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  1. I like how I just got my first accepted entry into a rally! Only 3 weeks away so better get the Puma finished! Any thing to avoid when welding together a roll cage??
  2. On the Morgan Spiced Rum myself and thinking of a cheeky one at the local watering hole in a bit!!
  3. Well I know the topic of conversation has drifted off a bit from creating lists, but here's my little list. - Warm, clear sky day (rarity here in West Wales), can smash out some mileage on the mountain bikes, or even better get some work done on the car! - Performing magic (when it goes well and my performance just seems to have flow) - Hobgoblin, Doombar and Black Dragon. - Driving in the wilds of mid-wales on a warm sunny day, and just stopping to appreciate the gorgeous views. - That feeling late at night when it's dark, and you pack the car and start a long journey somewhere, knowing the roads are empty and it's just you, your music and a clear road ahead! - Chips and Cheese - Musicians: Bonobo, Dreadzone, Massive Attack, Bonobo, Clams Casino, Phaeleh, Bonobo. - Twin Town! and all the Bourne films.
  4. Welcome to the club Dave, just joined myself, and just bought my first Ford! An 08 plate 1.6 petrol Focus! Loving it, and started doing a bit of work too it as well! Here's the gallery for my car so far!
  5. Hi Bobbo, Apologies for late response!! Yes, our first event isin February, it's been modified to Road Rally standard / rules, with the chance of work bringing up to stage standard / rules. Only the cage left, then a little interior wiring and job's a good one! I haven't got any photos at the moment, well I do but not of any recent work... I'll have some photos soon though for you. The only problem and it's quit a big one with the Puma is it's FWD, where for rallying, RWD is better, or even like WRC cars 4WD!! The work we've done quickly is switch the brake drums in back for the front discs and calipers and fitted upgraded disc and calipers in front, new belts, new steelies + tyres, spark plugs etc, sump guard, new tank + fibreglass coating to protect (a lot of it), bucket seats, cage (in progress), new toughened wishbones, new poly bushings on axles, interior lighting, nav clock, hydraulic handbrake + custom made piston and interior copper piping... couple of other little things, the list just goes on and on. Have you done any rallying before??
  6. PaRsOnIsPhErE

    Ford Focus Customising

    A gallery portraying the upgrades both visual and mechanical to my new 08 Focus 1.6. Any tips/ advice/ hints/ ideas are welcome. Thank you for looking.
  7. I run a cycle shop (part of a 3 store franchise type thing, where we've just been bought out by Halfords for 18.5 million) in West Wales but am ready to leave and move on due to it being a terrible, and unorganised, company to work for. Dream job would be a forestry ranger of sorts, something along those lines, ride mountain bikes day in day out which is why!
  8. Hi b4zz, thanks for the comments! Didn't think of getting black background headlights! I am now. Was looking at angel eye ones but they're like £250!!! Regarding door pillars, piece of pi$$. Just wrapped with the door pillar trim still attached. Just go over a few times and make sure it's tight. I've acquired a small bubble, i'll take a photo and post later. It'll be easy to fix, but wish I didn't have too. Another tip, if wrapping with the trim still in place, take window rubber seals out, I sliced through a couple of mine by accident : (... at least when you put the seals back in, it'll seal against the wrap overlap, and stop it peeling. Next job, find new headlights :P and wire in puddle lights!
  9. Hi all, I've taken on board what a lot of you have posted and changed the wrap from Red to Black. At the same time I've changed the lighting from Red to Ice Blue, to give off a bit more colour and visibility inside. To be honest it was looking a bit 'red light district' before..., again any advice etc much appreciated, as with the carbon wrap the black looks so much better, and less 'garish'. I'm also trying some blue trim tubing, I quite like it, but afraid it will look too 'over board' if much of it is used. I've also changed the rear LED strips in the boot and placed onto the parcel shelf to give the boot more light. I've crimped in bullet connectors so the lights can be easily disconnected and the parcel shelf removed, when I need to load in bike etc, but they can be a bit stiff and awkward to pull apart. Anybody got any ideas or know of some connection I could use instead?? Preferably one where both wires feed into one connection rather than being separate. Thanks for reading and commenting all, it is much appreciated!
  10. Hi all, About 3 months ago I bought my first daily / personal Ford, a 2008 Focus 1.6 Petrol, and it had 58348 miles on the clock (i've also got a Ford Puma, but that's being kitted out for rallying). It's now on roughly 61350, and am just wandering how often does this vehicle need servicing to your experiences. I want to keep on top of it, but don't want to be servicing every so often, as the manual describes when I don't need too. Just things like Oil change and filter, cambelt / timing belt change, brake fluid, etc. Some of it I can do myself, with mates pitching on the rest, like i've done with my previous cars. It had a service when bought, but does anything really need changing at 3k miles?? If not, at every how many miles should it get serviced. I tend to do a lot of miles in my cars and average 19k - 21k a year. Thanks in advance for any help, advice, tips and hints provided!
  11. Hi Ashrylo, SNAP! I've recently bought a MK2.5 Focus myself! I've started with a couple of small mod's mostly visual, involving vinyl wrap and LED lighting. The one thing I've found with Ford is most things are easy to take apart and Mod. Interior and exterior panels just pop out, also you'd be surprised how much wiring inside your dash is not used, waiting to be utilized for something. All the wrap and LED I bought from Ebay, with the LED rear taillights being the Dectane brand and bought from Amazon. There's a fair few people on here who have written guides on how to Mod things and they are extremely easy to follow (I'm sure some of them will post). The Mod's next on my list are DAB Radio, LED rear 3rd brake light, Daytime Running Lights and wrap wheels (the 5 spoke steelies that hide under the standard wheel trims). I would love to know how you get on, and although I've just stared myself, I'll help where I can! Here is a link to my photo gallery on here of my new Focus: Good Luck and keep us posted.
  12. Abergwesyn Pass is a great road, driven it a few times when on green laning trips! Let me know when your next in Wales, would love to meet up with a fellow ford club member and go for a spin!
  13. Thanks mikeyd for the kind words! Have got a load of that red carbon left over, but it's just too in your face. As you said, couldn't agree more, subtle!
  14. Hey guys, been busy doing some more wrapping on my Focus. Have done the door pillars and have had a go at doing headlight eyebrows. The eyebrows have turned out great and the door pillars look good also, unless you take a closer inspection at the edges... What do you all think?? Thoughts, advice, tips welcome! Thanks!
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