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  1. Do you have an after market air filter on this? the oils may have fouled the MAF leading it to read differently. Give it a good clean with electrical cleaner - don't get too close or touch it, mind. Otherwise, might want to consider buying a replacement MAF.
  2. None mate. The performance drop happens at the time of a clutch slipping, but otherwise operates as normal.
  3. covers for these and the 1.6 Ti-VCT are hard to come by - the screw holes are clearly there for them. I'd have loved one on mine but never could find one. Shame it came out without one - might be why it did... because of how hard it is to find them...
  4. From what I've read with the 1.6tdci, the younger the car the better, i.e, 2015 onwards. Make sure they have been serviced regularly using the correct oil as the earlier models were being serviced with a slightly different oil than recommended and this is what caused the build up and turbo problems. My friend has one of the 2015 1.6tdci models and has done a fair few miles since ownership with no reported problems. If you can, try and squeeze for the 1.5 diesel. General Mk3 problems - vents under the back bumper allow water ingress causing the boot to fill up with water. I've just done the Mk3 vent mod on my wife's car as it had the same problem. The seals around the lower half of the doors peel away and hang loose - this is a known fault but can be sorted with industrial grade double sided tape. The driver's side window tends to squeak when you roll it down which is fixed by cleaning the rubbers. Brake light cluster fabric seals can sometimes fail letting water into the cabin - this is fixed by replacing / cleaning them. - this is just a few, but there are others but a quick search on here will help. Overall, the MK3 is a nice car with a few minor problems outside of the engine department. just make sure all the seals are clean and pushed into place.
  5. As above. The issue sounds like it might be your key. Check that the board is in one piece and the immobiliser chip is present within the key fob. If the light is flashing you won’t start it and can’t disconnect it, either.
  6. when the new battery has been fitted has the computer been reset to accommodate the new battery? if not, the system will be operating with the previous battery's life expectancy which could be why your new battery keeps dying. OR, you could have a parasitic draw which isn't common but not unheard of - needs to be monitored to try and locate what's drawing power.
  7. Ah great, mine did the same re the yellow light in the morning. Thank you mate
  8. Had my focus Mk3 for 2 years but I’ve never noticed the yellow light in the dash lock button illuminated after I’ve locked the doors using the key once I’m done driving and locking it up. - I know it lights up when I’m in the car but didn’t think it did when it’s locked externally with the key. also, the red “!” Warning light in the middle of the clusters flashes every couple seconds like an “anti theft” flash that most modern alarmed cars have... im pretty eagle eyed and always check my car is locked properly when walking away but I’ve never noticed this before in my Focus... normal? Or something new since the PCM update / something to investigate?
  9. id probably use some decent double sided tape and call it a day. If you glue it, itll be sod's law you need to get back in there!
  10. might be the expansion tank - there might be a small leak somewhere letting the coolant boil and seep through a passage. check all pipes are connected and no crud is causing a seal to be compromised.
  11. welcome - when was the last time you replaced the fuel filter - might be blocked causing a problem trying to force the fuel through the filter?
  12. Booked mine in today - I have my suspicions that this may have something to do with emissions, but only Ford will know about this. Have many had it done? has anyone noticed a drop in performance since having it done?
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