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  1. the world moved on, expecting the to car and meet legislation is just a figment of your imagination... cars post 2010 do it differently, if it makes it past the warranty period they designed it wrong lease for 2 years and discard is the current business model just about all manu are following - Toyota or hyundia if you want something that's likely to make it past year 4 in an affordable manner
  2. not tried the EX it should work its a superior cable that should toggle the (clearly built in) switch for you... a CE wouldn't let you add toys easily did u put the calibration files in the right place .... and install the run time pack, then sort the cable with the PC, then chose the Focus set up or it won't look like my pictures
  3. Just found one post saying early ones have an IR by the mirror and later ones have it on the GEM.... but back then an early Focus has a totally different electrical system with a different GEM, so that's no big surprise on the one I retrofitted, it was from CB to FB I added another loom that DID have another IR receiver by the mirror but I thought one bit was an alarm motion sensor and the Velcro on the roof liner was the receiver for keyless.... no big deal as it did what I wanted... added 2 sun visor lights, rear passenger compartment light with map stuff, map lights to
  4. YES i think the rectangle between R1 and R2 in this picture is the bit that gets the signal from the key fob same model year.... I doubt it... what is the part number of the original GEM you took out? or MAYBE that's the issue you have the wrong bit with no IR and still have no IR your first post says u have a FORD 75MT- 14A073-CE C = basic spec E = 2009 so a JF is NOT the same BUILD year FD or FE would be my choice
  5. If you search for posts the guru of all things ford spoke about FUN with these... I think this is too new, go past a certain date and a bit is MISSING .... I think the idea is the locking IR receiver isn't on the really late GEMs which is OK for much later cars as they do something differently, go back the the one you originally spoke about and thats OK the last 2 characters on the part number the first (C) means its a basic unit and only supports a low toy count... but quite late in life with E (as you'd expect on a 2009 car), CB was fitted to the most basic 2007 cars
  6. won't crank or won't start. very different faults, clarity helps. On MANY cars (although not read about on a ford) the CPS fails around the 10 year mark (crank position sensor - that tells the engine management the fact its turning over and or the position its in) . Usually stalling in traffic, throwing the EML and often running perfectly well but then won't fire up after parking when the engine is hot.... wait 30 mins and it behaves OK. You can drive round like this for a year till it progressively becomes worse. Swap the 30 quid sensor all is normal for another 10 years 55 - 70
  7. NORMAL, after its done a fair few miles if parked on the flat, put in second gear let off the handbrake and rock the car.... then all is normal (on a hill just let it try to roll in gear for 1/2 metre) I believe its a bit of swarf on the flywheel ring gear that stops the starter engaging, before it meshes it won't crank.. (the starter gear with the ring gear ). What is odd on car's with a very low battery the click you hear is the starter moving in to engagement.... but in the condition these ford's get in its silent... happened to a mate multiple times on his (he taught me the
  8. I swapped my GEM and added another loom to power all the extras the higher spec GEM supports from your pic only 3 wires (?) and they have NOTHING to do with the door locks (my basic one had 4 wires only - the later one uses nearly all of them - 12 or so used from vague memory) you'd be better off checking a wiring diagram and working out which wires actually have anything to do with the central locking.... with about 150 wires going in the gem when u thought touching that plug did something u really disturbed 20 others somewhere else. often the heater matrix goes and it pours an
  9. yep u must have a basic car... unplug the interior light will go out aside from the top left on a basic car, I wouldn't be unplugging ANY of those wires with the battery connected !!!!
  10. are you saying you have two plugs like that that look very similar ? if so does one have a lot more wires than the other? I have two on mine.... I left the basic loom in place (unplugged) and fitted a loom off a higher spec car, with extra wires for the acoustic alarm, the rain / light sensor, dimming interior mirror, mic wires and more interior lights the top left connector of the gem goes up the left door pillar to the roof and the interior light....
  11. are the interior lights operating ? with the GEM fitted, when you unclip and allow it to fold down to see the fuses.... what's plugged in the TOP LEFT corner?
  12. I just realised I posted that link in a post where it MIGHT not be suitable.... to do updates using etis I would expect you need a "pass through adaptor" (as is one that passes the signal from the car down the internet to ford and vice versa), the ODBLink EX doesn't have that capability I believe... but is able to do much the same with a database that Forscan stores.... On old fossils Ford have either lost or just stopped access. I believe Forscan are doing the opposite and slowly adding old stuff and have access to the new stuff. As for speed with the latest firmware currently Oct 2020
  13. is the stuff above just re initialising the key with the immobiliser, and really has absolutely nothing to do with the the central locking? (of course if the key is confused there would be a knock on with how it interacts with the cars features - but the door locking is fine, it's the key that is playing up, not the door locks)
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