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  1. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    okay since then ive bought an aftermarket radio which is double din, does anyone know of any fitting cages I can buy for it to secure the radio in place? It appears the only way possible is to screw 2 screws at the top and 2 screws at the bottom on the front behind the dash (the same way the ford 4500 is held in). The cage that comes with the radio isnt really suited for this car really. I've seen pictures of people having a double din satnav stereo put in their mk6 ford fiestas and just wondering how they secured it in place? Already got a 2nd hand dash console ready to cut out the 2 bars.
  2. Got Pulled Over

    It wash.... wash....washnt my fault offisher I have never drove at night before-hic! lol as long as you werent caught under the influence then the whole experience is amusing.
  3. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    Hehe not to worry youve been more than helpful. Afterall, every bit of help counts. Im sure someone will pop by and answer it.
  4. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    Just a quick question but is there ANY aftermarket double din headunits out there which actually have removable faces off em and some kind of technology tied in with car immobilisers?
  5. Electric windows and central locking

    Thanks, I guess I will have to live with that then :P
  6. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    could really do with something that supports usb in, aux in and mp3 compatibility which i dont think the 6000CD does. I really like the one above but im thinking about how much the theifs will too :P
  7. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    Ive been doing a bit of looking around and have found some nice alpine headunits which are double din, would this fit ok in my fiesta? Also the only problem I see with these is there on display all the time, they should make a way to take the whole front off lol :P
  8. Ford 4500 3 part radio

    Basically I'm after an alternative radio which will can be swapped over and use all 3 sections up in the dash. I don't want to buy the satnav bezel and have a gap above as it looks out of place in my eyes. the 4500 radio is a bit simple and doesnt do much, I'm really after one which has at least MP3 compatibility and possible USB too. I also may be thinking about an auxillary output for an amp at a later date. Thanks! EDIT: I would like to keep it a Ford branded radio if possible aswell to match the rest of the car. Radio looks like this one below:
  9. Im just wondering if my car has an ability to close the 2 front windows when you lock it via the key fob. Not a problem really but it is annoying seeing as you have to keep the ignition on to move them up/down and sometimes I turn it off and remove the key and then realise about it. Thanks in advance!