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  1. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Thanks Peter, my fuse box was indeed different and all started in the hundreds. Regardless, with the info you gave I was able to check the relevant fuses and indeed one had blown. It was 107 - Instrument cluster battery supply (10A). Seems so obvious now :) I had only checked the radio one as the radio time/date was the first symptom I noticed. All working fine now. Thanks very much for the help, really appreciate it. Hopefully if anyone else has this issue they can see what to do now.
  2. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Thanks I'll have a check of the fuses in the morning. Peter thanks for all the great info in your posts. You certainly know your stuff!
  3. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Heres a vid showing exactly what happens. Shows radio resetting back to default date and time, dials jumping around and not resetting back to 0. See what you think.
  4. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Yeah the seat belt chime works, but that only occurs when the car is on and once the car is on everything works happily enough. It's just when first starting up, and when turned off that the issues seem to be. I've made a small video to show in more detail what the issues look like. I'm just uploading it to YouTube now. I'll stick the link in here when it's done.
  5. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Update. Just replaced the battery with a brand new one, and the issues still remain, it hasn't fixed it. Also, another quirk I've noticed, the chime that should play if you leave the headlights on with the key out, doesn't play anymore. To me it's seeming more and more like a computer problem. Might it just need a reset? I think I'm going to take it to a garage and get the codes checked next.
  6. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Thanks for the info. When I broke down, the RAC ran a battery test and the result of it was emailed to me afterwards. Here it is : Battery Test Results Battery Test Battery Manufacturer: OTHER Rating of battery tested: 600CCA Chemistry of battery tested: FLOODED Rated Ah of battery tested: 60 Smart charge: Yes Battery Test Results Time: 22/08/2016 17:03 Temperature: 39.4°C Measured voltage: 12.06Volts Measured rating: 198CCA Reserve capacity: Poor Reserve State of health: 31% State of charge: 36% Test Result: Replace battery This is why I asked the garage to replace the battery aswell but they advised it wasn't needed when they checked it themselves. Don't know who to believe? But I'm going to get the battery replaced anyway and I'll report back.
  7. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Thanks I'll have a look. To be honest my battery is probably due a replacement in itself, could it just be down to that? Although there's no warning lights on for it.
  8. Electrical issues after alternator replaced

    Sorry I should have said, it's a Focus Mk2, 57 plate. Diesel
  9. Hi all, hoping someone can point me towards what may be causing an issue I'm having. I recently had a breakdown, and after the breakdown company attended, they diagnosed a faulty alternator. They got me going again but decided that due to them not knowing if it may cut out, that they would prefer to tow me, so I was towed to the garage. The garage replaced my alternator the next day and all seemed fine. But I have started to notice some small issues. The radio does not keep the date and time. The avg miles per gallon and avg speed displays are all reset to 0 after every trip. The fuel meter always shows the amount of fuel in the tank (usually shows below 0 when the key is removed). All the instrument dials flicker when the engine is turned on. There is a noticable delay when turning the key in the ignition, before the starter motor fires - used to be instant. I spoke to the garage and they said it's nothing they have done, and that replacing the alternator would not affect this. They did however say that if an alternator dies, and you are jump started (which i was) that it can possibly damage the PCM. I don't know if that's true but would like someone elses opinion on what could be causing these issues? Cheers
  10. I seem to be having the exact same issue as OP. Had a breakdown a few days ago which was due to a failed alternator, just had the alternator replaced at a garage and now we are getting the time/date loss on the radio (although it still holds the station presets), and the flickering instrument pointers when the key is turned. Did anyone who encountered the problem previously come up with a fix? Cheers