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  1. Albert27

    Focus MK 2 Stuttering

    Yes it could be the crank or the cam sensor or a broken wire from the crank. My friend had very similar symptoms, he had the cam sensor replaced which didn't sort it, and in the end it turned out to a broken wire from the crank sensor. It's a little odd it should be like that straight from the garage if it was OK when you went. I'm not sure where the pump is in relation to the crank sensor on your car, just wondering if it could have been knocked while doing the pump? @TomsFocus would have a better idea. It could just be a coincidence though.
  2. If it was me I'd check the oil every day for a week just to get an idea whether you're losing any noticeable amount. If not just keep an eye on it. It's not unusual for older cars to have a small oil leak (my 08 focus has had a small leak for years but never noticeable on the dipstick). Surprising though for a 63 plate! If it is a noticeable amount, and you're not into DIY'ing, get a decent independent garage to look at it. Might also be worth posting a picture on here for us to see too.
  3. Hi Franky, Sounds a bit unusual. My first thought is the rocker cover gasket could be leaking, i have no idea how common that is though. I recently replaced mine because i had a bit of oily grime around it and it's not difficult to do. The pipe you mention from the intercooler up to the throttle body/manifold is an air pipe so wouldn't have thought oil would be 'saturating' through there. You haven't recently had it serviced have you and some oil has been spilt? Are you checking the oil level regularly to see if it's noticeable on the dipstick?
  4. Albert27

    Sorry But.......

    It's the mk 3.5 as it had a facelift around 2014/15
  5. Albert27

    Coolant leak Mk6 (late 08) Fiesta

    Expansion tanks can crack so check there & I'd also be inclined to check the pipes that run off it. Coolant can also leak from the water pump, has it ever been changed? If not i guess the gasket could be shot. Is it definitely leaking or could it be a bit of air in the system making the level appear drop a bit?
  6. Albert27

    Selling brake discs for scrap?

    Bang goes my money making scheme then lol
  7. Albert27

    Selling brake discs for scrap?

    Does anyone else go to the scrap yard and sell off their old parts? I've got 3 sets of brake discs sitting in my garage and i just wondered if this was worth doing.
  8. Albert27

    My Focus Mk2 Ghia

    You can't beat finding a mint older car while some some people spend literally thousands on changing their new cars every year to get new plates! Looks great, nice find
  9. Albert27

    oil service due warning after service

    That explains it then lol
  10. Albert27

    oil service due warning after service

    Maybe the OP has three feet and hit them all at once!
  11. Albert27

    oil service due warning after service

    Well done mate. It's the brake and accelerator on my mk3 focus! Don't know why they're different, just to confuse us lol
  12. Ok guys, just a final update. I hit a snag on Wednesday when i did my revolution test after fitting the new belt; the marks were slightly out on the Cam and completely out on the fuel pump. I was a tooth out. Got some advice from @iantt and @TomsFocus. Pinned the crank and removed the belt. Moved the cam to line up again with the timing hole and moved the fuel pump round again. Locked the pins again and refiitted the belt; everything lined up this time. Today put it all back together and the result........she fired up and all was ok! Thank you everyone who gave me advice along the way. My biggest task to date and a steep learning curve but glad i did it!
  13. Cheers Dee. All sounds good, just hope i can pull it off now. Been a bit nerve racking especially with the engine mount! I went for the dayco kit. Can't remember what water pump but it was one from carparts4less.
  14. Thanks Dee. If you've got it right will it go over fairly easily or is it still a bit tight to push over?
  15. No i don't think i did. I thought the pin needed to stay in until just before you fully tighten it?