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  1. Ad@m

    Ford Fiesta Finesse 03 - Oil change

    5W-30 is what is recommended by Ford, unless you have any issues then it is best to stick with that. A 10W oil will be thicker on startup, generally you want oil on startup to flow quickly so in this sense 5W is better. If you car is very high mileage I would recommend a 5W/40 oil.
  2. Ad@m

    Oil for a '63 reg Fiesta 1.5 TDCi

    To name a few, Mann, Mahle, Bosch I think you cannot go wrong with either of those as long as you buy from a reputable business. I think a lot of people buy parts / filters from the dealer and willingly pay more for convenience and peace of mind but the dealers are sometimes supplied with counterfeit goods, Ford very recently have had a large supply of fake oil filters circulate throughout their dealerships across the UK. These fake filters could be taken apart by hand. So much for "Genuine Ford"....
  3. Yes you will have a gap in the breakdown cover if you do not have the convenience check.
  4. The convenience check is not mandatory, you pay £99 for them to just check/top up fluids, do a 30 point visual inspection and renew your roadside assistance for another 12 months if you require it. <-- that's the reason why the dealer told you to wait until 1 yr, because all new fords have 12 months roadside assistance, so if you have the check earlier you lose out on some of your roadside assistance. If you are planning on keeping your car for a while I'd suggest changing the air filter/pollen filter and oil/filter every year.
  5. Ad@m

    Mk7.5 125 vs 140?

    Same speeds as in my ST180 and no more than 70MPH.
  6. Ad@m

    Mk7.5 125 vs 140?

    The problem with the mk7.5 is it only has 5 gears and you will really notice this in the 140PS given the shorter gear ratio. At 70MPH in the 140PS there is more engine noise due to the higher engine RPM and you get less fuel economy compared to the 125PS. I was doing a lot of motorway driving when I had my mk7.5 140PS and the engine noise and 38MPG was very disappointing. To which note I px it for an ST180 and the difference made me very happy. The ST180 is much quieter when crusing at 70MPH, does around 2000RPM 6th gear, and I got around 44-48MPG on the same daily journey to work. I would not recommend the mk7.5 140PS for motorway driving.
  7. Ad@m

    Ford fiesta service

    The main difference is on a Motorcraft service they will not use the ford scheduled service checklists available on ETIS when servicing your car, and parts used can be motorcraft branded, meaning they are refurbished. The below link has what is covered by the motorcraft service.
  8. Ad@m

    Ford fiesta service
  9. I do really like the ST200 alloys, its on my list of a future upgrades :D
  10. Ad@m

    New owner questions

    Non coated brake discs are prone to rusting over time. When I change mine I will be using coated discs from either ATE or Textar.
  11. Ad@m

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    Had mine for over 2 years now and still enjoy it.
  12. And knowingly withholding information that is material to inducing another party into entering a contract with you is an act of fraud.
  13. Ad@m

    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    White one does look very nice, 😀
  14. Ad@m

    2015 ST3 First MOT

    What dealer was that if you don't mind me asking?
  15. It would be dishonest not to tell them, and as you pointed out you risk breaching your contract with them. Call them and find out, worse case scenario could be they insist you replace the exhaust with an OEM one, if so then buy the cheapest one possible and have it installed.