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  1. I've gone with AutoAid this year, £48 Nationwide recovery & Home start (essential when you're a DIY mechanic on your local street). Had to use them as well (when the EGR shut down completely 😄 ) . No complaints!
  2. Did you put the injectors back in the same place? I do believe they're programmed to each cylinder. Whether that would cause a complete non start though I don't know.
  3. The new EGR does need to be reprogrammed and this can be done with Forscan. I think a car with a new EGR that hasn't been reset will run but won't be smooth. So I would definitely start with that and then look at other things if that doesn't change anything.
  4. Before you completely judge my motives........there was some greek dancing in the song At the risk of sounding like a Eurovision geek, there have been some very under rated songs. Could never understand why Kati Wolf's "What about my dreams" didn't win in 2011 or Azerbaijan "Always on my mind" in 2009 although there is a common theme with some of these songs 😄 . I stopped watching in 2012.......i think.....
  5. I used to watch it but prefer not to have a headache these days so don't bother. I remember a decent year though, 2005 when Helen Paparizou won with "number one" (not sure if it was her or the song that got my vote, probably a mix of both!) Those were good old days of eurovision lol
  6. If I can do it, you can definitely! Good luck!
  7. As long as it lines up eventually it's alright... I hope you're good at ratios... The cam and crank will line up every 2nd rotation, but the fuel pump is only every 3*. So the first time they'll all line up is on the 6th rotation. You're meant to do it twice so that makes it 12 times. You'll lose count before then anyway. *Or if your name's Albert, the fuel pump never lined up at all 😄
  8. The horn on the mk 2.5 and mk 3 are great. Worst horns I've had were on a Fiat Punto and motorbikes; they're worse on the latter and you'd think the manufacturers would realise the importance of a decent loud horn when your on a bike!
  9. Maybe because the OP is a busy man like most of us and it's much easier to plug a sensor back in on your drive then take it back to your dealer which for all we know could be miles away. No disrespect intended to you either but I really don't find comments like that do anything on forums to encourage people to ask. I've asked so many questions on here that could easily have been answered in other ways but people have always been helpful and taken the time to reply.
  10. This is not a step by step guide but may be of some use with general info. I don't think it's necessarily a straight swap, you need to check the surface on the head is level and hasn't warped - if it has then you would need an enginneering place to 'skim' it for you before re fitting the new gasket. Tom is right though, having somebody with a bit of know how is invaluable if you haven't tackled one before.
  11. Looks like a sensor to me and it should be plugged in somewhere; somebody will chip in soon who knows a bit more on mk4's then I do!
  12. Yes it does! Owned the car since 2013 77k . . . . . . . . never had a re gas and yes still ICE cold at 166k! Solid! The only thing the mk3 has over the mk2 in my opinion is a nicer interior, dials etc. My main gripes with the mk3 are a/c, brakes are snatchy & steering is over sensitive. I'm with you, however it's amazing what I'll do when the choice is between my pocket and being comfortable in summer 😄 How many cars do you have? Do you maintain them all yourself?
  13. Good move I'd say Tom. I put up with the mk3 Air con not working through last summer; nearly killed me!! Still can't be bothered to get it fixed it'll be a waste of time I reckon and money as it'll probably just leak again somewhere else.
  14. Dot 4 is the usual stuff. I just buy the pagid one from ECP.