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  1. I dunno if I've just been conned, but I've bought a set of 'Vista Pro' from ECP for £8 lol. Worth a go even if they fall off in the first rain shower.
  2. I guessed not but thought you might have a windscreen wiper tree (Latin: Rainius Sweepus) in your garden! Never mind! Where do you get them cheaper than ebay?? Have you got a link to the ebay ones? It's for the mk 2.5, haven't changed them in donkeys ages.
  3. Hi folks. Haven't bought any in ages, used to go to Halfords but they always seem expensive for what they are. Any recommendation on reasonably priced wipers? Cheers!
  4. I'm pretty sure it is Tom, it's been mentioned as a leak on previous MOT and there is evidence of oil. The cap previously had a cut out in it presumably from someone getting confuzzled when trying to refit the filter after a change; it won't go on without undoing the bracket but bizarrely comes out fine lol. Anyway I replaced that so pretty sure it's not leaking from there. I'll have a good look at those other places and hopefully pinpoint it. Thanks Sounds a bit stupid, but what's the best thing to use to clean up the engine bay/block of oil?
  5. Hi Craig. You're in the right place; I started on this forum two years ago with no knowledge of cars at all. In that time with the help of the guys on here, have changed a Timing belt, calipers, EGR valves, brakes, serviced our cars! Great people, great forum! Have you listened to the squeaking with the engine running and bonnet open? Can you pinpoint it or video it and post it? Could just be as simple as the drive belt. What engine is it? As for the clunking, I would guess something to do with suspension, but have little to zero experience on that subject so someone else will have to chip in on that.
  6. Any other likely places for a leak?
  7. That's really helpful, thanks isetta. The sump was replaced about 18 months ago so it's quite possible the leak is coming from there. It was replaced because I also ruined the sump plug thread on my first oil change, you only make that mistake once!!
  8. For some time now I've had an oil leak on my Mk2.5 Focus (1.6TDCi) with 165k on the clock. Not been that noticeable but more recently I've noticed the Dipstick dropped to just below half. I'm due to service it soon, but am hoping to have a good look to see if I can narrow down the leak and maybe fix it to reduce the chances of it being picked up on MOT. Where on these engines are likely places for oil to leak? Thanks!
  9. I doubt it. These diesel engines take an eternity to get up to temp especially at this time of year. I notice you're from London, so if it's stop start traffic all the time it will take even longer than the usual longer time! 🙂
  10. I hadn't realised this. Does the chain between cams ever need replacing? I'm very high mileage, 165,000. What effect would it have if it snapped?
  11. If you're looking for unbeatable value and OEM standard, Mintex are the way to go. Have fitted them to 3 cars now and they've been great. At £50 for a disc & pad set, you can't beat 'em.
  12. That's good mate and if it was the fuel filter it's not a great expense to fix! Having said that the price of the mk2 fuel filters is a bit of a joke.
  13. I can't say for sure but it's got to be a good sign if your coolant level isn't going down. The engine mounts are oil filled so could be leaking. Keep an eye on it.
  14. Watch this video for some inspiration!