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  1. can you find any posts on cluster repairs? pretty sure when they did mind they said lots of capacitors were in a bad shape on mine.... although might have said that to justify the price
  2. they didn't confirm.... but dying instrument cluster is normal...
  3. its NORMAL they just break swap them out (I guess they made a batch to Mercedes designed to fail specification - made in Germany aren't they ?)
  4. wow a 40 quid harness for 180.... at least its working and you didn't carve up the cars wiring ...
  5. I was reading the forscan forums they pulled 2.4 because no one is listening to their advice / using the right cable and idiots are just bricking modules updating everything and on that note, they are thinking of blocking elm cables for this sort of work in a later release the cable they recco the odbLink es has JUST had a firmware release Latest Version 5.6.1 Release Date: September 18, 2020 Level of Importance: Recommended Download This major release fixed a few bugs: Fixed 7Fxx78 message being counted when using STPTO 0 Fixed STSLU, STSLVL, and STSLX not working This release added a few new features and changes: Added command to change CAN consecutive and flow control frame reception timeouts Added command to specify additional STmin delay Added support for 4 byte header to ATSH Removed CAN deaf time after sending a CAN message See obdlink_ex-changelog.txt inside the archive for detailed descriptions of the changes.
  6. there was a reply in another post..... is earlier old unit you have, the really old phone only version then there was the later bt calls and music but you need the one compatible with the radio you just fitted.
  7. the clutch isn't designed to cope, the gearbox and drive shafts won't be impressed. you need to ask yourself, do you want to put a clutch in it soon and do you regularly hold it on full throttle at 5k rpm for more than 5 minutes... if not then don't bother tuning the engine work on affording better tyres, adjusting the geometry, maybe swapping out certain suspension bushes, buying some 1k each dampers, changing the pad material for the brakes, removing the sim card and battery from any mobile devices in the car and going on some how to drive courses are ideas that are potentially helpful.... almost the last bit any car needs to upgrade is the engine if we're honest 40% of the time other road users limit how much power you can use 30% the driver is inadequate 20% the road conditions aren't suitable 5% where you are unable to overtake 5% the wrong people are watching you leaving you less than 5% where more power can be applied sensibly.... and of the other 50% that's therefore possibly accessible, 20% is limited by law / jail term, with the remaining 30% working best with the list I wrote above...
  8. nice find missing nav sound....To solve this you have to connect 2 wires as follows: Radio Unit connector C1 Pin 4 (NAV AUDIO IN +) To FCDIM connector C1 Pin 6 (AUDIO LINE OUT +) Radio Unit Connector C1 Pin 5 (NAV AUDIO IN -) To FCDIM connector C1 Pin 12 (AUDIO LINEOUT -) this post
  9. steering wheel control scans more than the radio's own buttons on the later ones....
  10. what system did you fit? is it sync 1.1? probably sync 1.0 from that age... there's probably some coding to do - look for a guide although few would have put sync 1.0 in a car
  11. didn't search hard enough sounds like two separate faults not cranking nothing wrong is a mad one... turn the engine over half a turn somehow... try again bet its OK !!! its the starter jammed in the ring gear dead common then a wiring issue maybe ?
  12. they had a few bugs 2.42 is already out 2.4.2 beta, 2020-09-08 (download) + Firmware database updates + Support of explicit gateway mode (actual for some modules like SOBDMC in US C-Max FHEV 2013MY) * fixes and improvements in "Module firmware update" function: algorithm that offers firmware now counts some APIM specific (images uploaded from USB, missing firmware etc) * fixes and improvements in "Module firmware update" function: if some part number cannot be read from module, it is read from vehicle profile prior to firmware DB - bug in "Module firmware update" function: memory leaks on multiple calls of the same function - false "Module seems to be bricked" error in case of SBL doesn't support the firmware application status check function - bug in CAN communication procedure for ELM327 adapters (that might brick some modules on some adapters) - incorrect changelog text files in the distributive plus I see lots of firmware fixes in the last few months on many decent adaptors... MX+ is supported, but they say its better and faster with the EX cable connected device (no big surprise)
  13. he buckles it to the seat and sits on top.... bit of an idiot but there u go
  14. sound like a "lets fire it up a few times more than we need to get the cam drive under enough strain that it fails and we sell another car" trick to me
  15. do you have a BT module that supports music streaming, does it have the USB socket... early ones only did BT telephony later ones BT music and telephony but the odd USB was for updates only (I believe) last ones had a conventional USB C socket on the BT box and did it all some wires