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  1. How long does the mk2 ti - vct engines last anytime got mileage lifetime usage on these engines
  2. Thank you tom. The washer bottle is in the wing above the tyre like a arch shape. No headlight washer. Ford quote 62 pound for a washer bottle and said they don't go much, investigate before u spend. I'm thinking washer bottle or little tubes going to it now. Both front and back jets have good power, even tho front jets didn't work but now do bit odd. I used washers with engine off and water appeared under water pump and on that drivers undertray, but the water got escape somewhere. Last night 9pm ish took car for little run only bout mile or 2. Checked before left no water under pump stopped at top of hill dry. Got back home pulled on driveway and had little look water under pump. Thanks for replying
  3. here is a pic, It's front drivers side u can just see the wheel. I had car running yesterday on driveway for about half hr before I took it out and could see nothing, went for drive came back water. Seems if car is still with engine running nothing, soon as drive with it water. Thanks
  4. Water beneath water pump and water is laying on the black plastic on front vehicle beneath headlight drivers side. If this was pump how has water got from pump to corner of wheel arch under headlight. Anyone got ideas what this is Thank you
  5. Hi guys I have ford focus and I have used k seal before as to fix those heater matrix pipes. Today coming back in car noticed driveway wet looking under bonnet I see water under water pump so I think water pump but under the wheel arch drivers at front vehicle the water is laying on black plastic where star shape screws are and dripping through. I felt water and it's cold, I thought if was water tank for engine it be warm. Any ideas guys please?. Thank you
  6. I've had my o rings go twice, first time garage did it underneath very fiddly and needs patience but can be done yourself if ur patient, then went again and that's when garages recommend trying k seal. So far so good no leaking o rings and little water leak pump has stopped. I checked water level and it's still on max level. So all good mate.
  7. Hello My focus MK2 1.6 ti-vct on dash is only saying I'm getting 18-20 average mpg, I know the focus mk2 are not good on petrol. Also everytime I fill car up pump keeps cutting out, put 20 quid in Sainsbury's last night and had the nozzle about 2 inches in and had go at snails pace to put 20 quid in I have forscan is there anyway from this diagnostic program I can find any faults or mpg?. Thanks
  8. Hello I've had error code 1628 and today driving my car wanted turn up the radio from the dash stalk and it does on work. Stalk does not turn up radio, change station or mode function. Any ideas what this is? Thanks
  9. Help please Run forscan this evening and got this Under pcm 1000-70 Code 1000 And Ic1900-20 code u1900 What are these codes ? Please anyone
  10. Hello Just was running a check on car last night with forscan to see what engine temperature was as put kseal in and forscan said 102c, the car dash gauge never goes past halfway just touch under halfway and the dash stalk trick said 139c and also the car picked up on error p1628. What is this code ? And what temperature reading is true Thanks to all
  11. Don't know if this is any help I had power steering switch fail on my focus approx 2 years back driving home after night out made awful noise and was difficult to turn lucky enough was nearly home couple miles. It was about 60 quid and can be done yourself. Steering pump was ok lucky enough.
  12. My focus o rings have gone twice now in 2 years. If taking ford prepare for big bill. A garage managed to do it mine without taking dash out and it's very fiddly job with patience as up by clutch pedal. Now as gone again I went to few garages from ripping out dash, to cutting pipes and joining with hoses, to the fiddly job of garage or u doing it yourself. now as mine gone again numerous mechanics recommend kseal and it has stopped the heater matrix o ring leak and the water pump leak for price between 11-15 pound. There is a awesome guide on this forum if u fancy having go yourself. Good luck
  13. Got new cap for 16 quid form fords, used pliers to pull out bit out as it's the screw part that breaks off cap. Took car to small local garage and he said try k seal best on market as heater o rings was dripping and water pump started little leak. Second garage gave me two ideas fix it taking dash out expensive job or his mate cuts the metal pipes and re join then with hoses and jubilee clips. Took it again into garage as was passing it driving thru a town thought why not pop in. He recommended kseal as he's used it in his father's car. So brought it for 13 quid and so far no leaks from o rings or water pump as water level still touch above max. Checked heater in car and that was red hot. Temperature gauge never goes past halfway and brought one those elm cables that reads everything. Thanks guys
  14. Hello sorry to jump in seeing this brake pad thread. I have focus and and hearing noise when stop or reverse backwards and tap footbrake. Garage's saying brake rattle. Have you guys ever had this?
  15. I took my focus to another garage today and a mechanic came out and road test it. I tried stopping car with hand brake no noise, went over speed humps tonght no noise, I reversed car back with left lock and stopping car with hand brake no noise. As soon as I reverse and turn the wheel and stop with foot brake like a double crunch, I stop going in straight line with foot brake crunch. Anyway this mechanic road test with me in the car and said it's brake pad rattle anyone heard of this. He said that my brakes looked quite new I said that they are and mechanic said after brakes are replaced copper grease is applied and it's either had none or not much or weather had done it as my wheels are quite open to water. Is this true or load of rubbish ? Thanks