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  1. 1200 grit wet and dry and tooth paste if on a budget... its UV damage from the sun - the bit you really need it the UV sealant that you get in decent kits to keep the effect for more than a month either aldi or lidl do one now and then...
  2. they don't have clutches - most cars gave up the clunk and run flat out guzzeling fuel compressors, circa 2004 her 57 plate zetec climate has the modern variable rate compressor - this switches a valve on the gas flow silently cutting in, and the amount of engine power drawn flexes by a swash plate varying the compressor workload - based on temp setpoint, throttle position etc. - so hills, pulling away from rest, or hard acceleration winds back the AC to let the car make power....
  3. there was some nerd posting reviews of all the major brands of E5 month after month on youtube link below get a decent measuring flask and with some water you can simply measure the filth content - as its splits out into the water you put in - and thus you know what's petrol and whats design to kill the planet ethanol Note it that takes 6100KCal to make a litre of that filth, but magically you only get 5600 KCal of energy when you burn it... thus its designed to be WORSE for the planet (and that's the point - the plan isn't to solve global climate change for you - its to get you poor enough you can't fight back - then they'll resolve how many stay and keep their 7* living) one I just found in last few months on E10 had shell at 6%, BP 5% and Esso 3% previously the yorkshire guy was finding a lot of super unleaded is all less than 3% ethanol and asda much to his annoyance was best value and only 1% ethanol.... but where are things where u get your death fuel
  4. might relate to the Russian guys that chopped up remotes and made their own buttons for the three spoke steering wheel if so its not rocket science - they are just connecting the radio remote to the wires that the 4 spoke steering wheel cruise buttons connect to - actually might be a great idea as voice control is a waste of space and the steering buttons are hideous - you can't even find them at night
  5. they don't have a clutch on variable rate compressors, gas level ?
  6. don't be sad, be very proud - evil mess designed to sell your life to the enemy and ruin human kind - only complete idiots go anywhere near it
  7. Botus


    you don't need to use an archaic bit of rubbish - the benefits having a more stable, more capable and more compatible one... isn't worth the few pennies cheaper fighting a cable that should have been in a skip 1O years ago after all they are still finding bugs and comms needs for the current auto-switching cables by vlinker and ODBLink BOTH just had new firmware's in the last month and last just week, forscan amended their tool to work around a flaw in the behaviour of the best vlinker cable....
  8. I expect it should be full of ford green PAS fluid - if he used the red rubbish the pump will further self destruct as running it dry has just about wiped it out already - and this old red rubbish was never meant to have been in there (but, double check correct specs listed in the handbook - which note may not agree with wot the lazy manu plant did using up of stocks when it was likely wrongly built....) red rubbish overheats and becomes a nice silver grey mess inside 6 months - whereas the ford green will stay happy for a further >5 years
  9. because the budget planet destroying ethanol is great at resisting knock - and of course as its 6% less power than real fuel, it runs cooler - so they can turbo it to death - and then sell turbos as well as engines, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, injectors etc. and for most owners if you really measure mpg accurately many are seeing a 20% drop in mpg - all 6 vehicles I use are using at least this much more
  10. I've started to use dipetane - in her focus - these are not meant to run E anything - the differences are startling - even she raves about the change its gone for old tired wreck with a glitchy mid-range - to race car, happier than ever - loads more throttle response and power and and fuel use improved by 3mpg (57 plate 1.6vvct NA petrol) not sure if millers is the same stuff - its odd stuff, throw in your tractor, boat, oil fired boiler, or petrol engine ??? its a win everywhere - get it at halfords https://dipetane.com/
  11. BP is only 97 - but the good news its E5 not the E10 killer rubbish - its also massively cheaper than 99 at esso or shell I had a bm bike that was meant to get posh fuel but could run slow on 95 - I kept chucking in super unleaded it made zero difference - then someone said it says 98 or higher - not 97 !!! round about then, shell and esso woke up and created 99 and the bike was completely different - much faster and much smoother, even the sound of tickover was transformed for the few bike's that need decent stuff, they reccon its actually cheaper to use the posh stuff as everything is improved, meaning its just better than cost neutral - but "strangely" since ethanol trash turned up BM got in bed with the crooks and they no longer bother to make the bikes self optimise to run properly - use e10 they sell 10% more of a budget junk product - that will damage your vehicle faster - that's the game - and producing ethanol is actually more damaging to the planet than burning dinosaurs.... ITS ALL THEFT VIA GREEN WASHING
  12. and there was a question about it posted - 16 may - can you read?
  13. if they are a good alignment place you should have a print out of the the before and after changes and the manu set points clearly shown - post that and we'll have half a clue what might be amiss any sign of accident damage do the wheels all appear to be pointing in the right direction ride height all 4 corners normal (broken springs fall off cars everyday in the speed bump infected road near me) what got replaced - did front main lower arms on hers, they were trashed on the bushes big time
  14. the morons used a quick release coupling - snap and connect with NO way to sensibly get it off again they also fitted weak pipes that after fighting for space doing an alternator or cambelt - likely stressed the high pressure pipe till it will fracture shortly after - which is likely why it now needs a pump - Ford redid the pipes with an upgraded spec including a support arm (that gets in the way of fitting it !!!) to stop the fracture and fluid loss the upgraded pipes I believe are sold at cost - as there was a legal fight over the stupidly of the original design - both times I had to get them they were STOCK items at my local dealership - but last was last 4 years back - so less likely now
  15. if its not an old tax disc from the said vehicle - I'm guessing the law never changed, and by carrying a silly / humorous tax disc - you will be committing fraud by displaying a fake - which is a serous criminal offense, in which case an advisory would be a rather tame repercussion
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