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  1. I'm no expert on the turbo as I've not changed one myself but I can tell you that one of the fixes for the turbo failures was to fit a new wider oil feed pipe. I've got a feeling the sump might have been replaced as part of it with a redesigned one, and then regular oil changes recommended (every 6000 miles) to reduce the carbon build up. Just to be sure, are you running the 110bhp or 90bhp 1.6? Some of the 90 versions don't have the issue because there's no dpf filter which was the root cause of the problem (the heat from it was cooking the oil hence carbon build up..) I would hazard a guess the blue circled pipe has a fine crack in it either where you've circled or on its way down past the oil filter. They're prone to cracking and will spray oil everywhere.
  2. I've got the same car and had cambelt and water pump done for £280 at a reputable independent two years ago 🙂
  3. Make sure you come back and update us...some of us are hanging on this story by a thread (get it?) 😄 Terrible joke.......
  4. Agree with Tom. Get it away from Arnold Clark (don't they have a terrible reputation?) and to a reputable independent garage.
  5. Let us know how you get on; hopefully not by posting a new thread entitled "Help, my car's stuck on the drive" 😄 Good luck!
  6. I got the garage to do mine on @TomsFocus sound advice. The bolts on the rear are rusty and prone to snap. I guess it depends how keen (and competent) you are! 😄 If it goes wrong though you're rather stuck! The garage did mention they had to use a press and I think they said they removed the trailing arm.
  7. Can you do us a video of the noise on start up (not while driving obviously!!)?
  8. Any sign of oil in the coolant reservoir? Take the oil cap off - is there any white/milky residue there? When I first saw your post my first though was head gasket but I'm not a mechanic just a keen DIY'er!
  9. You're welcome 🙂 thanks for updating the thread!
  10. I've never seen the point of personalised plates, I think they're tacky but each to their own. I bought a new motorcycle 12 years ago (2008, scary it was that long ago lol) and I had BU08 and a choice of 3 options for the last three letters. It just so happened that one of the options the dealer had was a short for my surname so for two years I had a free personalised plate 😂 The only slightly embarrassing bit was the 'BU08' could be read as Boob followed by my surname. The moral of the story is if you're going to get a personalised plate do it properly not a botch cheapskate version like mine 😄
  11. Probably because a belt is cheaper. Cost saving I reckon at customer's expense!
  12. That made me chuckle....! Don't know much about the ecoboost but someone will be along shortly who does........ Hope you get sorted 🙂
  13. Spot on! Like you I've taken it on and off so many times it just rolls off the tongue 😄
  14. Peter, do you have a diagram at all of the 1.8tdci belt set up? I find it all a little confusing but would be good to know for future reference.