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  1. And knowingly withholding information that is material to inducing another party into entering a contract with you is an act of fraud.
  2. Ad@m

    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    White one does look very nice, 😀
  3. Ad@m

    2015 ST3 First MOT

    What dealer was that if you don't mind me asking?
  4. It would be dishonest not to tell them, and as you pointed out you risk breaching your contract with them. Call them and find out, worse case scenario could be they insist you replace the exhaust with an OEM one, if so then buy the cheapest one possible and have it installed.
  5. My view is you should have taken it to a Ford dealer, independents no matter how reputable they are will always be limited in terms of what they can do since they do not have access to the proper information to carry out certain repairs, and in some cases any specialist equipment required. Seems like the independent you used have been trying to fix the fault by trial and error, which has cost you time and money. My recommendation is cut your losses and take it to a Ford dealer, and maybe think about recovering your money from the independent.
  6. Ad@m

    Finally got a ST

    And it had to be a spirit blue one 😄
  7. Ad@m

    Mk 7.5 red edition brakes issue

    At 20K miles it is more than likely the pads are low and need to be changed.
  8. Ad@m

    Oil capacity confusion

    Manual says 4.4L without filter and 4.6L with filter for the 1.0L Ecoboost.
  9. Ad@m

    Door Barrel Lock

    Go through your insurance company.
  10. Ad@m

    Mk8 Air Filter

    The panel filters are warranty friendly
  11. Ad@m

    Mk8 Air Filter

    I had a look on and could not find one either for the MK8. You could email them :)
  12. Ad@m

    Induction kit issues - help appreciated

    A slight vacuum leak, that is why its hissing. Either the connector is not on properly or the JSPerformance is a poor fit. Maybe you know this but in the event that you overlooked it; The red plastic on that black connector is a clip that you can partially pull up, the idea is you pull it up and then remove the connector. To refit, you push the the black connector in, then push the red clip back down.
  13. Ad@m

    Dirty Air Filter and Oil

    Ford would service it according to their service schedules, every year/per 12500 miles an oil change + oil filter, every 3 years air filter etc. So unless you specifically asked them to change the oil/filter and air filter it would not have been done.
  14. Ad@m

    Damage to paint work

    I think there is something wrong with the paint work, imagine another years time what it will look like. Seems like they are being defensive, you just need to be confident in approaching the situation. Take it back to the dealer, request a manager / say you wish to make a complaint about your car and how you have been treated, physically show the manager the paint work and challenge them on it. Does the damage appear normal to you? Have you ever seen a car this age with this sort of damage? Will there be any paint left in a years time? Regardless of whether they agree or not, ------------------------- Tell them you do not believe the paint work to be of satisfactory quality in accordance with consumer rights under the sales of goods act, it is chipping too easily and is not of sufficient durability that one would reasonably expect on a modern car. In light of this, I therefore wish to exercise my consumer rights under the sales of goods act and give you the opportunity to remedy the fault I initially reported verbally on [date goes here]. If you fail to do so I will have no choice but to take this further via legal action, as well as make a formal complaint againt yourself as the manager of this dealership to Evans Halshaw head office. ----------------------- As a side note, I am hoping you reported the fault within 6 months of owning the car (makes it a bit easier if going down the legal route), as under the sales of goods act if any product appears to be of unsatisfactory quality and is less than 6 months old, it will automatically be assumed in law that the product was not of satisfactory quality and the onus will be on the seller to prove otherwise. If they cannot or won't, they are obliged to remedy the fault and you should allow them to do so. I strongly recommend you follow up your visit in writing as a signed and dated letter, detailing what has happened so far. Specify the date you purchased the car, date you first reported the fault, what happened, further dates you spoke to them and the outcome. Thank the manager for meeting with you on date XYX, reiterate something similar to the text in italics above. Witten evidence in always best should you need to take the legal route but I hope the above actions will indicate to them that you mean business. Good luck :)
  15. Ad@m

    Which to get st-2 or st-3?

    I agree with zain611, test drive another one. First time I test drove an ST180 I made my mind up in a few minutes. Great throttle response, constant torque throughout the RPM range, the weighted steering was excellent, the car was engaging to drive. The one I test drove was a late 15 plate at a ford dealer, so it had the ST200 tweaks such as the better suspension setup (softer) and recalibrated steering. Try to find one that is a late 15 plate or above, not modified and well taken care of. The used car market for the ST will be full of modified STs and unfortunately many will have been ragged to bits.