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  1. If you want genuine I just got this for my 2013, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362104075189 and the oil filter cartridge https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362102175375 should be the same but if your unsure drop them a message with your reg number and they will tell you. If you have a look through their other items I am pretty sure I saw a full service kit, all genuine parts Edit If you are comparing prices the eBay if 5L others sell 4L
  2. Thanks for that it confirms what I have been thinking, its logical when you think about it. I have done about 100 miles since changing the battery with air con on full, auto stop start is still working fine and no other issues
  3. I have put it into test mode and monitoring the battery while driving, it’s ranging between 12.5 and 14.2. Does that not suggest it’s actually working and putting charge in when needed? I have read that the BMS keeps it at 80% but surely that can’t be correct because it would be keeping at 10v?
  4. Just tested it and it’s putting out 12.5 at idle, turning air con and lights it goes up to 13.3
  5. Thanks for the reply’s, I have reset the BMS but it was after I tested the output. I will check the output again today
  6. Can anyone confirm the alternator output voltage I should be seeing on my 2013 1.6 TDCI? The battery went flat at the weekend, I managed to get it going and checked the outputs, the battery was at 11.97v and the alternator was putting out 14.4v. I have replaced the battery today and I am now seeing 13.5v from the alternator at idle, is this what I should be expecting as its a new battery that is at 100% and the smart charging system charges to about 80% Thanks
  7. Since the ios 12 update when I receive a call its no longer showing the name on my screen, I have also noticed that the number is coming up with +44 at the start. Has anyone else got this issue?
  8. Thanks again, I thought it may have just been software based but if its hardware then I will leave it as it is
  9. Thanks for that, it also disconnects every so often so I may take it back and ask them to update it. Do you know if Sync2 can be installed on this year?
  10. I cant get the texting feature working on my iPhone, I was wondering how upto date my Sync version is
  11. I have just bought a Focus 1.6 TDCI Titanium X on a 13 plate, I have just checked my sync version and I am running CCPU: ED092I65.8.10349_sp0.0_Product VCMU: Vector_VCMU_03.00.09 Whats the latest version?
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