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  1. My 1.8si revs itself

    Does the problem happen when the car is cold or hot.
  2. Running problems with Rs Turbo S2

    What colour are you spark plugs, and add more general detail about the problem.
  3. burning oil

    Well done on the fix.
  4. engine problems help needed

    I would be thinking the FRST engine on EFI would be the better option. MFI will start to limit your tuning potential at 200BHP. Not sure about the piping, i am sure someone on here will know,
  5. mk5 engine coversion

    Sounds like alot of work, but if the shell is mint then the effort will be worth it.
  6. Introductions .....

    Neil, 25, Sheffield, Own 2 rs turbos.
  7. Air freshners

    Magic Tree
  8. As bike rider, it adds that extra bit of viability, some bikes do not have an off switch for the dipped beam.
  9. Why do they do it?

    The worst thing other drives do to me is pull out infront of me when i am riding my motorbike. It hurts like hell.
  10. Electric Turbo?

    it is more likely to be restricting the air and decreasing the performance.
  11. What insurance company are you with?

  12. Worst Modifications.

    Bake bean can keeping the exhaust together.