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  1. Fusion

    Hi....... dont know about the esp system.... to switch on your fog lights-you must have your headlights on, then pull out the headlight switch once/twice to activate the fogs.
  2. Remote Locking Reprogramming

    try this.... turn on the ignition, repeatedly press in the button on the indicator stalk until 'settings menu' is displayed on the dash lcd display, push and hold the button to enter into the settings menu, 'all doors' or 'driver door only' should be displayed use the button again to select your choice .
  3. Car Colour

    its possibly metallic vitro
  4. Doubts With Spoiler

    have a look at this...... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200544934619&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  5. Help

    its possible that the tensioner could have failed just at the moment you switched off the engine.
  6. Mpg

    official figures for around town are 32/33 for a 1.4 petrol engine.
  7. rusty wheel arch

    Thanks for quick reply. 300 quid kinda slightly more that I'd hoped for ! That'll probably be a fairly good estimate for other bodyshops. guess I'll have to consider what to do. cheers
  8. rusty wheel arch

    Hi folks.I have a 2000 W reg fiesta and its got the dreaded rust in the rear wheel arches. I've had this car for six years and its never missed a beat, and I'm kinda reluctant to let it go, sell it or trade it etc. So the question is - has anybody ever had the rear arches replaced on their car? and if so how much roughly would I be looking at to have the work done? Its either get the work done or change it. cheers
  9. Buying Focus

    You cant go wrong with a Focus, I've had one (X reg) for 5 years and never had any trouble. I've got a zetec 1600. Focus is superb to drive. Ride quality - If you want a smooth ride then DONT go for the zetec version its quite a stiff suspension and you'll feel the bumps on the road - and probably best to avoid the sporty ST170 version which will probably have stiffer suspension too. You should go for the LX or something similar which will give a softer ride. The body is galvanised on these cars so it will take forever to corrode. I'm getting mid 30s mpg which aint fantastic but there's a lot worse out there. Ford recommend a Focus cambelt change every 100k or 10 years -I've just had mine changed (april 09) although the car is only nine years old, and there is no history of cambelt problems on these cars. For hints and tips on what to look out for go to honestjohn.co.uk and click on 'car by car' - there's tons of info. hope this helps, and I havent tried to flog you my car either!! regards An average motorist.