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  1. Skoby73

    My Focus Titanium <3

    looking smart mate that's the same alloys I have on my Focus S once I start I am going to upload some photos before and afters
  2. Skoby73


    No mate I just bought my focus zetec S 2 weeks ago its a nice motor to start with, its the 2 door, Black with the back windows all Privacy glass and the bit boot spoiler and the silver snowflake alloys but fancy getting them done a Gunmetal colour but will do as you say and check other threads before I go ahead tp see it they work, I also what the twin exhausts done but not to sure with it being a Diesel and don't want it sounding stupid, I have see this on here and his is diesel cheers for you message
  3. Skoby73

    Twin rear exhaust for focus zetek s

    Hi Dennis just noticed yours is the 16 TDCI what does itsound like mate
  4. Skoby73

    Twin rear exhaust for focus zetek s

    Hi Dennis is you focus a diesel or petrol as I have the 2.0 TDCI but your looks mint like how much was that all finished mate
  5. Skoby73

    Focus Zetec S

    Hi group not long joined and I have just bought a 2010 Focus Zetec S 20 Tdci and I want some info on what to do to make it that wee big nicer, don't get me wrong its nice head turner at the moment its Black with the rear privacy glass and the silver snowdrop alloys but not sure what to do to it,i was wanting to get my alloys the Gunmetal as seen it and looks nice plus do my break calipers red or black, I also wanted to do the Focus ST rear exhaust pipes but would maybe need to change the rear bumper just bto do the twin pipes but yet again with it being diesel will it work or sound stupid also does the ST body kit fit ok or am I going in the wrong direction, will leave it at that at the moment and wait to hear from you lot more ideas any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance Dean
  6. Skoby73


    Can u add the twin end pipes to the focus zetek s and is so were is best to buy them from and how much are they thanks in advance
  7. Hi just bought a zetek s 20 tdci in black and I have notice several with the twin pipes can you help me out and tell me can you get them for my car and if so we're about and price thanks guys