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  1. Front Wheel Bearing, (whole hub)

    Yes ive seen te post before ,thanks isetta , I replaced both wishbones last year , i could not see a colour band , i expect the colour wore off over the years , i asked my local motor factors when bought wish bones , already ordered , i took old one down , that he measured , the old and new , yet never indicated the size , they were correct size as it were . the ebay lad has confirmed what i need is 21 mm
  2. I have a failing front wheel bearing, i think possibly down to having a warped disc, I have found some second hand ones, on ebay.. yet i`m stumped, , why oh why did Ford , change the size off the ball joint? So can anyone help me with the size 18 mm or 21mm , before i go and but the wrong size. I`ve tried to compare on Andrew Page website, my engine code is dw10, the website only gives reference to a g6da engine. However looking again on ebay at the different engines, they look the same. my reg number is AD06 DDU and vin number is WF0WXXGCDW6J69286 CAN ANYONE HELP BEFORE I BUY WHAT I NEED , MY CAR IS MY JOB SO NEED IT DOING SOON AS POSSIBLE
  3. Headlight bulb coming loose

    Try swapping the retainer clips around then you will know for sure
  4. Shell V Power in a standard Focus?

    I have put petrol in my 2.0 tdci twice, I` m a well known pizza comp. delivery driver. I fill up once a week, with what i make on deliveries, so £ 40 / £50 is my fill up, Fill up drive away, home. Crank engine, nothing, oops, first mistake cost me aa breakdown money £200 plus for drain, second mistake, was looking for bp supreme, half asleep pumped in a full tank. Drove home , crank it over, nothing, got car lifted on a breakdown truck to a garage , much cheaper than aa. £150 Went back to bp , black nozzle on supreme, asked them what pump is diesel supreme on , oh we don't do diesel supreme, why is there a black nozzle on that pump over there? on that supreme ? No idea mate . Went back to take a pic of black nozzle on diesel marked pump , no black nozzle , was green . Still after the abuse she has had with Petrol, i have done 2 fuel filter changes and found swarf in the pot. Still get air in pipes (not sure if its from o rings , have no idea where to get replacements) she still runs as sweet as a nut , well pleased i bought the bulletproof 2.0 tdci coming up to 150k miles , she had 132k when i bought her around a year ago. Having said that she gets nothing but shell nitro, unless ive had a bad week , then gets fuelsave, Still get around 45 mpg, was remapped before i got her to 170bhp, dpf gutted and deleted, again b4 i bought her, Has a panic on last MOT , cos she does smoke on boost, with the new dpf laws coming into play, she passed , so i got her for another year What pees me off is they wont let you have that fuel back, they sell it on , hang on its my fuel your draining out, its my money your selling on.
  5. my pov is Ford are useless , leaks still ongoing since 2005 ?? having said that , i had leaks on my 2006 focus estate , i solved it, the leak is coming from the roof bars , open boot , and follow the welded joins where the roor bars are, you will see a butted joint ,where the roof is welded to the side panels i filled up this joint with clear silicon , up to the first rivet no leaks since , ford lol cant solve this issue
  6. suspension change

    all built the same , so id say yes, yet the car is designed in a certain way, so yes the suspension will fit , will the car handle differently look on ebay there is a vast choice of suspension parts
  7. Top mount shock absorber bolts

    I believe the nut is welded onto the mounting
  8. OK, Question is how to get the top bolts out? When the bolts are badly rusting ? A 15 mm socket as to the video does not fit as bolt is so badly rusted. Looks like its going to be a garage job, Due to the location of the top bolts i can imagine half the rear suspension will need to come out. I cant afford that kind of labour costs plus four wheel alignment, Is there any hints or tips ???? or is it a suck it up and pay a garage ??
  9. Ford focus 2.0 tdci

    yes the focus has an anti stall , thats how you can pull away with no gas applied in first gear, try it on a petrol , try and pull away in 1st gear with no gas pedal applied, you will stall hence , in all gears the diesel engine will pull you with no throttle applied
  10. Rear arm bush bolts

    I do not own a grinder unfortunately
  11. Rear arm bush bolts

    Any hints or tips on how to get them out? I accidentally burnt one of the bushes. Need to replace before MOT. Last car, the arm actually snapped, Had someone have a go at getting them out, but he smashed hell out of the bolts, and damaged the camber ridges, and still would not budge, Had the bolts burned out for 20 quid, with arms replaced. it was a 2001 plate though. This one is a 2006 plate. Hoping they are not too badly welded to the bush. Bought some shock and unlock from Halfords, no idea if its any good. going to repave back springs too when the arms come off.
  12. Over cooling ??

    Thanks , has put my mind at ease
  13. Over cooling ??

    Same journey with heating on full, blowing on number 2
  14. Over cooling ??

    Is this normal temp, for a 2.0 tdci. With no heating on ?? Can get the needle into the middle where i presume is normal operating temp by driving car hard. yet when i ease off needle drops to where it is in pic. Just wondering if car is overcooling
  15. Ford focus 05

    Thanks :)