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  1. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Looking good.
  2. EcoBoost engine/Milage.

    This thread could be of interest.
  3. Usually when the light comes on. Depending on what I need the car for, I may fill till the pump goes click or put about 10L if I am not using the car much.
  4. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    With the cone filter you were hearing more of the induction noise, due to the filter being exposed and noise not being contained in a box. A K&N panel filter will help but its a minor difference.
  5. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    Follow mountune instructions. You will need to remove the headlight unit, place the hose above the fog light. Last picture in step 11. https://www.carid.com/images/mountune/items/pdf/2364-215-aa-installation-instructions.pdf
  6. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Interesting thread, thanks for sharing this siggy.
  7. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    You might be able to get a box like that, I've seen things like this but not sure where to get one. Alternatively the mountune box or equivalent (ST200 airbox) with a panel filter is a safer option.
  8. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    I have a K&N panel filter in mine no issues, although mine has not been remapped. Is it a cone filter you have? If yes, it could be getting wet (when raining / poor weather) and contaminating the MAF sensor. Personally I am not a fan of cone filters.
  9. induction

    In my ST I upgraded the box to the ST200 one, which is identical to Mountune's but without the K&N filter and the base is not aluminum. https://www.sico-developments.co.uk/products/fiesta-st200-airbox?variant=24875163848 https://www.mountunestore.com/products/fiesta-b299fox-induction-kit?variant=831268737 There was a noticeable difference in engine response, especially at low RPM. Fuel economy also went slightly up. A few months later I put a K&N panel filter in, and again there was a slight increase in engine response and fuel economy but the ford paper filter does offer better filtration, something I am willing to compromise.
  10. Few pics of my ST

    Nice touch to the front.
  11. k&n Panel air filter

    Recently put one in my ST, better low RPM response and slightly better MPG. Engine does sound a little different. One thing I noticed after removing the filter from the packaging was metal debris, its made from a wire mesh. So do inspect it first before putting it in.
  12. New Fiesta ST owner - question

    My ST just turned 1 years old, 13K on the clock and the amount of stone chips is disappointing. Can't fault the car but the paint quality makes me think twice about buying Ford again.
  13. Oil or metal

    Magnatec has between no less than 50% to no more than 75% hydrotreated oil content. My view of fully synthetic would be something made from a PAO base oil, this isn't but for arguments sake lets agree it is fully synthetic. Legally they can sell you a bottle that might only have 50% fully synthetic content. Not sure I would be willing to call that fully synthetic...
  14. Oil or metal

    Ok :) If you said Castrol Magnatec for example, this isn't a fully synthetic oil unless you live in the world of marketing.It is very refined crude oil, so refined that they are legally entitled to market it as synthetic. As a result these oils have less impurities compared to many many years ago, more stable at higher temps, additives to keep the engine cleaner etc benefiting your engine. So whilst I agree with you point, just want to emphasize that we need to be careful when using the term "fully synthetic" because it can be misleading.
  15. Oil or metal

    What fully synthetic oil are you using in your fiesta?