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  1. Engine wear at start up and following 8 seconds equals the wear of a 500 mile trip. SS is just a new cars sales ploy !!!
  2. well done for having decency to come back and let us know the outcome. so many little bugs could be cleared up (to help others) if owners check back / reply re the questions they raised.
  3. turbos and lazy driving will take off 20mpg.... if you use ANY of the turbo's boost you will use more fuel than you need to. we used to get on fine with 25bhp in cars 60 years ago.... as our roads are now far more congested... we could probably get away using even lower power engines than they had.... after all 3 to 10mph can be done on bicycle with about 1/8 hp I'm not a kill joy mines got 386 bhp and it nowhere near enough WHEN you can find an empty bit of road - but that's not the point - to go to work I cycle as its 4 times as fast look for WLTP consumption figures these are about 10% optimistic vs the old 100% optimistic crap they used to publish 40 mpg on a tractor with 50 50 cruise and town work is about right - make that 33mpg for a petrol Buy a new 320d drive like a cabbage and get 60mpg, drive a 1.25 focus hard and get 25mpg
  4. go to same site above and get the one you need scroll down
  5. BMW have issues with some dealers not able to code.... whilst other never do - usually the anti-virus software the garage are using disagrees with the way BMW want to do stuff
  6. re above - some have heated jets (maybe your has?), for the OP if you have a heated screen you should also have heated jets if its not coming out don't keep trying it will damage the pump and if you fill with high concentration antifreeze. don't forget to actually pump round the system front and rear (once its all mixed in) so the stuff in the pump and the hoses is the good stuff
  7. Botus

    Etis Ford

    I heard they found a lost tribe still using win vista recently, as for XP I thought it was only allowed to sit on the computers in one's shed that hasn't been on for 5 years ?
  8. Botus

    Etis Ford

    I got an email saying ETIS is dead re register to the new thing - looked genuine and I don't get much spam
  9. I you are running stock wheels then spacers will increase undesirable bump steer on the front making the handling worse. On the rear - where one might think there's no steering, you should step back and think about modern suspension design where a lot of time and effort is made to include passive rear steer into the compliance of the suspension bushes and as such altering this set up should only be done where the change is expected and desirable and within the driving skills of the usual vehicle user. secondly spacers that are just a blank plate should be avoided as the vehicle load is usually not taken by the nuts /studs but the wheel acting of the hub shoulder. so removing this designed safety feature puts additional load on stud and wheel nuts which may fail or work lose. If messing about with a 10 mm spacer had desirable effects the manufacturers would have made it like this... in most cases the car will handle worse and go slower but I can imagine having made the car unroadworthy some probably think differently in the first pic I'd say the wheel is not correctly attached to the vehicle, with too few threads (that may fail) not really holding the wheel on
  10. on my sisters car I looked very carefully how the card came out.... then offered up the new one very carefully, it wanted to slide in in a totally different angle... this happened three times and had a moment each time. in the end I had to force it in so it would sit in the direction the original came out, then it worked correctly NICE DESIGN
  11. look for an update if there is one - make sure its running software it should and try again my sisters (which was sync 1.1 (2014 model)) went through 3 updates to the nav unit before loading the new mapping when I put a 2019 map in hers. All of which were separate to the update for hers (on the 1.1 page from Link at the site above)
  12. its is extremely risky to download any old file- as you have no knowledge of what's actually there... ford make the software available - and if keeping thing std best to get them from the genuine source
  13. modern turbo diesels have negatively impacted driver skills and altered expectations of necessary mid range acceleration its a bit like a baby in the womb, and why they get noisy and agitated when first outside the cooker. I say it to my mate, he's addicted to an unnecessary surge of acceleration, he's on off the throttle more times than a drummer. The traffic jam in front isn't going anywhere but he's repeatedly on a rush wasting 200 ft lbs of torque he didn't need. When you swap to a NA petrol this rush is absent and people get funny about it, so then we invented small turbo petrol's to fill the gap. But if you use a petrol to get your tractor based drug rush, it will eat fuel big time... So the emission / planet saving idea of a small turbo petrol didn't actually work out. I don't think the OP is saying the pedal is stiff more a lack of response.... sadly that's likely to always be the case and one reason Petrol is nicer to drive than a Tractor, turbos reduce responsiveness and modern (turbo's and software affected) power curves make it feel even worse. There have been various gadgets out there for years that can re do the feel of the throttle pedal by telling the fly by wire system a different story. Never tried one but I can see on some vehicles it might be a good idea and if cheap enough worth a try
  14. does it actually have Sat Nav ? for good measure you can check and if there's one apply an update to the system (use chassis number at site below and a USB stick) to improve security / performance / features of what it does suport
  15. fantastic, replace a sensible, reliable mechanical bit, for a piece of crap that doesn't work.... designed to fail anybody? I just wrote to DVSA about this rubbish failing on Old E class merc's leaving you with no brakes after a pre determined (n software) time limit.....