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  1. Afternoon All, I am hoping someone might be able to help me. I know people have tried to get the petrol boost pod of a mk3 Focus ST working on the diesel 1.6tdci's and others with no luck because it is Canbus. I am not even going to try and entertain this fully As I don't have the confidence, but could anyone help me out for the time being in getting the gauge's to illuminate? It seems to have a different plug and wires compared to the pictures I have seen of the petrol variant. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it very much. I have tried to run through the wires with a spare battery I have here and I got nothing. I will try it later with the battery on the vehicle when it is ticking over. Here is a picture of the plug if any of you super genius's can tell me what goes where and if its possible to get illumination. Thanks
  2. Hi Lenny, 


    I have seen a couple of your posts and know you are quite active on the forum and thought I would pick your brains....

    I have a 1.6tdci focus, and the boost pod from an ST Diesel (2015 model) I know people have tried to get the petrol boost gauge working with no luck. Now i don't hold any hope for the diesel but I will settle for now if I can get to light up..... So would you have any idea which wires maybe be for live / illumination and earth?

    The 5 wires on it are brown, white, black, purple and red striped and white and blue striped.


    1. Lenny



      Only way to get the stock pod illuminated is with some aftermarket lighting.

      Im currently selling the contents of this guide for 120gbp 



    2. Leeafy


      I guess I will have to get some aftermarket led's in then. I appreciate your reply.

      Unless the guide comes with you coming to me and making my pods illuminate for £120 that is crazy!

      All in all, thank you for the information!

    3. Lenny


      Check the price of one single Ford Racing gauge.

      There 90-110gbp each 

      of which I'm selling two including the pod and sensors for 120