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  1. I paid £480 in 2016 at an independent. My clutch started slipping on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland (a wild and lonely place) and I drove it all the way home lol
  2. My friend just recently had one done at a local reputable independent. £410 all in. Same engine as yours.
  3. Sounds completely normal to me and identical to my 1.6 tdci!
  4. My friend recently had his clutch done, same engine as yours, £410 all in. Personally, I don't understand abandoning a car to just buy another one of a similar age/budget that will also go wrong. If you were able to buy a newer, lower mileage then maybe yes, jump ship. The 1.6 petrol is a decent engine, so I would say, if it's been looked after, and has a good service history then get the work done. Just my opinion for what it's worth 🙂
  5. You're welcome. Has the car been running/started in the six hours before you checked it's voltage? If so, that reading won't be accurate (12.8v does seem a bit high), although I don't think that will affect the alternator reading and that seems OK. If it's neither of those, is it possible you've left something on and the battery has just drained ?
  6. Hi Rob. Have you got a multimeter? It can give you an idea on battery condition and whether the alternator is charging correctly. Battery on its own that's been left for a while should read 12.4 - 12.6v. Then start the car and the if alternator is working correctly, it should be reading around 13.5 - 14.8v. My guess would be the alternator as the car can do strange electrical things if it starts playing up.
  7. Personally, I would just go for the interim service 🙂. The other thing to look at getting done at your car's age/ mileage is the timing belt if it has one, but I'm not sure, the 1.8 petrol might be a chain. Worth finding out anyway.
  8. You're welcome mate. Glad it's sorted!
  9. I did it with the engine off and cooled down a bit, probably best practice as coolant gets hot and you don't want it splashing back or steam scalding you 🙂
  10. Correct. Were you just idling it on the drive? Probably why but it shouldn't take too much time in these warmer temperatures if you take it for a drive. .I do appreciate though you're in Scotland so it could take a while longer even in summer 😋 Always happy to help 🙂
  11. 50:50 - ready mixed (i think they call it summer coolant, the pink stuff anyway) bought from eurocarparts. If you've bought concentrate maybe mix it with water in a container ready. The 1.6tdci is notoriously slow getting up to temp but you have the time of year on your side. You'll probably find just idling it will not suffice so take it for a drive and take coolant with you! I would think 10 mins and a bit of revving will do it but just don't go anywhere too busy or stray too far from home with that alternator belt off! 😄 You'll know you've hit temp as the temp gauge will be dead centre and the level will have dropped by a fair bit. I can't really understand the issue you're having as I don't recall any problems on mine when I did it. It must just be air locks as Tom has suggested, maybe there was already a lot of air in there already and not too much coolant. With that in mind, you may have to do as I've suggested in bleeding the system and repeat it a few times. So fill it up to max, up to temp with cap off, top up, repeat until the level doesn't drop any further. Hope that makes sense.
  12. You'll be OK running the engine without the auxilliary belt on but just bear in mind your battery won't be getting charged. . . . .if it's in a good state you'll probably be OK. I considered flushing the coolant when I did my Timing belt but opted not to bother in the end. I basically did the following. Emptied the coolant (this was before I'd started the timing belt job), re fitted the drain plug, filled the coolant reservoir to the max line. Left the coolant reservoir cap off and took the car for a drive. Stopped once it was up to temperature and the level had dropped substantially, topped up with ready mixed coolant, re fitted coolant cap, job done. Car has been fine ever since. The reason to leave the cap off is to allow the air to surface and escape when the car's thermostat opens effectively bleeding the system of air. It's not completely fool proof but has worked for me well. I was new here and clueless about cars 3 years ago so you're in good company - ask away! We're all still learning. A true master is an eternal apprentice , getting a bit philosophical now lol 🙂 * @TomsFocus side note on my mk3 that I thought was losing coolant - turns out it wasn't, I just never bled it properly the first time!! Been same level now for a few months* 😄