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  1. Albert27

    Trying to find out what a hose is called !!

    I'm not 100% sure as I own a 1.6tdci but I think it may be called a Turbo boost hose or Intercooler EGR Boost hose. Is this it?
  2. Albert27

    Focus 1.8tdci 2008 facelift brakes questions.

    Good to know mate. I've used Mintex discs and pads on 3 cars and all are still great after 18 months. The only thing i'll add is i was forced to change my mintex pads early after a caliper leak, opted for brembo as pagid were out of stock at ecp on the day i needed them . After fitting them the squeak i was getting went and never came back. It could of course been a lack of grease when i fitted the mintex pads originally to be fair. Anyway, it didn't really bother me and would fit them again without hesitation.
  3. Albert27

    Focus 1.8tdci 2008 facelift brakes questions.

    Agree. I don't touch Eicher, my piston made mince meat of the pads back plate when i tried them! Mintex are great value and OEM standard.
  4. Albert27

    Protecting brake bleed nipples from corrosion

    . When you loosen the nut, what actually happens inside to allow fluid out?
  5. Albert27

    Protecting brake bleed nipples from corrosion

    Thanks guys for your input. How do you actually get the valve out? Do you just keep loosening the nut?
  6. Albert27

    Protecting brake bleed nipples from corrosion

    Where would I get hold of bleed valves the right size? It's a 2008 Mk2.5 1.6tdci.
  7. Albert27

    Protecting brake bleed nipples from corrosion

    Thanks for that, i hadn't realised you can just replace the valve. I thought it was a new caliper job!
  8. Albert27

    Protecting brake bleed nipples from corrosion

    What sort of grease Del? A lot of the rubber caps are missing on mine but I think they just cover the valves and not the nut?
  9. What's the best way to keep the bleed valves in good condition? Mine are so corroded and the nut doesn't look great either. Had to abandon a brake bleed today after my pressure bleeder broke and i didn't fancy the two man method with nuts that looked that they weren't far off rounding. Appreciate your thoughts!
  10. My 1.6tdci engine shakes on cold starts then settles down. I put it down to age as it still hasn't fallen out yet. If it was me I'd have a check of the engine mounts, see what condition they're in and that they're not leaking or anything.
  11. Albert27

    Strange noise!

    Hi Steve, I seem to remember when I had my first split on my Intercooler - Inlet manifold hose on my 1.6tdci, I couldn't hear it at idle for some reason, only in 2nd 3rd & 4th gears with. I personally would suspect it's got to be an air leak (or at least thoroughly rule that out first) but they can be very difficult to pin down. My second air leak, I only managed to find because I revved with the door & bonnet open and could actually see the concertina piece just before the manifold bulging! Hadn't noticed the tiny split by looking alone. If it's a smallish hole (and they don't need to be big to hear the hissing), I wouldn't of thought you'd get much noticeable effect on performance or economy. As mine got worse and bigger the fuel economy and performance took a hit!
  12. Albert27

    Part number for rain sensor cover

    Hi Neil, Try
  13. Albert27

    horrible pull away

    Are you any nearer getting a new Ford Tom?
  14. Albert27

    Focus mk2 Engine Mount

    How do they justify the price difference? Seems crazy!
  15. Albert27

    Focus 2011 MK3 1.6 TDCI 100k Servicing

    This is interesting and explains why the clutch & slave were done twice on the mk3 I bought with 100k miles. There was me thinking the last owner rode the clutch as a hobby 😁 On the how long they'll last question, my mk3 1.6tdci is on 108k with no problems and running sweet. My mk2.5 with the same engine but the 16v (90bhp and no dpf) has 161k, puffs smoke like you'd expect to see at a theatre performance & rattles like the snake of the same name but once warmed up I forget all the issues and remember my love for the car lol 200k is the aim!