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  1. Botus

    Warranty Sync 2 to 3 Upgrade "not possible"

    I agree after this agro an upgrade or some compensation is reasonable... however the idea a dealer would improve a car (for any reason, at any cost) isn't something I can ever see happening, even if your name was Mr Ford, so they fact they are saying you can't, may well have NO bearing of whether it's physically possible and lots to do with go away we don't care my advice would be get a 1k cheque for the agro (add up every cost of time off work, petrol and time to take the car in, time without your pride and joy etc.) then do the job yourself. That way it'd be fixed in 55 minutes not 2 years
  2. Botus


    if the symptoms remain after a quality remap, then we have one of two situations.... a) they are a more fuel, more boost bodge it merchant b) there should clearly be a fault with the car I'd first ask the mapping guys what they think, if they are competent they'd have the answer - if not, then you shouldn't have let them near your car.... and how come they didn't notify you of the fault already?
  3. Botus

    2017 Focus acceleration hesitation

    decent brands of fuel add an anti-waxing agent well before the cold weather gets bad in UK tractor fuel if your getting some local rubbish made out of chip fat or stolen heater fuel, you may have issues, but if its a major shell bp or esso garage you shouldn't have fuel issues until its well under -10C
  4. Botus

    Cruise control issue

    exactly as 1979Damian says. nanny state "pointless safety idea" virtually all manufactures fit. With the unlit steering wheel buttons of a focus, on an unlit road I find it particularly painful as I only drive it now and then I can't work out which buttons I need and often once set cancel the lot with that pointless switch.... only to go back to square one not knowing what to press... proper cars you just set a speed.... and a stalk is much better than silly buttons... and the name res (short for resume) is a dim name for cancel too ! no doubt some 3 year old who doesn't even have a driving licence believes res means reset (which would almost explain each feature it does), but why move away from a naming convention some 70 years old that worked well ?
  5. Botus

    Optional packs

    how? I even registered and can't get any info of either chassis numbers I tried
  6. Botus

    Double locking query on remote programming?

    yes, GEM config page 2 Double locking (main configuration parameter) has a tick box, tick that grey box beneath becomes available which has a tick box "Double lock with one RC lock button press" you can have drivers only unlock and auto lock
  7. Botus

    Help with fault codes

    coils and leads play up... modern cars last less long than one designed in the 1990s pre 1992 to 1997 expect 15 years before significant issues post 97 to 2004 expect 10 post 04 to 2008 expect 7 to 8 post 2010 expect 4 its called designed to fail (DTF) German manufacturers are the best in the world at multiple elements causing multiple failures of various components dying to time (not mileage). highly illegal but as your government is in with the devil, google and big manufacturers don't expect any redress... and just incase that doesn't make you feel bad... we get parts from the "special bin" where the DTF is 2 years earlier than the rest of the eu - can I prove it - we are all living the dream, I don't need too
  8. Botus


    bulbs don't last for ever - cheap replacements will do 10% to 25% of the originals lifespan with the exception of the headlights were ford have a wiring / software fault that sends over current at every start up
  9. Botus

    Tempreature gauge

    tractors with slow warm up may be a result of the EGR being tampered with on vvti petrol's some car's had an electrically heated thermostat that works in conjunction with engine management (costs a fortune £110) when the heater element pops it runs hot and the fan runs almost continuously others got a conventional one and they are £30 - its quite common for a stat to wear out on lots of cars
  10. Botus

    Double locking query on remote programming?

    pretty sure it is an options... on later versions 2.17 (fairly positive) I've seen it in GEM settings
  11. pretty much, you need to make sure you get it off the paint when done and ideally use one that won't do the paint any harm.... (not sure bathroom stuff is the best - probably the cheapest)
  12. Botus

    Why won't radio light & odometer switch off?

    this seems to change when you repair the instrument cluster... when first done switched off in 10 mins but a few months later its back to 30 mins
  13. Botus

    Adaptive Cruise Reset

    I'm on a VW Golf not of focus... I guess there is a cover over the actual radar to protect / keep rain off... all he did was press the corners firmly, as he did it, it popped in place (as I said I'd already glanced and poked and prodded it and it looked "square" and in place to me)... Nothing changed in the diagnostics or on the dash display till the next day, as he drove back and forth lock to lock. He had owned that car more than 6 months so it was definitely related to popping back in place that fixed it (as other forums have said too) there's clearly some fun to be had on alignment. On a Merc there's one tool Merc lend to dealers, as and when they have a car to set up. On a BMW it says regularly check yourself. VAG forums states wheel alignment centres can do it
  14. Botus

    6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    how hard did you look? you have the right pins connected for the socket … you have to take out the inner "bucket" of the glovebox to find a tapped up socket that you can then plug in a separate 3.5mm female socket