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  1. service parts

    cheers chap :)
  2. service parts

    hi guys and girls i need 2 know the cheapest place 2 go 4 parts as i got 2 service my gf's ka and dont want 2 go 2 ford :) all help welcome many thanks
  3. where is the carb??

    well the carkept dying arfter revin so thought it might be faulty/slash dity? but gave up and just tightened the acserater caple up 2keep the butterflycap open 4 longer lol worked a treat :)
  4. where is the carb??

    thanks steff
  5. where is the carb??

    lol oow cheers 4 the info hahaha does it have a idle control vaule?
  6. chrome exhaust end ka

    hmmm 20 collected?? :P
  7. where is the carb??

    as the title says where is the carb and the icv as well please! many thanks x just hope the pic works
  8. Novice Question..

    do u get it on line ??
  9. chrome exhaust end ka

    how much are u looking 4?
  10. Novice Question..

    haha lucky i did lol and it was 8 pound a litre
  11. One thing after the other... *tut*

    ihave2 say ihvea a fait and nothing will be as bad as that and also all cars will brake lol its just a matter of time , imon my second car and they alwaysbrake whereas my gf's ka (touch wood) has been a gem so far and it seems 2 always be running fine lol
  12. Novice Question..

    lol thanks 8pound4 1 litre lol its more exspensive than i put in my car
  13. Novice Question..

    will do cheers dude
  14. Novice Question..

    hiya, my gf's ka keeps stalling when braking and changing down in to 2nd gear ?.. but the only lights that come on are oil and battire so i willclean the termanalss 2 morow and check oil ... it is 10 40right?? any help appreciated!!