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  1. If you are concerned about LSPI, look for Dexos 1 Gen 2 / API SN+ oils. I currently use this in my 2016 ST,
  2. I find that the seat needs to tilt down to a certain point for it to allow you to slide the seat forward. With my driver seat I need to push the seat 'back rest' down with my hand a bit, then I can slide the seat forward.
  3. I see your MOT has expired, what I would be inclined to do is a 60 mile round trip using 4th gear and 70MPH for the majority of the journey. This will heat the exhaust system and give it a good blast.
  4. I'm interested to know some more details. Fully comp? Whats the annual mileage? Use for SDP&C? I've never tried Flux before, no mods on my car though.
  5. If it has the style pack, the alloy colour is called "Rock Metallic". If it does not have the style pack, the colour is the standard grey called "Flash Grey". Illuminated door sills and red paint calipers mean you have the style pack.
  6. Essentially what you posted reads "I want help stealing a Fiesta ST".....
  7. 3.5 years and 29k-ish miles still going strong :) Only thing that needs attention is the paint work, have a lot of stone chips on the front bumper and few on the bonnet. I also need to decontaminate the car using iron out remover as it is covered in those little brown spots, having a frozen white one doesn't help :D
  8. On a Fiesta ST180 the Torque Vectoring and ESC can eat up the pads if you drive it a bit hard. I'm on 26k+ and currently have a lot of brake fade and some squeeling, probably the issue on my rear isn't helping either. So going to replace later this week + inspect / clean and regrease slider pins.
  9. Mine are due a change, I'll be going for pagid pads/discs from ECP. I recommend you check the caliper slider pins and clean/regrease them with appropriate grease. There are reports on the net from focus/fiesta st owners that their caliper slider pins have seized due to either not being greased/lack of grease/dirt build up. My rear nearside caliper appears to be sticking every now and then, and the disc pad contact around the edge of the disc is very poor, over 1CM no contact compared to the opposite side.
  10. Not sure but new costs £160 for a single alloy.
  11. @Mavroz Manual for the MK7.5 says orange flashing = stop, do not drive, steady orange = ok to drive but get it check asap.
  12. You are not tied to Ford dealers for servicing and MOTs. You can use any independant, as long as they use parts that conform to ford specs (doesn't have to be ford branded) and you keep the invoices / receipts / stamp the book etc. And they carry out the work to a good standard. The thing with warranties, extended or not, is they only cover parts/issues that are unlikely to fail 🙂 I'd probably say you won't need it but 3 years for the price of 1 sounds good, if it isn't going to financially be an issue for you take it.
  13. You might find some technical docs / shopping sites class your fiesta as a MK6 but commonly what you have is considered a MK7.5.
  14. If not running a heavy load on the rear, dropping the rear pressures down to 26 as the sticker says will give you more grip on the rear and prevent uneven wear.
  15. Keep us posted if the engine light comes on again, I don't suppose they told you what code(s) came up? Me thinks P0420.