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  1. iamthequinn

    Correct Diagnostic Reader for my TDCI

    That looks ideal!
  2. iamthequinn

    Correct Diagnostic Reader for my TDCI

    Found this on TalkFord.com which really doesn't help. Maybe I should ask a different question: those who have a Mk3 TDCI, what diagnostic scanners do you use?
  3. iamthequinn

    Correct Diagnostic Reader for my TDCI

    Thanks. Ghia15, I know where the port is: when I plugged it in this morning the software said it couldn't access the ECU. The manual says that's because the car isn't OBD2. Stef123 - yep, I saw that on the interweb before I bought it: I assumed that as mine was a facelift Mk3 on an 04 plate it would be compatible, but looks like I was wrong. I've also (subsequently) seen some say that they've got later Mk3's which also aren't OBD2, some talking about CANBUS? Just want to make sure I get the right one next time
  4. Hi all, can anyone confirm what the correct type of diagnostic reader I should get for my Mk3 TDCI Mondeo (facelift version). I read elsewhere that it was OBD2 but this doesn't seem to be the case... Any info gratefully received.
  5. Hi there, thanks for this thread. I *too* have the flashing glow-plug issue: I had it first last year when the DMF failed. At the time when the car got the point where it conked out, the AA mechanic ran the diagnotics and reported errors on the cam and crank sensors. He had a spare cam sensor which didnt solve it (I think he may have put the old one back in) and I got towed to the garage where they replaced the crank sensor. Problem solved. Until now it's come back again, initially first when doing 70(ish) up a fairly steep bit of dual carriageway in 6th (like the first time) and then when accelerating out of a roundabout and changing early from 2nd and into 3rd. Now I managed to work out a way to drive around the problems - 5th up the hill doing 60, and only changing gear at 2500rpm, but then on Xmas Eve (obviously) it conked out half a dozen times, sometimes just when I was driving normally. Am going to buy a cam sensor tomorrow and see if that solves the issue. BTW -I bought a diagnostic tester, but it was the wrong one as it turns out: I read elsewhere that an 04 TCDI was OBD2, but it appears I was told duff info - anyone tell me what one I should have?
  6. iamthequinn

    Mk3 Mondeo cruise control problem

    Yep, it is the same in a Mondeo: you press the On button on the left of the steering wheel, but cruise control doesn't activate until you press the set button on the right.
  7. iamthequinn

    Travelpilot EX - Are They Any Good?

    Thankyou both. I'll avoid the Travelpilot and go down the aftermarket route
  8. What it says on the tin, basically. My recently purchased Mk3 (post-facelift) Mondeo has a cheapy Panasonic stereo and I'm looking to replace it. I've seen some Travelpilot EX units on eBay/Gumtree for around £80-odd, and part of me is tempted to buy one (with GPS aerial) so my car has that "original" feel. But are they any good? Or am I better served squandering my money on a different unit?
  9. iamthequinn

    Another Newbie Hello

    *me waves* Liam here, saying hello. Currently an owner of a Mk3 Mondeo Ghia estate which I recently purchased to replace another Mondeo estate I managed to spin off the road back in a freak hail-storm back in May. I can confirm that when that back end goes, it really goes...