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  1. Hard Brake Pedal & Airbag Light

    Thanks for the comments guys. I've since forced the ABS to activate by braking suddenly a few times and it does seem better, after the system has settled over night, the brakes are great, however after a few pumps they get spongy again. I'll try to bleed them conventionally again with a pressure tool and see what that brings. Again thanks.
  2. Hard Brake Pedal & Airbag Light

    It's a 1.8 Tdci 2006, Thanks.
  3. Hard Brake Pedal & Airbag Light

    Hi, Did you get this sorted, I had a very similar problem, changed the servo, bit of a bugger, but got it done, Servo works fine no hissing etc. Only problem now is I cant seem to get rid of the air from the system.
  4. Brake pedal play

    Completely in the dark now..... So I need to bleed something else other than the brake cylinder and calipers. HELP !!!
  5. Brake pedal play

    Yes the car has ABS, was thinking of using the sealey brake and clutch bleeding system which replenishes the brake fluid as you go along, it has it's own pump, so wont have a problem with flat tyres, ( never heard of doing it that way anyway). I've checked thew ford ETS service manual and there is no mention of doing anything special with ABS. Any help or advise would be usefull though.
  6. Brake pedal play

    Would the pressure system be any better, I have to admit I'm going towards air in the system, as first thing in the morning the brakes seem better untill after a few pumps.
  7. Brake pedal play

    Bleeding by pumping pedal, doing furthest wheel i.e back left wheel first, the right wheel, then front left then right front. 20 pumps per wheel.
  8. Brake pedal play

    Recently had to change the brake servo on my Ford Focus 1.8Tdci 2006, due to it leaking vacuum. Ever since the brake pedal is lower than it was before. Anybody have any idea's ,I've tried bleeding and even changed the master cylnder.
  9. The radiator cooling fan on my 2006 ford focus has stopped working, I've tried buying a second hand fan, and changing it over, it still doesn't work, I've already changed the loom and the relay. Can some body please help me to test the fan, and how to test the incoming plug to the fan. I've test the fan from the silver box thingy and it rotates with straight 12v power in both directions. Any help would be appreciated.