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  1. Want to do something with the back just to make it stand out a bit more from stock. I'd love to get the ST diffuser but I'm looking for cheap things to do. Was thinking about taking off the ecoboost badge and putting a red edition badge there instead with a 'ZS' badge under the fiesta one. I've had a look around but can't find any though. Thoughts on what I can do?
  2. Ay, sticker on the back window is ace! Gotta be repping fordbible! xD
  3. loving it! Great to see another red edition :D
  4. Oh my god I think I'm in love :O
  5. So I recently traded in my modified 1.4 TDCI fiesta for the brand new ST Line red edition, and what a difference! So happy with it and really excited to start a new project. I got a lot of great help from this community when I was working on the TDCI so I'm here again asking for your opinion on what you'd like to see on the car! So far I've only got the wind deflectors. Thinking of getting the milltek catback exhaust and getting pumaspeed to sort that out. Really not sure what else is possible on this car so I'm open to the feedback and your opinions in the comments :)
  6. Just went from a 1.4 TDCI to a 1.0 Ecoboost red edition (both fiestas). Absolutely love the car :D I always knew that the RPM on a petrol would be different from the diesel but then that got me thinking. What RPM should I be driving at? Currently I keep my rpm anywhere from 2,250 to 3,000 when driving casually. Love this as it's not stupidly high and it keeps the turbo going so you can get that 'boost' feeling when you want it. Just wondering what you guys/girls drive at?
  7. Would love to find out what you did with the car in the end :D
  8. You got a 140ps red edition zetec s when you're 18. Yeah you're doing good xD Nice car, love it :D
  9. Hey guys so I need a bit of advice; So I've had a look at this website of a remapping company near me. They're a professional company so they know what they're doing. I asked them about getting my car remapped and what it would cost and what would I gain. My car is a 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta MK7. I've done some cosmetic mods to the car already, which you can see on my profile so the car looks nice. This is also my first ever car. The company said that they normally can do around +30bhp and +60nm of torque on this car with a remap. This will cost me £159. Do you think it's worth it or just don't bother?
  10. Hope you like it :) The monitors are attached to the wall so there's no stands on the desk. I also built the pc myself.
  11. I have no idea where or when but I just thought it would be cool to organise something! Looking on the car meet thread in Wales there hasn't been much going on. Be awesome if anyone is interested in making something happened sometime in the future! :)
  12. Such a nice car! But I can't wait to see what you'll be doing to the ST!
  13. 1400 TDCI. Want to upgrade my exhaust. What I'm gonna do is copy and paste the first thread question I created below so you get a better idea: Hey guys, so far I've had a lot of help on making my car look perfect. I honestly can't thank you guys enough for the advice I have found on this website and the feedback I have had on my car. My next step is to do the rear of the car; rear diffuser, exhaust, etc. My only issue though is the exhaust. Let me start with pointing out that my car is my FIRST car, hence why my car is only the 1.4 TDCI engine. I am not looking to be a 'boy racer' or have a big F off bore exhaust. However, since I am doing some work to the back of my car next I do want to do something with the exhaust; though I do realize that it isn't as simple with the TDCI as it is a diesel. Basically I just want to know if you guys can recommend anything. I'm looking for a nice 'purr' to it. Don't really care about how quiet or loud it is, as long as it doesn't kill anybody's ears as I drive past. I just want something a bit different to the standard sound and exhaust but I'm not sure if it's possible since I have a TDCI. I would have loved to have got the 1.6 Zetec S petrol engine but on minimum wage and still in college it's not possible XD Anyway if you guys/girls can recommend anything that would be awesome. Just hit me up with that knowledge so I can have something to go off of. Thanks again for the help! :)
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