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  1. Hi all, I have a 2001 focus 1.6 petrol. when i am in traffic and i am not applying the accelarator there is a loud knocking noise from the front end. My opinion was it was a CV Joint/Drive Shaft but it doesnt make any noises when turning corners or when i am on the accelarator. it only happens when i am rolling eiva in gear or in neutral and when i accelarate it stops. and also stops if i apply the brake. this noise has got worse. so i need to get it sorted. it is a constent knocking noise as if something is going round. any suggestions, opinions, anyone suffered from this before. anything would be a grate help. thanks

    hello everyone. wondering if anyone could help. i got a 2001 y ref focus. when i go over any bumps theres a slight creaking noise and sometimes a little click over every bump. also when im driving along in every gear when i take my foot off accelarator theres a clicking noise at a certain point everytime the wheel goes round, now i belive this is a new CV joint but if i get this fixed does anyone know if it could fix the clicking noise over bumps? also does anyone else have any other suggestions as i only assume its the CV joint. cheers
  3. read old cruiser

    or does anyone else have a quick suggestion or know how to. cheers
  4. read old cruiser

    sorry guys. as silly as it sounds can anyone guide me on removing the gear stick gaitor and handbrake gaitor as i dont want to break or snapo any clips that hold it in, anyone got the correct way. cheers
  5. read old cruiser

    hi old cruiser. just see your online browsing this site. can you help me, i got a few Questions. cheers
  6. Front Passenger Side Wheel Problem

    cheers clarkost170. i still have not found out what the noise is, if i go into somewhere like a car park it makes the noise bad but on a normal road it will happen over a bump or dip in the road, have you found out yet? thanks
  7. My Gear Stick

    Hi there old cruiser. thanks for that, i tryed getting onto the link, i have signed up but it wont let me get into it. is the return spring a big job? how basic isit. thanks for your help mate. cheers
  8. My Gear Stick

    Hi there, on my focus my gear stick stays to 1 side. so as i go from 1st gear to sceond gear its fine but when i want to go from 2nd to 3rd i have to pull the gear stick over, it dont spring into the middle as any other car does. for instance if im just sitting in the car with engine not running if i got into 1st and the pull it out of 1st into neutral the gear stick stays over to the left side where 1st and 2nd is instead of springing back into the centre where 3rd and 4th is. anyone know why this is. cheers
  9. Front Passenger Side Wheel Problem

    Cheers Tim. Is There Any Other Suggestions. As iv Had It Looked at and they reckon it a bracket loose or something.??cheers
  10. Front Passenger Side Wheel Problem

    sorry forgot to mention, i may be totally wrong but would this be the link bar (anti roll) by any chance. thanks
  11. Hi Guys. I have a 2001 y reg focus. I have Something loose on the passenger side wheel i have no idea what it is but everytime i go over bumps or a ruff bit of road etc theres clonking noises, on a smooth road its fine. The steering seems fine.Any people had the same problem. thanks