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  1. Remote unlock

    The other pain is that when I close the boot it locks itself so if I am trying to put stuff in the boot I have to stop the engine, get out and unlock the boot
  2. Remote unlock

    Have pressed it twice, tried the same with spare key same result. It's more annoying than anything
  3. I normally push my door unlock on the key fob of my 2009 ford focus and everything unlocked, over the past few days my boot has not unlocked with the rest of the doors and I have had to use the boot release button, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Grommets

    Could some kind person tell me if this grommet on the rear light fitting of my 2009 ford focus is of a certain type or size or can I get them at my local garage
  5. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    I got these ice blue t10's for the courtesy light and the ice blue 48 smd for my boot, I will get another 48 smd and wire to the other side of he boot
  6. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    It is on my courtesy light, when I unlock the door it comes on and then when I turn on the ignition it goes off but leaves a very dim glow but only on the middle bulb.
  7. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    Update. Have now changed to blue LEDs in courtesy light. I changed my courtesy light from single to treble bulb. When I turn of the ignition and LocK the doors the light goes out but there is still a very very dim blue light is this something I should worry about (I don't get the same with the standard bulbs). As always assistance appreciated.
  8. Engine Cleaning.

    Is it better to brush the degreaser on or spray it on and work it in with a brush
  9. Engine Cleaning.

    So would I be safest to dry brush loose stuff, paint everything with gunk natural green, rinse with watering can, dry, spray everything with wd40 leave 5-10 mins and dry everything off
  10. Boot hitting bumper

    On my 59 plate ford focus I notice that when the boot is being closed it is starting to damage the rear bumper along the full length, can the boot l7d be adjusted in any way. Assistance as always appreciated.
  11. Engine Cleaning.

    I watched a video where the guy was using oven and grill cleaning foam, what are your thoughts
  12. So should these two wires be separate from everything else, assistance appreciated
  13. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    I seems strange that the wiring for these would be totally omitted, is it possible they are tucked away somewhere, once again assistance appreciated
  14. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    No bulb holders no wiring as far ad I can see, just have to run cable from courtesy light if I want the effect I am after. Cheers anyway guys
  15. CAN bus or not CAN bus

    I don't have the wiring for the footwells is there any lights that can be powered from the cigarette lighter socket