation and so on, prior hooking up the machine is just what a half decent vendor should be doing with every car. Much of the other stuff on your list is done automatically by the machine that they hook your car up to. Like purging and recovering existing gas and lubricant, leak testing, etc. The machine isn't sitting there doing nothing for the 40 minutes it is hooked up. And pretty much every garage will take a before and after temperature reading at the vent, which naturally enables interior operation checks too. Essentially a regas is a system service.
  3. Looks good. Some interior shots would be nice, so the difference between the Vignale and the standard car can be appreciated.
  4. Applying the logic displayed here, if the back door on the driver's side didn't open, that'd be fine. Just use the other side on the rare occasion I needed to put someone in the back. Yes, it's not typical usage but I should still be able to do it.
  5. A service will just involve them using a £3 part in your car and charging an extra 20 quid for it. Get the regas at a reputable place and 'service' it yourself. All it'll be is a can that sprays deodoriser in the car whilst it's running with the air-conditioning on recirculation mode. It's one of the biggest mark-ups and cons in the motor industry. Unfortunately we have to rely on these same licensed con artists to handle the recharge gas.
  6. Get yourself the ST. The additional preventative servicing it'd be advisable to do to on your 180bhp 1.0 EcoBoost would offset the additional ST servicing costs. Plus you'd have the ST with all the bells and whistles that go with it. And it'd be easier to sell. Try moving a heavily modified 1.0 EcoBoost on the used car market. Especially when it is developing a reputation for going bang rather suddenly anyway. Putting that much work into a car that you can better for less with one off the shelf, and for better value in the long run, makes no sense. And if you get bored, you still have room to turn up the taps later on whereas you're at the limit with the 1.0...
  7. Had to type this in a notes app and paste as there seems to be an annoying pop up/scam jumping in and saying "congratulations". First it was apparently Walmart. Then it tried convincing me it was YouTube. And finally it was fake Fox. Regardless of whether a run in period is technically needed, most user manuals state that you should avoid full throttle starts for the first x miles. Usually 500-1000 region. This may be butt covering on the manufacturer's part, but as it says it, you should stick to it. Especially given Ford's rather poor attitude towards its customers. Any excuse to avoid a warranty claim, or claim using one's statutory rights and all that. There are eels covered in grease and teflon that are easier to pin down than Ford. Nuns in 1950s convent schools that are more caring, and even Fagin would question their morals.
  8. 7 miles out of a life expectancy of 100,000 miles? That's 0.0007% of its life. Why are you worrying? That said, mine only had to do 7 feet before I found something wrong.
  9. Goodwill is also a tool for limiting legal challenge. If you buy a new car, it's reasonable to expect it to function beyond the warranty. Warranty is a tool for conning people into thinking that there's no recourse once it has expired. But the law says you can expect something to be of sufficient quality. Brand new, with full service history? Not really much of an argument n the manufacturer's part when you've spent tens of thousands on one of their products. I reckon there's a decent chance of victory if you legally challenge in the event of a major failure a few months or even years after a warranty has expired. Particularly if it's a part that should last the life of the car like, I dunno, the engine or gearbox.
  10. The way Ford treats its customers is terrible. And to build a car that rusts at all, let alone so damned fast, is unheard of these days. It's not even a part that's constantly exposed to the elements. Maybe occasionally with water on the road, but as the pipe gets hot, it's physically impossible to stay wet for more than a minute or two after the car is switched off because the moisture evaporates off. For Ford to then claim that their cars break the laws of physics i.e. that they rust with the practical absence of water is absolutely indefensible and complete bull. It shows that they really have used materials beyond bargain basement level. They have been to the figurative jumble sale and found any old rubbish and shoved it on their cars. And then blame the customers once they have the money in the bank. Maybe some of the people who derided me for my views have started to see that this really is a major issue.
  11. I'd be sending it back and asking for a full refund. Then go and get what you originally set out to get. You don't want to risk being disappointed with it further down the line. Even looking at it dispassionately, the 123/125 is noticeably more expensive and it has a better residual value. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (incorrectly referred to as the "sale of goods act 2016" above) is well on your side. Like if you were on a football pitch and the halfway line was borderline, you're behind the goal kind of on your side. The car was certainly not as described and given that you specifically sought the higher powered version, I think there's also a possible not fit for its intended purpose argument too. This argument is a bit more dicey though. Don't be afraid to stand your ground and remember that Fiestas are everywhere. You could have another on the driveway in days. If it comes to it, feel free to butcher the letters I wrote. See my signature for details.
  12. What is the recall actually for? The thing I linked to is not being done as a full blown, government department agreed recall. Ford did it just to save face as having their premiere European sports cars exploding would be rather damaging to their reputation. Fiesta and Focus 1.0 Ecoboosts are 10 a penny, so nobody thinks twice when they see one at the side of the road. A 300+BHP RS on the other hand... Will get a lot of looks when it's smoking at the roadside. Especially if it's green!
  13. I've posted a thread in the relevant place but posting a link here for idle gossip - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Seems another Ford engine has cooling problems now... A recall that is not really a recall has been issued. Given the rarity of the 2.3 RS/Mustang engine, I suspect Ford are taking it on the chin. As the 1.0 EcoBoost is in almost anything with a blue oval, I suspect that the fighting with many customers with this engine will continue.
  14. I couldn't see that this had been posted elsewhere but it was topical given the time bomb of the 1.0 EcoBoost and its cooling system - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Hope this is of use to some people.
  15. Possibly in your phone settings. Some allow you to set the USB port for just charging. However this only sometimes works. Did on my Motorola which runs stock Android but not on my Samsung. It's annoying on the Samsung as it starts playing my phone calls back to me!
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