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  1. the only brand I know (where they do at least something right) is Mercedes, where front sensors come on below 10mph and go off after 15mph … the only issue is to stop being irritated by sloppy driving in traffic they don't react till very close and make so little noise front or rear they are totally useless
  2. I think JW1982 got it right first time... what you need is rare and very expensive... I didn't find the two for 400 but that seems a bargain based on the cost for what you need (I wouldn't be advertising you found them I'd have bought them). I think most of the others are confused they are not like for like parts @TomsFocus... he posted pics at the start she smashed the whole lamp to bits....
  3. there's some weird stuff on ebay, half have the xenon one showing as the inner lamp the ford bit is there at £529
  4. my mate used another method to get his pulley off..... wait till the dual mass flywheel fails, then drive for another 1000miles... the additional vibes and knocking will make the pulley the other end come lose.... keep driving and then you can trash the crank and breakdown all at once.... he got a new cam belt to go with his new short engine only cost £3k
  5. Botus

    Bonnet won't open!

    the original Bowden cable (the flexy bit) is made wrong... a 40 quid repair kit is available from your ford dealer and the bonnet opens properly 1343577 the plastic antitamper bit is a complete misnomer in my opinion, it won't fix anything at all and never causes the issue
  6. if its on a taper, you can get a very tight fit and it won't go anywhere... it would also mean one could get the cam timing right without vernier cam wheels..... well, within realms of what the wear on the cam sprockets are (but one will be right)
  7. Botus

    2010 Focus timing belt and water pump

    the originals are supposed to do 8/10 years and 100k+ miles.... sounds like a sensible choice you may not like the price (if it s the silly electrical one) but a new stat as its hard to reach otherwise, would be a good idea... u need both AC, PAS / Alternator drive belts too
  8. wow..... I hope its all OK are we really saying on 1.6 vvti the bottom camshaft pully sits in place by a tight bolt and shear luck? that would be one of the most stupid engineering feats ever
  9. Botus

    Ford Focus mk2 high clutch

    clutches used to come up more and more as they wear, my one was too high when I got it of my sister and was horrid to drive at 110k put in an LUK clutch and its back to normal.... what often finished off a clutch that easily had another 40k miles in it, was the pedal hits an upper stop and engages the clutch more and more, as it causes wear so it causes it to engage more, slip more = new clutch. In the good old days you simply adjusted and got another 5 years... auto adjusters you could get a long screw driver and get the quadrant to slip back allowing some play in the cable and drop the pedal height.... these days its game over
  10. Botus

    Genuine Ford spark plugs

    there are a LOT of fake Chinese trash spark plugs out there these days. Allegedly a lot of fake NGK ones where the electrode falls off.... one small benefit of being ripped off by your local ford dealer, it should mean you get genuinely average parts. That said the iridium NGK ones I got off ebay are fine 30k on Features: 0.6mm fine Iridium centre electrode tip ensures high durability while providing a consistently stable spark. Zinc-chromate plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties (do not apply thread lubricant - read installation section below). Improved acceleration and better fuel efficiency. Ultimate design from the result from years of extensive research and development. Manufactured using the most advanced laser welding technology available. Tapered ground electrode improves flame expansion from the spark due to as minimum obstruction as possible. Longer lifetime than standard spark plugs - Up to 50,000 miles. Improves idling stability & throttle response. Spark gap remains virtually unchanged throughout the entire lifetime. Easier engine starts - Great for freezing winter mornings. Superior anti-fouling Lower required spark voltage Outstanding quality as you come to expect from NGK. Proven track record and used in millions of vehicles around the world.
  11. Botus

    Car not start

    when mine did it 18 months back the battery was OK and using a fully charged power pack it still just kicked like a totally flat battery.... a year on when the battery was gone... the same power pack would fire it up as though it had a brand new battery on it
  12. Botus

    interior mirror fitment

  13. Botus

    Car not start

    remembered bloke at work with his focus mk2 petrol 1.6 car that had this non crank issue randomly around every 3 to 6 months... according to company that come to rescue his wife each time, the fix is push the car a metre down the road in second gear... the issue is the engine stops in the same place so only one area on the starter ring gear wears... as it gets worse on occasions the starter pinion won't mesh and then never gets the power to crank as the solenoid is not in position… I thought it was a load of clap trap, but its done the same on mine once (but I forgot about it)....
  14. Botus

    interior mirror fitment

    any thoughts on when he refitted the interior mirror he had it at 90 degrees as he offered it up then rotated into place... is this normal way to fit the mirror?
  15. Botus

    interior mirror fitment

    I've got auto dim mirror, but when the screen was replaced it now wobbles about side to side and the trim isn't touching the glass.... I was with him when he put in the rain sensor and he seemed fully conversant with how that went on ….then when he refitted the mirror he had it at 90 degrees as he offered it up then rotated into place... is this normal way to fit the mirror? and do you have any idea why its all wobbly?