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  1. Rainydays

    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Amazing car that ST! Now you got a good base to mod as you wish! Sorry to see the titanium gone :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I had 4 sad days where my RS was not with me. I have been plagued by the head gasket issue but I had zero problems with the car. My dealer took care of the car and made a few videos. Due to privacy reasons I did not post the videos as personal information is being shared.
  3. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    First sunny day in ages!
  4. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I followed the manual instructions. I used 5 full turns but if I use force it will turn clock wise and anti clockwise. There is no lock pin. I drove with it and it doesn’t move when I shift gears. It is precise like a sniper rifle and does make a difference. I used 7 turns to try to lock it but it hides the reverse lock too much. So I went back to the recommended 5. Reverse gear works fine but I feel the bulkness of the knob which is very manly hahah! Best 200 euros I spent and steeda shipped in 1,5 days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I just came back from my dealer. I parked the car in their garage, went to the head mechanic, first things he said after hi, Houston we got a problem. Ford gave my dealer an urgent instruction last night to not touch the car. Even though I had all the parts, they found an issue with one of them. I do not have additional details but they need 2-3 weeks to make sure the new part arrives for my car. I was a bit disappointed but I told them that I want the car done properly from the get go and not have it in the shop. I had an original appointment, before the recall thing, for the 1st of March for my yearly control. They will fix my car then worse case scenario. Should Ford give them the green light and the parts faster, i will get a phone call. On a Mod note, I caved and I found something on the Steeda website :D. It was pricey and shipping cost was brutal but I got it in a day and a half.
  6. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I will ring the dealer tomorrow to see if they can confirm receipt of all necessary items. I would not want to end up like some people who drop their car with no ETA. It will be a tough 2 days as I have become extremely addicted to the car and I am looking forward to snowy conditions and ice patches [emoji23]. As you can see from the below some of the nannies are turned off to make the car slip :). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Say whaaaaaat?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Due to certain cost factors , all my cars until the age of 27 were insured on my father’s name. He had max bonuses and fully comprehensive for cheap. Now that was all good and dandy but when I started putting the insurance on my name I got a pleasant surprise. They treated me as a new driver and I had the welcome bonus and nothing else . So you can imagine my anger as 10 years of driving were ignored. My 1,5 Ecoboost after some years under my belt was 1648,85 euros. Now I was expecting my new Focus to be similar but I was very wrong :). The below shows my new insurance with bonus protect. What does this mean ? No matter how many times I use my insurance to fix my car my monthly premium will not increase. My old insurance used to increase as I would be considered a risky driver. Dents and other stone chips were out of pocket as I did not want to pay more and more. So my RS costs me 2380,50 EUR. I would love to have some of your quotes :). Remember it can always be worse ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Rainydays

    D13HPD ST-2

    Nice car ! I would get arrested for driving it in my area [emoji23]. The mods are too extensive and they would need to be declared and written in the papers of the car. Should they be approved then the insurance would have to see if they want to continue insuring a car that is decked like this. Happy to see the Brits are more laid back. My steel flex lines were illegal and they made a huge fuss at the LUXEMBOURG MOT. I had to remove them ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I am plagued by the famous head gasket recall. My car is on the list and I need to service it next week. I have no symptoms or problems but Ford said it had to be done . Let’s see if the dealer is competent enough to get the job done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Rainydays

    Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Hmm, I have yet to receive anything. Mine is a March 17 build. Spoke to soon! Dealer called me and I have my fix 8th -9th of February 2018. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Seeing the potential in that Ecoboost engine, I told my tuner to try a more aggressive map on the car. He was very nice and accommodating and he managed to push it around 217+ hp. He was extremely happy with the result as he did not expect that the car with the original map + sportkat+exhaust to be so willing for more power. So after a few attempts he got it up there. It was the most extreme tune he has ever done for this engine. The car was flying as a few people could not understand how a bland 1.5 ecoboost can fly like that. Little did they know that i had my torque curve smashing the gates of hell from 1750 rpm :). It is no wonder that Ford chose the 1.5 for the new ST. Regarding the new car, it is so docile as a daily driver but sometimes you can feel the beast wants to be set free. I drive it with care as it is in the break in period and i always make sure my oil is at 70 centigrade and above before I push a bit. Below you can see it at work waiting impatiently for me to push the pedal to 3500-4000 rpm and have the exhaust pop :D. It is a bit dirty due to snow and constant rain in my area but properly waxed for the season.
  13. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    The ST does not have the same blue i'm afraid.
  14. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    I have already made a list of parts from various companies. Having some tough moments on a private level where my partner and I have split. I will need the distraction. I see quite a few people change the inter cooler before they tune. I am surprised because the stock one is crazy good. WAGNER has a nice one for the MK3 RS [emoji106]. In terms of induction kits I cannot make a decision. There are so many variants out there I need to see what will end up in the car. I was complaining that my old car barely had parts , this one is a whole new ball game ! Mountune could be an option but I like another brand [emoji106]. Coil overs , I am not sure here. I had some annoying rattling and clanking noise from my KW and I am reluctant here. I asked some people who have coil overs on their RS but until I drive one to see if there are rear top mount noises I will not buy anything. Exhaust wise I am looking at various ones. A beautiful Remus is tempting me but I am also seduced by the super blue coated Armytrix pipes. The Armytrix costs an arm and a leg and Miltek has a blue tips version but I don’t like the sound that much. Tuning wise I am aiming for the 400 HP Mark and while it is fun to build the project yourself , there is a vendor in Europe , Wolf Racing, offering a 440 guaranteed Stage 3 tune where they include all the bells and whistles. Decisions , decisions , decisions.... which are on hold because of the possible head gasket problem. So if I add one aftermarket item on my car , should my head gasket fail, Ford May deny warranty. So I am in limbo pretty much [emoji23]! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. Rainydays

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Yes sir ! Deep Impact Blue ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro