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  1. Albert27

    Oil leak

    Hi Mark, although I don't have an answer to your question I do have an oil leak so would be interested in any replies too. Hopefully this bump will bring in a few...!
  2. Albert27

    Oil in air intake pipe 1.6tdi 2012 Focus

    I think it's pretty normal to have a small amount of oil in there. Not sure where it comes from, but have heard it mentioned on here before. Just wait for someone else to chip in as I'm not 100% sure.
  3. Albert27

    Focus 2013 1.6 tdci oil service

    Really you should change the washer on the sump plug too instead of using the old one again. I have re used old ones but it's best practice to replace. One like this
  4. Albert27

    MK8 Air Filter Location

    5 minutes Ian? I was expecting better from you, closer to the 40 second mark to beat your mk2.5 time lol
  5. Albert27

    Fault code readers

    Hi Wayne, Your best bet is Forscan as it will pick up codes that generic code readers will miss. Forscan is free to download on a laptop. There's also a mobile app option for Android which is £3.50 (not as good as laptop but will read codes just fine). If you go the laptop route you will just need an ELM327 cable/USB to connect between the car and the laptop. You can use a bluetooth one for mobile if you prefer but am told the cable is more reliable. I managed for a year with Forscan lite on mobile and a bluetooth connector but it was a bit temperamental!
  6. Albert27

    Urgent - broken down and at roadside - help

    Glad you're sorted. I'd love to hear some theories on how water has got into the starter motor.......
  7. Albert27

    Focus MK 2.5 Strange Issue With Start Up

    Hi Jon, Have you checked the battery with a multimeter? Cars can do strange things when the battery's on its way out. How old is it?
  8. Albert27

    Timing belt change due, need some advice

    You'll pick it up quickly 😄 I think the water pump is driven off the drive belt on the petrol models so it's not really essential to do it at the same time as the timing belt. As well as changing the timing belt, they should change the tensioner too and any idler pulleys. Changing the water pump is not a big job.
  9. Albert27

    Timing belt change due, need some advice

    Petrol or Diesel?
  10. Albert27

    1.6 TDCi - Any more oomph possible?

    A Mechanic suggested that a terraclean might help mine but for the same reason, I wasn't risking it. She already chugs out blue smoke on starts and I'd hate to dislodge carbon and create more problems.
  11. Albert27

    1.6 TDCi - Any more oomph possible?

    Yes you're right, believe it was a wider one to help flow? I'm fortunate enough to still be on the original turbo of my 10 year old focus which has covered 164,000 miles although that's mainly thanks to not having a DPF on mine! I've no idea what the life expectancy is of a turbo but I intend to run the car into the ground to find out 😁
  12. Albert27

    Urgent - broken down and at roadside - help

    Are you in the trade Stef and get trade discount? Everytime I've gone to local motor factors they've never been cheaper than ecp.....
  13. Albert27

    Urgent - broken down and at roadside - help

    Sounds a bit better! ECP always have an offer on, don't ever pay full price. 9/10 Carparts4less (same company) are cheaper again with their discount code, the only annoying thing with them is returning parts as no branches.
  14. Albert27

    Urgent - broken down and at roadside - help

    Yikes, was that with a discount code? If so, you must have a different battery to mine!
  15. Albert27

    1.6 TDCi - Any more oomph possible?

    The DPF filter getting hot cooks the oil on it's way past leading to carbon build up and turbo's failing because of lack of oil. Bad design. Change the oil and filter every 6000 miles is the recommended thing to do.