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  1. Today's the day my car finally gets built!

    ...and about time too!!! At last eh? Let me see now.......going to Worthing......Squeeze Fez..... I think that you are in fact Paul! LOL. I've never seen you both in the same room. Seriously tho.....that's great mate....I hope you enjoy him/her as much as Mrs S and moi enjoy "The Pudgster" (formerly known as Pedro.) :D
  2. Automatic Windscreen wipers?

    Hey Keith... I'm with Am here. It IS common courtesy to open doors for passengers...especially Ladies, regardless of age. I was bought up in a generation that ACTUALLY taught manners. This is why there are so many s**ts around who don't give a f**k about anyone!! This attitude makes me puke!!! Sorry
  3. Arrived at work this morning

    What a splendid looking Fez Jon.....niiiiiiice!! I'm also pleased you stuck with the Titanium wheels too....they look classy!! A pig to keep clean LOL...but classy nonetheless. Enjoy.
  4. My Fiesta Zetec - ETA: 15 minutes!

    Looking seriously good Pete!! Niiiiice...Skully likes :)
  5. Air Conditioning

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being a Baldie B Jonny. The only downside is it !Removed! hurts your head when it hails!!! :D Hair is SOOOOOOOOOOO overrated methinks! Slapheads Unite!!! Btw....Ocean Blue is STILL by far the best colour ;)
  6. ah man....gota feel sorry for the owner

    Tee hee!!! :P Only pulling your Ps chums!! :D ;)
  7. ah man....gota feel sorry for the owner

    Poor little Fez! :( The owner must have been gutted. Still....looking on the bright side it was only... a.... a Zetec and b... Vision ;)
  8. reversing sensors

    Hi Pouly. We ordered the sensors.....front and rear....when we ordered Pedro. I seem to remember reading that if the sensors were black then they were fitted at the factory, but if they were colour coded they were probably fitted at the dealers...maybe as an afterthought?? Don't quote me on this however ok? It does seem strange tho...the different heights of the two cars' sensors...you would have thought they would have all been fitted in the same place wouldn't you? :)
  9. HELP useless me needs to know something

    I agree with Keith!! :o :o :o
  10. HELP useless me needs to know something

    Oi!!! Cheeky people!!! There's nothing wrong with Essex that an atom bomb couldn't cure!! ;)

    Oh my.....doesn't she (?) look gorgeous??? After OB I think that the Colorado Red is the next best colour....especially when it's clean and shiny like this one! :) Nice wheels too mate! Lovely car.....enjoy!!!
  12. Mudflaps/Splashguards

    Your TangoFez looks rather cool methinks!! We had mudflaps fitted to ours and here's what Ocean Blue looks like with 'em.
  13. Why park next to me?

    Yessssssssssss.....come on Thro...spill the beans!! LOL What did you do???
  14. Well....some of this is rather worrying isn't it? Pedro is now just over 10 weeks old with 776 miles on the clock and we can honestly say...touch wood...we've experienced nothing that you guys'n'gals have experienced. There were a couple of minor teething trubs, but that was down to me not knowing what I was doing!! LOL My only gripe at the moment is the fact that he doesn't stay clean for more than 24 hours...but not even I can blame Ford for this :P
  15. My MOT was today...

    Different toys for different boys I s'pose mate. I found the brakes on our new Fez very fierce when we first got the car, cos they were so light compared to my old Astra. Even now, six weeks on I sometimes forget and nearly hit my head on the windscreen!! LOL