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  1. sorry to bump an old thread but could someone tell me the fuse number for the sync in a 13 plate focus please? the handbook doesn't actually say sync but there's one that says audio unit and another for something similar, at work at the moment and don't have the book handy, from what i've read on here it's either 64 or 79 i think they were, also what's an easy way to remove the fuse as it's quite fiddly to get to with just my fingers, thanks in advance
  2. Van speed camera

    i had also posted about this in another thread, i got stopped by an unmarked motor for doing 60 when because of the weight of the van i should have only been doing 50, in now worried if i've passed a van doing 60 as i thought that was the limit regardless of the vans weight, could the van determine that i should have been doing 50 or would they have just seen me doing 60 and thought nothing else of it?
  3. Speeding vans

    i got caught today by an unmarked car doing 60 in the works van which brought my speed limit down to 50 (i had absolutely no idea about this as it's not a big van) my worry is now trying to remember if i've recently passed a speed van on that same road as i know i'll have been doing 60 and really don't need anymore points on my license
  4. Squeal / Squeak when releasing clutch

    my old 206 gti done this as well, was the clutch release cable causing the noise, not sure if anything else was changed or replaced when i got this sorted but definitely not just a ford problem
  5. rubber door seal

    i went into my local ford dealer yesterday, they did say it was covered but i need to phone the service department on monday so will double check with them before booking it in
  6. rubber door seal

    i'm on my way home from work so will try get over to ask them, want to see if there's an update for the stereo they'll do as well
  7. rubber door seal

    hi folks, the seal along the underside of the rear passenger door is coming off, i can stick it back on but after a few days it just comes off again, i still have my 2 month warranty from buying the car, would this be under that cover and is it a simple fix or would they just replace the whole rubber seal? thanks in advance
  8. hello

    hi everyone, just joined up after lurking for a while, just upgraded my focus from an 02 plate 1.6 petrol to a 13 plate 1.6 diesel tdci ecoboost, have been using the search function to try answer a few questions and will try keep it that way before starting any posts myself