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  1. Scuffed bumper repair

    Cheers mate! Will check it out.
  2. Scuffed bumper repair

    Hey guys, unfortunately picked up a scuff on the front bumper. The scuffs don't seem to have gone very deep, doesn't even catch a nail when scratching over them. Almost seems sticky! Any tips on what I could do to remove it rather than taking it to a repair shop? Attached a photo so hopefully that helps. Would rather find a cheaper solution as I'm hoping to put it up for sale soon! Also, let me know if this isn't the right place to post this and I'll move it!
  3. Fiesta Zetec S Grille Badge

    Looks really good! Keep an eye on the bolt and retaining plate. I removed my badge today as the bolt and plate had developed a lot of rust over winter! Reckon I picked up a rubbish quality one..
  4. Deep impact blue discolouration

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I can understand a difference between spraying different materials. Still concerned about the green tint, I'll see if I can get a better photo today! I'm technically 3rd owner (pre-reg & 1 before me), so I'm not aware of any additional paintwork.
  5. Hey everyone, been lurking around since I picked up my 64 plate deep impact blue Fiesta Zetec S back in August. Loving the car so far however I've noticed a difference in the paintwork on different sides of the car. On the driver's side, I've noticed that the side skirt is a deeper blue than the driver door panel and front right panel. In the sun there's an greenish tint to it. I tried to take a photo of it but it's a bit gloomy today so it doesn't show well, and it's recently washed so reflections make it hard to see in the photo. Does anyone have any thoughts on what's causing this? Worried that it will worsen over time. The car is still under warranty but can't find any details on whether there's a paintwork warranty from ford? For info I got the car from TC Harrison.