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  1. Hi, I am looking at getting a second hand fiesta st180 but can' decide on blue or black. I kind of want to be different as blue is most common and popular but I hear black can be hard to keep clean and shows scratches and chips easier? I'll do my best to look after it just thinking long term... would help if people with these colours or have had them can share their opinion! Thanks!! 😁
  2. Yeah I think that' what they recommnd!12 o clock position! I'l post pics when I do mine... not sure when that will be though haha! Not brave enough!
  3. Yes there is a gap between mine too but guessing it will look snug when stuck on...
  4. I was debating weather to get them haha then decided too when they were reduced! And yeah was thinking that too will have to wait and see what they say to me...
  5. What are those LED's for? And yeah got mine today too and again there is a gap... it appears they need to be stuck on actual fog light bulb... at least for me so have messaged them to check because if in future I need to swap bulb will be a rear pain!! Why is nothing ever simple :(
  6. Haha Thanks! Well that answered that! What will you wire them too? Or will you get someone to do it for You?
  7. Nice! I did wonder! I am thinking of wiring it to my drl and not side lights as well as indicators... I'd like them on all the time as opposed to just side ights... do you recon that' possible? At least we can figure this out together when they arive !
  8. Yeah I thought that too! Thanks haha I won' be touching the battery...
  9. Cool I'll message them too... also I looked a few days ago and the indicator rings were £30 So don't know if it' been going on a little while or if there trying to pull a fast one? 🤔
  10. Yeah have looked at this still not 100 % confident I would be able to do it... still if I get them I'll post post pics... 😄