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  1. What insurance company are you with?

    i was with aviva but now going with tesco finance for the new car as itl cost the same as it did a 10year old ka lol
  2. Im new here, be nce =]

    Hiya, well she still drives but kuz shes a 99 plate and there are like 5pannels wrecked thay would write her off (my boyfriend thinks subframe damage too), i didnt claim on my insurance kuz my excess was £370 and she would only be worth £750 probly lol. yeah Ford took her as scrap, the scrapyard is less about 100yards from the garage so as long as thay can drive it there lol. VW wouldnt touch it as i half considerd a golf lol.
  3. Hi, well my first car was a purple KA... my pride and joy, but last weekend i wrote her off... bad times but... (as i have the best family in the entire world thay are) using mine as the scrappage and paying the diffrence on a brand new fiesta zetec (1.2 5 door sadly but beggers cant be choosers at least i got my way with the zetec not a studio yuck)... good times so as of the 1st of aug i shall be the proud owner of a sexy fiesta =] unfortunatly onli 3 colors in the whole uk atm... none of my first choices im having it in avilon... twas that, moondust or black... i want vision *stamps feet* always been a big fan of ford.. would rather like an RS but im thinking that may never happen lol... or even a mustang hehe not entirely sure what i should be saying in here as i didnt read many others lol oh my names Tamsin, im 23 from shropshire and new friends are aways welcome