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  1. looks like there building a new web site just stumbled on it today thought id share :)
  2. yes i did 32mm irrc sorry quotes
  3. HI im steve welcome im new also your fiesta rocks love them wheels nice............
  4. welcome B) a mondeo thats cute ........ soon need a tow truck LOL wheres the pics dude :P
  5. dude hi , i love haggis ,its a sheep from the highlands that has 2 legs shorter on one side so nott too tilt whilst walkin around the hills welcome steve
  6. for starters you will need a 7 mm alan key as they rarely come in a kit this would be used too remove the front calliper of the bracket brake line spanners come with double sizes open ring spanner 8mm or 10mm ,then 9 mm or 11mm not sure on the correct size tho stab a guess at 8 mm for the drum and 10mm for the front calliper nnipple a good socket set with variuos sized sockets want go a miss for the read drum iirc steve
  7. its got tobe the imitation brake discs for me worst and most tackyest mod ever
  8. duratec 2.3 B) one on ebay for £350 :o
  9. B) very nice.............
  10. IMO i wouldnt recommend displaying reg plates in full on a public forum tbh its safer too cover some off the text eg:
  11. forgive me if its in the wrong forum but not use too the lay out :P decided me next car will be a mk5 escort looking at a solid shelled 3 door 1.8 on a j plate @ the weekend,ive had one b4, a xr3i 130 ps a want to drop an rs2000 2 ltr engine and mtx75 gearbox in then drop a 2.3 galaxy bottom end in a cant for the love of me remember what the 2.3 galaxy engine is called or numbered,ive searched the forum but cant get the answer im looking for thanks in advance steve©
  12. im new here im not ya normal kind of person trust me i need some questions answered will post in the proper forum. until then see ya !