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  1. If not running a heavy load on the rear, dropping the rear pressures down to 26 as the sticker says will give you more grip on the rear and prevent uneven wear.
  2. Keep us posted if the engine light comes on again, I don't suppose they told you what code(s) came up? Me thinks P0420.
  3. Need to adjust the handbrake. A pain of a job given all the trim you need to remove.
  4. Ford only recommend to change the brake fluid every 2 years. It's not part of any service schedule.
  5. If Euro Car Parts have a good discount code their prices can be reasonable. GSF Car Parts are the same. I go for Bosch myself, currently a full set for my Fiesta (fronts and rear) on ECP would cost me under £30 with their PAT75 discount code.
  6. You can check the service schedule using etis, no need to register. Your second service costs should be around the same as the 1st. For your vehicle the only items they will change are; Odour filter Oil Oil Filter Every 3rd they will also change the air filter and spark plugs.
  7. Manual says you can use both in the ST, only for the 1.0L 5W/30 is listed as a top up oil. I myself use 5W/30 and would recommend that especially if you drive it enthusiastically.
  8. Recently had this done on my ST, ETIS changed after a few days. Did the dealer do the FSA when you had the service?
  9. All Ford vehicles have a 3 year warranty from the registration date, a 17 plate should have another year left? It covers everything that is unlikely to go wrong but the prices are reasonably cheap. If you do take one out, I'd suggest always using a reputable ford dealer for servicing because in the event you have to make a warranty claim it will be hassle free.
  10. As long as the service schedule is followed that is sufficient to maintain the warranty. Parts can be any brand as long as they are suitable / fit for purpose. It would be illegal under anti competition laws for car manufacturers to insist you have to use their own branded parts.
  11. That is one of the engine warning lights, 'Powertrain Warning'. If it comes on again or is intermittent something is wrong. Fault code reader may help in this instance.
  12. Out of courtesy I would disable mine.
  13. Ad@m

    New Tyres

    Think I'm nearing 21K with the factory tyres, both fronts under 3mm. Bridgestone Potenza RE05A, 205/40/17.
  14. I average 44MPG mix of town and A/M roads, on a very long M road journey I can average 53+MPG. Changing gear when the indicator says so and not heavy on the gas. However, I should point out 2 things that influence my numbers; I use 5W/30 oil and non ford spec. Better quality oil, stable oil film, less friction etc I have the ST200 airbox, meaning there is an additional cold airfeed. I still use a standard OE paper filter. Bought the car new in July 2016, no issues. Currently on about 21K, both front tyres are under 3mm thread depth, rears are about 7mm, brakes still going strong but will be replacing them this year around July.
  15. I used fuse 42, rear view camera. Only works when the ignition is on. Reason I picked this one is because I don't have a rear view camera, so it was unused and I would prefer not to piggyback off another device.