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  1. Hi Dan. Although I've not had need to do this myself, I believe the way you narrow it down is by using a voltmeter on the battery and pulling one fuse at a time until you identify where the drain is coming from. If you pop it it into youtube they'll be a few videos showing you how its done. The display screen should not stay lit all night; I vaguely remember reading something of a similar problem on here..... I'll see if I can dig out the thread.......Here it is
  2. I'm pretty sure the mk3 is almost identical to the mk2 Phil when it comes to the belt. I've got a feeling though that you need a locking tool to lock the flywheel? Tom will know for sure but I don't think you can just use a drill bit in that hole next to the sump like you can on the mk2.
  3. I paid £480 in 2016 at an independent. My clutch started slipping on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland (a wild and lonely place) and I drove it all the way home lol
  4. My friend just recently had one done at a local reputable independent. £410 all in. Same engine as yours.
  5. Sounds completely normal to me and identical to my 1.6 tdci!
  6. My friend recently had his clutch done, same engine as yours, £410 all in. Personally, I don't understand abandoning a car to just buy another one of a similar age/budget that will also go wrong. If you were able to buy a newer, lower mileage then maybe yes, jump ship. The 1.6 petrol is a decent engine, so I would say, if it's been looked after, and has a good service history then get the work done. Just my opinion for what it's worth 🙂
  7. You're welcome. Has the car been running/started in the six hours before you checked it's voltage? If so, that reading won't be accurate (12.8v does seem a bit high), although I don't think that will affect the alternator reading and that seems OK. If it's neither of those, is it possible you've left something on and the battery has just drained ?
  8. Hi Rob. Have you got a multimeter? It can give you an idea on battery condition and whether the alternator is charging correctly. Battery on its own that's been left for a while should read 12.4 - 12.6v. Then start the car and the if alternator is working correctly, it should be reading around 13.5 - 14.8v. My guess would be the alternator as the car can do strange electrical things if it starts playing up.
  9. Personally, I would just go for the interim service 🙂. The other thing to look at getting done at your car's age/ mileage is the timing belt if it has one, but I'm not sure, the 1.8 petrol might be a chain. Worth finding out anyway.
  10. You're welcome mate. Glad it's sorted!
  11. I did it with the engine off and cooled down a bit, probably best practice as coolant gets hot and you don't want it splashing back or steam scalding you 🙂