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  1. re the first post, these engine were on BBC watchdog (inside the last year) regarding coolant loss due to a cracked waterway into the exhaust port of the cylinder head....(with coolant thus leaking from cyl head into the exhaust, without any visual clues under the bonnet - other than coolant bottle going empty), I can imagine running hot will tend to cook the engine oil till its far more likely to clog stuff up but its a bit late anyway?
  2. ..Agree entirely although its actually a low oil pressure light, to have such low pressure, effectively means its a NO oil light, whereas most treat it as if its a low oil level advisory
  3. usual instrument cluster dry joints / worn capacitors? car's the right age
  4. I checked fords site for updates to my sisters Sync 1.1 yesterday. oddly all the files came out with a new 11 March 2019 date... but looking they appear to be identical to the update flies in 9 March 2018 last year and the errors in the install files are still there. yesterday's file was called SYNC1.1_768935024_Update
  5. I am in no way knowledgeable about the way sophisticated engine maps function.... but after looking at this a bit more recently, it seems many tuners are only working on an adaption element of the engine management "not the actual mapping". So the manufacturer can do pretty much what they want with ignition and fueling within emission regs and longevity lines. Many BMWs don't get mapped fully as few brave enough or knowledgeable to do it. Depending upon the system it may have multiple maps that, based on fuel type, ambient temp, lamda feedback, altitude, drive mode selected etc. is used as a starting point for an almost continuously variable map. Thus because it jumps around taking info from all over these multiple 3d maps you don't get to just tweak one data point with 1/4 degree more advance or 2% more fuel for a quick remap. After the manu basis to work from - another "adaption area" comes in to play to add its ideas to the party. This should be full of minor tweaks to compensate for bad manufacturing tolerance during an engine's build, engine wear, odd sensor readings and I guess to some extent bad driving etc. These adaption fixes are added over and above the std map/maps. And together with the map, adaption tweaks are what the car uses day to day. this would also indicate why some "remaps" are undetectable by franchised garages... the map is the std. one, it was never touched !!! the amount of change within this adaption area must be quite limited as its supposed to tweak things, not re engineer the mapping, but I think nasty bodging is going on by most tuners. Once the limitation of the adaption changes are reached if the manu winds the car down (because of a weak clutch) - a bodge on remap can't regain it.
  6. TMC may play up?.... would be nice if its not an issue on ford. An explanation of why everything's going to go wrong is is the last link of the first post. This time its a real issue like the millennium bug was expected to be, but wasn't. Some Merc clocks have already lost the plot.
  8. as I just posted on the clutch slip detection software thread, my sisters car NOW has this fault (post ford software update) its a 1.6 ecoboost 150PS petrol focus. If you: 1) drive abnormally slowly (i.e. being a nuisance to every other road user) its normal. 2) drive like you stole, its normal 3) attempt to drive normally its a disaster of biblical proportions every single time
  9. well just drove my sisters Focus Mk 3 petrol 1.6 ecoboost 150ps car that was updated over Christmas with this software update what a disaster, its awful. every single pull away comes with what I assume is the emission related disaster die back issue either they trashed the clutch "Testing it", its failed because its rubbish from new, or they invented some weird beard software normal drivers would never accept. the effect that was never there before causes this behaviour every time - as you lift the clutch it starts to engage normally and the vehicle starts to move smoothly (exactly like any normal manual has done for the last 80 years), then just a smidge less pressure on the pedal and maybe a further 1mm of movement as you let the clutch out, results in a judder like your foot slipped off the clutch and an anti stall system put in an attendance at the party if this can't be resolved I'd put it in a skip, I tried with out traction control it makes ZERO difference, - I'd say the vehicle NOW has the fault described here
  10. very easy to fit... the issue is the loom isn't going to be there to plug it in to..... there are various looms cheap ones from a fiesta used to be £45 for the early phone only module... all the way to the focus retrofit stereo loom that makes connecting the better BT module simple but its £210 .... (still need the mic and steering column control) BUT the later one I would have thought only works with the mk2.5 when used with a later radio The difference between the 2 microphones is :- 4M5T has an impedance of 8.5kohm 8M5T has an impedance of 16kohm to support BVC your Sony 6cd needs this firmware v05.03.01 v05.03.02 v05.03.03 v05.04.01 later firmware will support USB and BVC v05-04-02 Press 1 & 6 together, then release and you will get a series of numbers, firmware is the first one. £210 Ford part 1667645 (Ford Focus Mk2.5 Retrofit Harness to connect between the harness and the stereo, with a plug for the BT/VC module and a plug for the microphone). Non stereo phone only loom Ford part finis 1429813 should help connect the early module DAB antenna (ebay prices for new Ford parts) DAB Aerial base – 1559268 £17.50 Aerial Mast – 1559265 £17.15 Roof Aerial Wire – 1545793 £43.95 Aerial Extension Cable from Radio to A Pillar – 1682844 £39.23
