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  1. slickj

    1st MK7 service - Have I been robbed?!

    lol is that how much services cost blimeyyy my first service cost me £30 just to get the booked stamped and me dad done it
  2. that a job well done fiesty fiesta what did pain program you use adobe paintshop??
  3. slickj

    Farty exhaust

    my R32 sounds like its taking farting pills lol and my fiesta well i have had someone come up to me and say "have u got a exhaust??" well obviously ive got one but its not modified lol
  4. slickj

    Leaky n/s footwell

    blimey £614.24 thats a hefty bill have you tried searching for footwell leak in the forums you may find something there
  5. slickj

    engine bay stickers

    stickers saying what exactly??
  6. slickj

    142 HOURS AND COUNTING.......

    142 hours lol is that itt... lol pedro???? did you buy a dog or a car??
  7. slickj

    starting problem on late model Escort

    when you are moving the car are you revving the nuts out of it??
  8. slickj

    Car made where?

    Great stuff cheers mate
  9. slickj


    sweet like sugar
  10. slickj

    new member

    Thats rather clean must be well looked after
  11. slickj

    I'm Torn between options i have with rims

    ash man what wheels have you got they look tempting
  12. slickj

    Members Rides

  13. slickj

    Squeeling noise when full locked to the left

    That sounds about right it must me my tracking because the car sialso pulling bit its pulling towards the left and the noise is coming from right will have to inspect further
  14. Cheers mate appreciate the feedback ye diesels are quite noisey and to find a petrol one is a task in it self
  15. slickj

    Squeeling noise when full locked to the left

    i get like a creaking noise when its on full lock to the right....the cars on 55 plte and its had the a new water pump and all rest of the only noticed this quite recently......the creaking gets more noticable whn you drive on full like to the right...its like someones opening a rusted door is your any similar im getting all sorts of weird creeks and knocks from rear left espcially when going over humps wonder what it is...