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  1. Speedo & radio power surge problem

    Thank you Mintalkin & Gaz, we hadn't thought of the auto volume control thing ! I will try to find out how to turn this off first and as you say, that might narrow down the reason. If of course either of you know how to turn this function off, please do also let me know. Many thanks again...
  2. Hello all, I have a Ford Focus Silver on an 02 plate, 128000 miles on the clock. I've owned this since Novemeber but a problem with the speedo and radio has just started over the last month. Whilst driving, the speedo will suddenly go from 30/40mph (actual driving speed) to 80/100/120mph (any random speed basically). This happens at any speed and at any random time during a journey, anywhere from 10mins to an hour or so into a journey. When this happens, the radio volume also goes up. This leads me to believe that there is some sort of "power surge". Has anyone had this problem and if so, do you know why it happens and if its easy enough to fix? Many thanks Nikki