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  1. It is most notable that many people on this thread have tried to turn around the subject matter under discussion and instead turn on me personally for their own gratification. I regard this as unethical and think if you can’t address the item under discussion properly then your reply is insignificant and worthless. Now I await yet even more comments addressed to me personally, to which I shall not even both to reply as I have no wish to sink into the same level of infantile behaviour. For further information related to this subject matter, I am in the course of preparing a product marketing analysis report to which all relevant comments and observations will be added. I hope in due course to produce an appraisal of this report for consumption on the forum.
  2. Thats fighting talk on this thread partner. But I do agree with your thoughts. People are beginning to understand that all is not as it should be. The best thing Ford could have done was to put a small flower vase on the front dash ( VW Beetle) and we would have all been happy to advise what's the best flower to have today.
  3. Fact But what has this to do with the point under discussion
  4. Make a constructive point then and give us the benefit of your thoughts on the subject matter
  5. Interestingly the MK 7 dash does not contain any bulbs only LED's. It is most unlikely that these are faulty as life expectancy is in excess of 10,000 hours. It is possible to self check the LED's by pressing the trip reset at the same time as switching on the ignition and toggling through.
  6. Your comments are noted. you have just endorsed my point.
  7. Too many threads do nothing to promote thought and make people think. You might not like it - someone once said "If it's too hot in the kitchen......." If you want to discuss the colour of your car and whether it should have a jelly bean dispenser or pink powder puffs, then feel free to start another thread.
  8. At last some one understands the motor trade. It's always in the dealers best interest to ensure that the punter goes away feeling happy and he has got a good deal. In the motor trade there's only one winner, and guess who? Your legal rights of entitlement only commence after you have taken and signed for the vehicle. Generally when signing for take over of the vehicle you will have agreed to and inspected it and deemed it to be of satisfactory/acceptable quantity.
  9. It you take the trouble to look inside the small drop down flap to the right of the driver you will see a small interface socket that gives access to the vehicle's ECU. From here it is possible to plug in any laptop equipped with the right diagnostic software to alter many engine parameters and the odometer read out. I gave no indication that this was wide spread, only a number of possible occasions which may give rise to a higher than expected reading. Regarding the legality aspect - catch me if you can. Changes, if any are generally quite small and in no way attempt to alter the sale value of the vehicle, as it has already be sold. How ever should this happen after the initial sale, and can be proved then thats a very different matter.
  10. Thanks for your advise that I should buy a different car. But you are way off the mark and have completely missed the object in starting this thread. By the way I don't know where you get your facts from but I feel sure that there are no where near "about million different car manufacturers" at the last count. Just glade to hear that you believe your Fabio is perfect, and long may it continue to be so. You represent the ideal FMC customer.
  11. There is no relevance to the mileages being quoted by individuals in this thread. The mileage on the clock is what the dealer wants it to be and will adjust it if necessary. The consumer has no legal defined rights regarding delivery mileage as this is not contracted for at the time of order placement. Should the delivery mileage be un-acceptable in the opinion of the customer then it would be up to them to prove that it had a detrimental effect upon the long performance/life of the vehicle.
  12. I quite believe it, which only goes to prove my point.
  13. Exactly right. The 1.4 auto is quite unsuited to doing the job, and don't let anyone tell you other wise. FMC have enough sense to only offer the 1.6 with a different auto box, for the US market. Ask yourself why? "I'll wait and see" too late then your already committed. Ask before you buy. The auto box is power hungry just look at the emissions and petrol consumption to prove a point. Does anyone know why the 1.6 can't be married to the auto box?. I suspect it's one of size limits under the bonnet.
  14. I don't think it's even as good as this - do you!!!!! On second thoughts perhaps we should not knock it, after all this "master piece" could well become a collectors item in the too distant future when the FMC realise what a mess it really is.
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