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  1. EmmaKitkat27


    MK7 Fiesta ST200, Storm Grey, need i say more ;)
  2. EmmaKitkat27


    Alaska - Frozen White 1.0 EcoBoost MK7.5(Face-Lift) Fiesta Zetec S 125BHP 'S' Scuff Plates - from Lockwood International Ford Gel Overlay Badges - Background = Black, Text = Blue on Front, Rear, Steering Wheel Badges & Wheel Centers (Bought at FordFair 2015). Spoiler Extensions - Gloss Black from Maxton Design (Bought at FordFair 2015). Lighting - H15 & W5W(Sides) = Osram Cool Blue Intense, H7 = Osram Nightbreaker. 'S' Wing Gel Badges - Background = Black, Text = Blue from DMB Graphics (Bought at FordFair 2016) Alloys Refurbished and Powder Coated in Gloss Black - Platinum Coatings near Trafford Center. Blue Rimblades - Bought and Fit Myself Blue Metal 'S' Grille Badge - Bought off eBay, Fit Myself Part Exchanged for a Fiesta ST200 18th September 2017 Part Ex to Stoneacre Ford, Doncaster. Bought again by someone within two weeks.
  3. I've got them from Maxton, and I agree they were a bit of a pain to fit cause the shape was slightly out. I took them back but there wasn't any more they could swap for as it was just after Ford Fair where I bought them so I persevered and with the help of my partner managed to get them on, Had to buy some white tigerseal too. Scary to do but I like them :)
  4. What kind of quotes are people getting for roof wraps?
  5. Could just try rubbing it out (with rubber/eraser)? Might work on the finger prints as well as wax/polish stains, I've just tried it out on mine and it works a treat on the bits where I've got wax on the plastics by accident :) I found this solution on Youtube (see vids below)
  6. I sure will. Its definitely around that area and if its been a problem for others it'll be the right place to send them looking. Cheers :)
  7. I have also managed to contract this problem just after it had been in for a service, sounds very much like its coming from either the suspension, rear axle area or anti roll bar when me and my partner investigated. Speed bumps were the main reason I noticed and over the recent weeks and its just got worse. I have a 64 plate M7.5 Fiesta ZS and she's currently booked in at a ford dealer for this issue fixing under warranty, glad it didn't happen just after end of this year though or else warranty would have run out :S. Ill be back to report the findings of the employees of Skipton Ford now that I've found this thread. Been looking everywhere for answers for this!!
  8. Thanks @AlexBartlam and @karl46. I will have a go over the weekend :D
  9. Could you please tell me the easiest way to fit the 'S' badge? I've just got a blue one for my Mk7 Fiesta ZS and I'm wondering how you get the nut tight enough on the back with having no way to get your arms up or down the back of the grill. Wouldn't want it to come loose, I'm thinking Loctite on the screwed bar into the 'S' part so it won't fall off on that front. Any help would be much appreciated :) Cheers!
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