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  1. Throttle not smooth

    Ah right, thanks for the info. That explains why I couldn't find results for mk1 throttle/accelerator cable on eBay. Probably a couple of issues going on. Still ironing out the gremlins as I've noticed a knock when turning wheel hard left at slow speed so plenty to keep me busy. I'm not sure the last owner did any maintenance beyond taking it in for an oil change.
  2. Throttle not smooth

    I can also feel it with my foot like it's grainy or rough.
  3. Throttle not smooth

    Hello, I've recently brought my first Focus (2002 1.6 16V 5 door) after giving up my luxurious company car to save some cash. Since owning it I've noticed that the throttle is not very smooth. I know it's an older car than what I've become used to but it just doesn't feel right. The best way I can describe it is that the throttle seems to be notchy or sticky and feels like steps rather than linear. I notice it most when slowing down. Like if I'm driving out of my parking area and I'm in second gear and let my foot off the throttle, it will go 'rinnn nin nin nin nin nin' instead of 'riiiiiiiiiiiiiiin' and feels jerky. I've tried easing the throttle off slowly and smooth but it still seems to be like that. Another thing I've noticed if when changing up gears from say 3rd to 4th it will rev after pushing in the clutch as though I'm am rev matching, even when I don't tap the throttle. I'm thinking something like throttle cable or position?
  4. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Brought a Mk1.5 1.6 LX the other day and joined the forum. Picking it up tomorrow.... Now I'm scared to drive it home after reading this thread. Ha ha! I did check the car out first of course but had to keep in mind that this car is 14 years old now and well under a grand. Anyway, hope I get it home and then I can start checking all the little things and will probably start with replacing the coil, leads and plugs to be on the safe side.