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  1. I don't follow your question only one file needs to be edited, with the text re ordered, no names or characters should be changed or updated. When I thought I had read and understood the post to fix the confused install.lst file I still had this on one row ; Assembly Directive Install for Gen 1.1 16B - E1BT [Windows Mobile for Automotive 5.8] and it doesn't run... I changed it to ; Assembly Directive Install for Gen 1.1 16B - E1BT [Windows Mobile for Automotive 5.8] and it worked, other thoughts where code has a ; (semi colon) at the start, it tells the programme that this line of code should be ignored use an 8 gig or 16 gig stick, sometimes small sticks don't have space for the installer to run correctly delete everything else on the stick and reformat to fat 32 them put just the two text files and the data files and the on the stick
  2. labour rates are high in the UK ….. issues should be resolved at root cause, locking the door will just mean they smash the window or wait till you park before mugging you
  3. but that's the point I'm making, when you shatter the side window the people in the car are in shock and its far safer to snatch the bag... so locking the doors does nothing (except cost you money in repairs)
  4. Little to gain, its prime use is to make people in the car feel less vulnerable in countries where crime is a bit higher than you want. Its not very effective, the element of fear and surprise works far better when you shatter the side glass unexpectedly and take what you want. Alternatively as there's an element of risk to the mugger…. you just do it the south African way and shoot the people in the car, saves shouting and they don't fight back. In which case locking the doors has only one effect, that of wearing out the door locks
  5. Open install.lst in notepad. break the continuous string of text down as follows and save the changes: go give it another try it should install ; Assembly Directive Install for Gen 1.1 16B - E1BT [Windows Mobile for Automotive 5.8] Item1 = 8L2T-14D546-AF Open1 = SyncMyRide\ Item2 = E1BT-14D546-EB Open2 = SyncMyRide\ Item3 = E1BT-14D546-JC Open3 = SyncMyRide\ Item4 = E1BT-14D546-DB Open4 = SyncMyRide\ Item5 = E1BT-14D546-AA Open5 = SyncMyRide\
  6. ….r u saying you downloaded the files put them on a stick and it doesn't work ? if YES that's the whole point of this entire thread.... FORD have messed up the download and it can't ever install on anybody's car, you MUST open up some of the files and EDIT so the data sits in the correct rows and re save them... therefore go back and READ ALL of page ONE carefully
  7. there's a bigger picture on the same thing on another ford forum... search google
  8. there's a very blurry photo on an earlier post you can't read with all the right info I'm working through what pins do what to retrofit the BT module using a "plug and play VW loom from china for 25 quid" currently I think left side is the BT multiplug, right is where it goes on the radio 1 2 3 Mic in + 4 Mic in - 5 Line out - to radio Aux out L block C Pin 5 6 Line out + to radio Aux out R block C Pin 11 8 9 11 12 14 CAN + 15 CAN - 17 Vbatt 12V 18 Vbatt 12V 19 Audio Grd shield Glovebox Aux plug Grd 23 Audio Grd shield block C Pin 6 33 Grd block A Pin 12 34 Grd block A Pin 12 37 Aux In L Glovebox Aux plug L 38 Aux In R Glovebox Aux plug R
  9. many of the wires should act as a shield (to stop interference from impacting audio quality) so should be wound around each other (twisted) 3 and 4 mic wires twisted to each other 5 and 6 L out and R out, twisted with pin 23 block C pin 6 audio ground 37 and 38 L in and R in, of the glovebox aux jack twisted with the aux ground wire pin 19 Connector A (C517/C518) Speakers (C517) Pin 1 Right Rear + (brown/white) Pin 2 Right Front + (purple/white x2) Pin 3 Left Front + (white x2) Pin 4 Left Rear + (brown/green) Pin 5 Right Rear – (brown/blue) Pin 6 Right Front – (orange/white x2) Pin 7 Left Front – (white/brown x2) Pin 8 Left Rear – (brown/yellow) Power (C518) Pin 9 CAN + (blue/white) Pin 10 CAN – (purple) Pin 11 Keycode Ground (black/blue) Pin 12 Ground (black/blue) Pin 13 Alarm Sense (From GEM) (yellow/grey) Pin 14 Illumination (not used) Pin 15 Battery + (From F72) (brown/red) Pin 16 Ign. Sense (Accessory) (From F69) (not used) Connector B (C520) Pin 1 Mono + (not used) Pin 2 Sw A+ (Switched Output (On when stereo is on) - Used with Rear Seat DVD's or 3rd party amplifier switch) (green/purple) Pin 3 Aux L+ (CD Changer) (not used) Pin 4 Aux R + (CD Changer) (not used) Pin 5 PTA (Phone Mute) (not used) Pin 6 SWC (Steering Wheel Controls) (grey/yellow) Pin 7 Mono - (not used) Pin 8 SWC Gnd (Steering Wheel Controls) (blue) Pin 9 Aux L – (CD Changer) (not used) Pin 10 Aux R – (CD Changer) (not used) Pin 11 Rev Sense (Used for Navigation) (not used) Pin 12 AVC - Speed signal for Auto Volume Control (not used) Connector C (C519) Pin 1 RSE L+ (Rear Seat Entertainment) (green) Pin 2 RSE R+ (Rear Seat Entertainment) (not used) Pin 3 Mono 2 + (brown/red) Pin 4 Sub W + (not used) Pin 5 Aux 2 L (Glovebox Aux Socket L) (white/purple) Pin 6 Audio Gnd (black) Pin 7 RSE L – (Rear Seat Entertainment) (grey/yellow) Pin 8 RSE R – (Rear Seat Entertainment) (not used) Pin 9 Mono 2 – (blue/red) Pin 10 Sub W – (blue) Pin 11 Aux 2 R (Glovebox Aux Socket R) (yellow/blue) Pin 12 Mic. (brown)
  10. unplug the old one, plug in the new one.... that's it... except the need to run another antenna for the DAB to function.... you don't get Bluetooth telephony, Bluetooth music streaming, USB or voice control without an additional separate module... that you may not have the wires for
  11. are you saying you have retrofitted a later models electric coolant pump, but now can't write the software to control it in to the PCM because its not supposed to have it... and your frustrated because it was a previously possible mod, but you have now found its impossible as a result the later PCM map which now includes the clutch slip enhancement ? no ford dealer would remove a safety device (clutch slip stuff) to enable a non standard mod to be bodged on. what major benefit is the electric coolant mod going to bring (other than a big drop in reliability when it stops functioning) ?
  12. the files for the sync 1.1 update you download from ford are wrong and will not install where did u get those files they seem quite different half way down click Ford Sync Update and download a set, then correct as per email below you need to open the files and edit them, a year on they released the same files again, with the same fault (must be some special muppets at the factory). Its an easy fix and then goes on straight away
  13. yes, all normal. When stop start is working you car wears out and ford sell more cars. when stop start is broken, the planet lives a little longer, your wallet will be thousands of pounds better off in the long term and car manufacturers profits are down a tiny bit.
  14. this is exactly where you should expect to find a leak.... the air con guys are either animals or robbing you the gas should be recovered (illegal not to) which you can't do at home, otherwise fitting a new condenser is about as hard as doing a normal coolant radiator swap (obviously ASAP go to a specialist to vac check and fil)