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  1. DaviesST2

    Few mods!

    Hi mate, sorry been a busy month. It's been wrapped mate
  2. DaviesST2

    Few mods

    St racing stickers, they might end up coming back off if it looks too much lol
  3. DaviesST2

    Few mods

    Wind deflectors few st stickers grill wrap waiting for my gel overlays and some door handle stickers to come 🙂
  4. DaviesST2

    Wind deflectors fitted!

    No scuffing or damage to Windows, and there a nice fit and won't fall out doing 40mph 😂
  5. DaviesST2

    Wind deflectors fitted!

    Yea you should there a must have!
  6. DaviesST2

    Wind deflectors fitted!

    I got them from my local ford dealer, and no adhesive or nuts, they are a perfect fit just pop them in where the window goes up and jobs a good'en 👍
  7. DaviesST2

    Wind deflectors fitted!

    I got them from ford main dealer, there climair ones, I got the sticker off tho I wasn't keen on it, sorry for late reply all!!
  8. DaviesST2

    Hi all

    Thank you btw 🙂
  9. DaviesST2

    Hi all

    Yeah I love it in white! And loving the car! 👍
  10. Hi brought a brand new fiesta st2, can any body help I want some cheap mods I can do? Thanks
  11. DaviesST2

    ST - Yellow ST badge decal 1

    Hi mate where did you get the wind deflectors from? Cheers
  12. DaviesST2

    Hi all

    Thank you 👍