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  1. Liam121093

    Ford Focus Turbo Gasket

    Hello I have a Ford focus Mk2 1.6TDCI Can anyone tell me if i need a gasket between the turbo and the exhaust manifold. I have seen videos and kits online with the gasket but i have just spoken to ford and they say its a face fit. Really appreciate it.
  2. Liam121093

    What simple mods have you done

    Mine is a 1.6TDCI rammaped from 110BHP to 135BHP massive difference but im not sure what it will be like on the petrol. Looking good mate, I do like the alloys.
  3. Liam121093

    What simple mods have you done

    I'm not sure but the main thing it passed.
  4. Liam121093

    What simple mods have you done

    I still have the third brake light as standard. I read a few post before ordering and also researched if they were legal as they are dark but everywhere said they were fine.
  5. Liam121093

    What simple mods have you done

    It had an MOT 3 weeks after i finished all this passed with a couple of advisories (shock absorbers worn). No problem with lights at all
  6. Liam121093

    What simple mods have you done

    The sticker on the Slam pannel (i think) tells you the colour code. This is mine. Plasti dip matt black bonnet + Alloys. Not spray paint but spray plastic (my first time spraying and i think it looks good) Tinted windows. Carbon wrapped Door handles + fuel flap + interior panels + rear bumper trim + mirrors. Fly eyed front lights. Black lexus rear lights (brake fog and reverse) Red trim push fit really cheap really easy to do.
  7. Liam121093

    Focus tdci boost problem

    Here you go bud Bit of a knightmare to fit but easy once done. Either up on ramps or take of the wipers and cover off and reach down. 2 10mm nuts hold it on and make sure you know which pipe goes where.
  8. Liam121093

    Focus tdci boost problem

    I had a similar issue, If i booted it uphill or for too long i would loose all boost. p0299 only come up with forscan but still no eml on mine. Changed the boost solenoid and started working better than before £30 on ebay for a new one, If you want the link let me no.
  9. Liam121093

    Blue smoke 1.6TDCI Focus

    worth a shot thanks
  10. Liam121093

    Blue smoke 1.6TDCI Focus

    Hello, If i rev my engine when cold(ish) it stutters/stops revving for a split second at 3200RPM then continues to rev, If i hold the revs at 3200 I get blue smoke out of the exhaust also the revs do not sit at 3200 it sways from 3200 - 3000. Changed fuel filter Replace all injector seals (was Leaking) Any advice suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Liam121093

    Strange rpm issue

    Hello I am having another problem but this time its with my revs, I first noticed an issue when all of a sudden my car felt like i was lugging a caravan really slow on acceleration and turbo not cutting in until 3000 RPM. but now i have a hesitation at 3200 RPM when cold and still no power. If i boot it 1ST gear 4500 RPM the car will go back to normal no more slow acceleration and turbo cutting in as it should. Sometimes i will get a judder/hesitation when driving but only at 3200 RPM. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Liam121093

    DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    If you have a elm adapter you can use a program to tell you how much is left. If you are ok with computers it's quite easy. If not then a garage should be able to tell you. I got charged £25 to check mine.
  13. Liam121093

    DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    You're thinking of eolys fluid or you can get Pat fluid on ebay or eurocarparts. it goes in a separate tank under the car next the fuel tank its a black tank so you cant see in it. You will need a garage to reset the eolys counter after topping it up or you can use forscan. It is expensive but definitely needed for the fuel to burn at the correct temperature to clean the DPF.
  14. Liam121093

    Focus MK2 1.6TDCI a year on

    No bud just black Lexus lights at the rear eBay for £80
  15. Liam121093

    Focus MK2 1.6TDCI a year on

    Hello guys just wondering what the thoughts are on my Focus will list all things done. Was going to do a post of before during and after but got carried away. Mechanical EGR Delete. New DPF. New maf,map,temp,DPF pressure,Exhaust temp sensors. Re-maped. most new intercooler pipes. new boost solanoid. k&n panel filter. and many more i cant remember ha ha. Visual Tinted windows. Black alloys. Matt black Bonnet. Black lexus rear fog/reverse and brake lights. carbon wrapped wing mirrors and rear bumper trim. Black front headlights and fly eyed. New stereo. Wrapped center console. Red trim. Black Badges. Probably more but not sure. Before and after below.