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  1. Losing Coolant - 2014 Mk3 1.6tdci

    Just wanted to update the thread to say that the cap off trick seems to have worked. Level has stayed consistent now for over a month. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Good sound advice Tom. Also, when I use ramps (find them a little more convenient for servicing), I always place the axle stands a few mm below the sill jacking points, just in case they were ever to give way. I also put the tyre underneath when doing brakes/calipers etc.
  3. That's sad Ian. Life's cruel sometimes.
  4. Just read this and thought I'd post as it's a reminder to all of us not to take risks. Sometimes it is annoying getting a backup jack and axle stands but accidents can and do happen. For the extra 2 minutes hassle it might save your life. It really isn't worth the risk. Stay safe guys. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5615471/Mechanic-21-crushed-death-jack-holding-car-collapses.html
  5. What's my Focus?

    There just the newer/ updated models of the Focus. Mk1 Focus went from around late 90's - 2004/2005. Mk 2 was 05 - 08 then the mk2.5 had a facelift and ran from 08-2011/12. mk 3 2012 - 2015. Then another facelift for the 3.5 which is the most recent and will run until the mk4 in 2019. My years may be a bit out but that's roughly it!
  6. focus mk1 brake problem

    Hi Gary. When you fitted the new guide pins, did you grease them? This helps movement as I'm you sure you know a sticking guide pin will cause one pad to be used up quicker than the other. I would guess it's a sticking piston though. It's a good idea when servicing the brakes to put some brake cleaner around the piston and clean it up a bit. Failing that I would say you're probably in need of a new caliper. I can't comment on the MC, as I've not had any experience on that so wait to see if anyone else chips in on that front. Hope you get it sorted and well done on the LE - JOG trip
  7. How high can these Ford engines go? And what issues have you encountered on your way? Currently, my 1.6 tdci is on 157,000 and on the original turbo but then i have no DPF. No real major issues, apart from loads of blue smoke on a cold morning for the last 3 years, injector seals replaced, electric window button, clutch, and glow plugs twice. Discs & pads all round, two new calipers but that's about it.
  8. Exhaust heat shield

    I just bought a pack of jumbo assortment washers from ebay, the nuts came off ok with a bit of plusgas help or similar. Mine fell off a year ago, put it back on with the said jumbo washers and it's still as snug as a bug in a rug to this day
  9. 1.6TDCI econetic clutch

    Hi Liam. Is the clutch slipping at all? A good way to test this is to drive on a flat piece of road at 30mph, put it in 5th gear and then accelerate. If the revs rise at a disproportionate rate to the speed, your clutch is probably on its way out.
  10. mk1.5 brake problem

    @iantt any ideas on this?
  11. hi im back

    Welcome back :)
  12. **For Sale** Ford focus ST 2.5, 5 dr

    Are you sure about that? I've looked at 5 door versions on autotrader and similar
  13. Just to further compliment this brilliant guide by @TomsFocus, I found this on youtube today. I'm just refreshing my memory as my Timing Belt DIY change is Scheduled for May! Same engine even though it's a Peugeot 308....best video I've found on it to date.
  14. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    I think you're right it's worth spending a bit to get decent stuff. I've probably bought some cheap rubbish but not used it enough for it to break yet lol. My main socket set is a 40 piece draper and that has been well used but holding up well. I have some silverline spanners but they only get used occasionally, time will tell though. Bump the thread in 10 years and ask me The only mole grips I have is in a phazer set from halfords. Not really had much cause to use them, they seem ok but wouldn't try poundlands!! It's good you've got those old tools though, saved you a small fortune i bet!
  15. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    @DavyTee I was in the same place as you 18 months ago being completely clueless about cars. I would say I've gone from retarded to ratchets when it comes to car maintenance! I started by getting a haynes manual, before joining this forum (never joined one before) and the help from the guys on here as been second to none and literally got me out of some serious pickles. I started with the Oil & filter, then air filter, pollen filter, brake bleed, fuel filter and did them weeks apart, and thoroughly researched each task. I've changed brake pads, discs & most recently a caliper. I now service both our cars (in one go now not over weeks!) and shortly taking on the timing belt. I started working on cars to save money, but I agree with @stef123 in regards to tools, it's worth investing but I've done it gradually, buying the tools relevant to each task. I haven't saved anything since DIY'ing yet - i keep a record of what i've spent on tools and parts (£1,200 over 18 months) compared to what I would have spent at the garage (£1000) but I know this year I will start saving. It turned into a hobby and now I love it. I know a few people say they dislike ramps but I find them very convenient. I did some research and got these ones. They are low and you don't burn the clutch out when driving up them. I don't need a spotter either as there is a huge bump at the end of them; when i hit that i stop! Link below. One thing though is i never completely trust anything and so i will always put an axle stand in place behind the ramps, a few mm from contacting the car, just in case they ever failed. They are made of plastic too (high grade) which probably fuels my distrust a little! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KRGZVP6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1