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  1. I'm get it now, thanks !
  2. How does an oil flush help if it's worn piston rings Tom?
  3. I've used a pressure bleeder on both our cars (Sealey), found it very good.
  4. Get your kilt on and get out there 😜 Yeah they are annoying; i've got a set of flare nut spanners for them now which are helpful and less chance of rounding the nut.
  5. Front is 9 or 10 mm, rear is 8mm iirc. 🙂
  6. So I've heard. When I bought mine with 100k on the clock it had gone through 2! Could be down to the driver I suppose but I think I remember @TomsFocus mentioning something to me once about the clutches on these. Correct me if I'm wrong Tom!
  7. Ah well shows you've been reading up! Knowledge is power and all that.....
  8. Really sorry to hear that. Which dealer? My advice would be to go to watchdog! I just do not understand why dealerships behave like this when they've sold a lemon. Disgraceful.
  9. The engine management light didn't come on for my egr issue, only limp mode and engine malfunction. After re starting it went back to normal for a short time so probably not that!
  10. Could also be your EGR valve saying goodbye; mine did that in a similar way! Will await codes..... 😄
  11. Ha! Don't worry about it! To tell you the truth I'd forgotten I'd asked 😄
  12. Albert27


    You can't really check the slave cylinder I don't think. One thing you can do though is after having the clutch bled, keep an eye on the brake fluid reservoir and see if it goes down. I'm pretty sure the clutch & brakes share the same reservoir so if there is a leak and its not just trapped air, you'll see the level slowly dropping.
  13. I've gone with AutoAid this year, £48 Nationwide recovery & Home start (essential when you're a DIY mechanic on your local street). Had to use them as well (when the EGR shut down completely 😄 ) . No complaints!
  14. Did you put the injectors back in the same place? I do believe they're programmed to each cylinder. Whether that would cause a complete non start though I don't know.
  15. The new EGR does need to be reprogrammed and this can be done with Forscan. I think a car with a new EGR that hasn't been reset will run but won't be smooth. So I would definitely start with that and then look at other things if that doesn't change anything.