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  1. I went back and converted the speeds. In kph the changes are clearer. Same car, same technician, same driver, the ONLY change was to unplug one GEM and plug in another. The original GEM where I enabled cruise myself via a tweak to the PCM and then a tick box exercise in the HEC and GEM used to set at 22mph (35kph), you could then go minus, minus, minus and drop to 19 /20 mph (30kph). As soon as the new GEM went in this changed, (obviously flashed with the 3 very same config files and nothing else – aside from two more ticks for rain sensor and auto lights in the higher spec GEM). From the get go and still 22 months on, this GEM meant you must always be above 25mph (40kph) to set a speed and as soon as you touch minus, cruise cuts out first press every time.
  2. thanks for the reply, the worse bit is before you could slow to 20mph the later GEM only sets at 26 (4 mph faster) and if you try to go slower it disables cruise (bunch of f*ckwits) cruise on my KTM bike has to be 4th gear or higher... then you can slow down to less.... till the bike stutters with the revs way too low, doh !!!! but still about 37mph an older BMW was only from 36mph.... the people touching software like this shouldn't be allowed to live. the latest BMW bikes can set in 1st gear and 3mph if you want, like it should be.....
  3. sadly not.... You could feedback the issue and see if they have other versions in development. most manufacturers have huge lists of bugs they ought to resolve.... But when the fix is small and they don't see many complaining they often leave a bunch of minor fixes in a development part finished update they never get round to releasing. Multiple minor releases just makes them look bad. Its when huge issues or major security bugs are out in the wild that gets them interested enough to bother. But the more that report / enquire, the more likely they will release a fix that could have many tiny fixes they actually resolved ages ago. Trouble is model cycle are so fast they never care once its out of production.... another big issue is Apple are a dangerous bunch of incompetent bodge merchants... their software is based on guess and hope, rather than code following industry standards... its why nearly every update breaks Bluetooth
  4. wow just noticed another change with the later GEM the car must know what gear its in as the cruise no longer works in 2nd didn't care on the earlier GEM I use predominantly to cope with these stupid roads infected with mega speed bumps.... the old one you got to 22 set the speed and knocked back to 20 mph then do 2 miles at peace.... and you could use 2nd or 3rd gear.... today trying to charge the battery after a lot of non use, I was in 30 mph motorway roadworks with ave distance cameras !!! so thought I'll try in second gear I was at 29mph in second and about 3200 rpm and the cruise would not set... did the whole process over dead. Put it in 3rd all's good so why did the idiots change set speed (from 22 to 26) and how on earth does it know what gear its in and why did they change that feature between a GEM only 6 months later and how do you fix so it works like a grown ups car and can set at the 10mph you need in any gear?
  5. most stuff is chucked out for sale with a bare minimum development and little to no testing... sure enough some customer will complain then we "might" think about fixing it over the next 18 months... if its easy and we aren't bogged down trying to get new features working on the next model... 2017 Navigation/Multimedia receiver firmware updates (9 August 2018) wow that's old there's unlikely to be any more firmware fixes but worth check if you have this last one Improved functions (09.08.2018) Improved Apple CarPlay Function. Improved Android Auto Function. Improved Radio function. Improved stability of performance. (20.10.2017) Improved Bluetooth Function. Improved Dashboard Camera Function. Improved stability of performance. The firmware for the following products have been updated. 2017MODEL DDX9904S DDX9704S DDX9717BTS DMX7704S DMX7017DABS DMX7017BTS Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the "2017 Navigation/Multimedia receiver Firmware Update Guide."
  6. just had another thought, is the drive belt and pulley's OK, if contaminated or falling apart you may get intermittent drive on the PAS pump these belts are stretch belts - so there no tensioning you can do, its a stretch fit and that's it
  7. that's a nice catch, lets hope its the right one there are three of those link cables AA AB BA I don't know what each one is for.... why aren't you guys doing the phone and music module... yes you need a few more wires for the stereo music, but that easy get the VAG loom from china for pennies and swap your current wires across and use some of the others BVC module 8M5T-19C112-AN, AP, AR, AS, AT etc. ebay for the cheapest around £100 (after AR are the ones with a normal USB connector)
  8. what fluid did you use? and how did you swap it..... if you drained it out might have some air, if you go lock to lock with the engine running it will likely come out. never hold on full lock its very bad for any PAS system not all fluid is created equal, I guess there's about 1.2 litre of fluid in the rack the pipe and the reservoir, you want the whole thing running ford green... if u still have issues you'll need to check things out more
  9. cars can have a lot of thermal load from the sun, if the heater set up and lots of air and plastic need to cool first it may take a while, you may even have some heat leaking via the heater matrix bleeding into the cool air flow when you think its set to max cold... they may even have done on purpose, most cars take a while to get cool, but the mk2 is almost an instant freezer... its really exceptional
  10. I see you never spotted this bit...
  11. the ford green (big money) does not give the heavy weighted steering the cheap and readily available CHV stuff didn't meet the ford spec (but this now says it does) and did make the steering heavy the ford stuff is green and healthy after 2 years red is black and burnt inside 6 months (for a reason.... its the wrong stuff) the law changed in 2000 and I think came into force in 2005 so a mk 2 should always have used green
  12. it was NOT designed to use Red that is the wrong ought to change as soon as possible. Red was in the days where large volume systems had a separate PAS oil cooler, thus lots of fluid ran much cooler and coped with life. When NEW environmental laws came in to force, it became the manufacturer's issue to clear up the mess at end of life.... large volumes of fluid leaching in to the environment or to collect costs more money... So low capacity systems came online... but these NEED a better quality fluid as its working harder - which is what the Green stuff does
  13. yes smells burnt coz working too hard.... the green stuff is designed for smaller fluid levels and working for a living - the red isn't buy 1.5 litres of green, suck all out till reservoir empty and refill to near the top with green and start the car.... wiggle the steering wheel 1/4 turn side to side.... turn off suck out and repeat, after two more goes, do the same again but now go lock to lock, (NOT holding on end stop) and do twice more.... by now should be through about 0.9 litres.... do once again and then take it for a few miles drive..... and do once more.... then you'll be as good as it should have been when new.... continuing to damage the system and wearing out the pump for 20 mins of effort seems an odd idea to me
  14. no std PAS in mine, it takes green in all Mk2 the handbook is correct, owners who think the book is wrong are mistaken - not helped, as some ford factories moved to the new green standard after others, so may have built some with the wrong fluid… if u have red u have the wrong stuff and it goes black faster (or should I say "grey" as it breaks down and bits of metal turn the black into grey)
  15. GREEN but most people never knew.... and some ford factories moved to the new green standard after others, so may have built some with the wrong fluid…