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  1. im getting around 25 mpg at best...........dire.
  2. only had it a couple of months and always been thirsty
  3. Can anyone give me any advice please on how to make a 59 plate ford focus 1.6 auto more fuel efficient? It's drinking stupid amounts and wondering whether I would benefit by taking it to garage to get it tuned to run a bit more efficiently.(if that's possible) anyone else had same problem? any advice would be greatly appreciated. tia
  4. I have a 2017 fiesta zetec 1.0 ecoboost auto and i have a brake problem that i've been unable to diagnose. basically when the brakes are applied there is an intermittent squeak/ been in garage, brakes checked out fine, suspensions been checked and fine along with some other stuff as well The garage has done everything to try and find what the cause is but even they are at a loss also.....can anyone PLEASE help and give me some idea of what could be causing my issue? tia
  5. If any Ecosport owners on here would like to change the standard yellow DRL bulbs for LED ones,you can get them here: are the only ones on tinternet that will fit.
  6. Any techies on here that can tell me if it's possible to change the current configuration of the Ecosport daytime running lights from the fog lights to the signature lights? Can the wiring be simply swapped over or is there more involved?
  7. Picked up my new Ecosport yesterday (28th July) and I've noticed the rear drum brakes are smoking when brakes are applied,especially from at speed then braking but not at low speed and gentle this something I should be concerned with or is it just that the brakes are new and need to be a little bit more gentle with them? Thankyou in advance.