  11. each car and each era can end up in a different built spec, an 07 car could be a mk2 with a rectangular radio, or a 57 plate could be a mk2.5 with an oval radio, either way its likely to have buttons making you think it could do telephony within the head unit.... but probably can't do what you want, the radio might, but the car is highly likely to be missing these: a microphone in a different roof mounted interior light unit (ebay 25 quid) a different steering column control (ebay £15) a wiring loom (ford £90) BT module (ebay £40) and if you like playing and know what you are doing you might be able to get it working for 50 quid... but then you will want music and telephony and the world moves on again but with... a better radio - ford sony DAB 6 disc, able to support a later BT module, find this radio (ebay 120 to 150), a later different BT telephone and BT music module ( ebay £90) or USB, BT music and BT telephone module ( ebay £120) but this needs a even better loom to do stereo signals (ford £210) it also needs the DAB antenna which turns out to be two looms and two elements of an improved antenna on the roof (ford parts around £110) and you still need to do the microphone and column module….. or buy an all in one sat nav enabled Chinese nasty replacement headunit for 250 that'll sound like a dead cat and last 15 minutes and take you two weekend of fighting before it half works
  12. you can get massive noise on most cars from old hard / slightly worn antiroll bar bushes
  13. going via all the data in that post a much later 2011 update 5.3 was the last, but needs maps from 2009 or newer (the polish site that has a link needs you to resister to get it... but of course no idea if the link is OK allegedly fixed lots of bugs and brings lots of later features like 7 digit post code entry in the UK, TMC and a massive list of bug fixes The following claims can either be fixed with the software service pack 5.1 or 5.3: • Destination can not be entered using the seven-digit postcode (UK only) • Resetting during operation, • Navigations/Radiodates no longer appear on the repeater display (combination) • Missing Audio/Voiceguidance after starting the engine • Voice service can not be activated even after repeated pressing the PTT button • Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Navigation activated> • Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the use of a disclaimer <The Zielführung...> is displayed and the button <OK> does not work • Unit is on the lists for the target input / target selection, • Stuck in the speech device operation for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Sprachbetrieb aktiviert>, • Unit is facing Tunnel Transit / Parking garage on over a long period, the message <No GPS> • Occasionally, the function of <Ziel Map> not be used • Volume can not be changed • CD / AUX button does not work • After starting the device displays only a blue screen • Empty / grayed softkeys, although these would be activated • Device hangs when running from a USB / iPod / Aux audio sources • No iPod / USB device • Pop-up window will <CD geprüft> appears after starting for a long time (> 2 min) on the display • Only Kuga 2008.5 with camera - parking aid: If you want the reverse gear is quickly shown a picture of the area behind the vehicle • Only Galaxy 2006.5 with keypad - Additional Air Conditioning: No operation of the air conditioning system • Incorrect climate information in the status bar • Personal settings (language, etc.) are lost • Frequent resets in the operation • Very short (<1 second) audio dropouts while playing music • Deep and loud hum when playing audio sources (possibly only one channel), • No navigation voice during telephone conversations The following objections can be resolved only with the software service package 5.3: • Reset the navigation system with high number of traffic messages (TMC) • After engine start audio system is again a different station • (S-MAX/Galaxy 2006.5, 2007.5 Mondeo): After engine start will not eject the CD. The new SP 5.3 - V.1118 - 29.4.2010 is on the polish fordclub: http://forum.fordclu...ead.php?t=80658
  14. no, but if your 30 foot ladder had lose rivets and treads made from cheese.... it would be nice if the manu asked you to pop round so they can "clean it for free" and thus secretly swap a number of faulty parts
  15. sync 1 ? look for a post about "has anyone loaded sync 1 update ".... you can get the files from ford via the chassis number BUT they are BROKEN how to fix is in that post search is hopeless... how come u have to google to find stuff on our own forum? check Phil21185 post about 6 down on how to resolve Fords incompetent software fault or it will never load read it carefully