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  1. Happy Birthday jay1981!

  2. Vanity Mirror Lights

    I have changed all the interior lights in my car to LEDs, and Lenny is quite right, they do stay on slightly. I've had them in for about 12 months and this does not cause any problems. It is only noticeable at night.
  3. Those of you who have enabled the DDS, have any of you tested it to see if it actually works? Reason for asking is I enabled it on my car on both the HEC and BCM modules, set tyre pressures in the dash menu, then drove round the block. About 100 yards away from home stopped car got out and let some air out one of the rear tyres, left about 10 psi in the tyre, then drove back home expecting some sort of warning to appear but nothing happened??
  4. Steering Setups

    The steering setting do make a noticeable difference. When the car is stopped or at low speed such as parking the settings do not apply. The settings only apply over a set speed (can't remember what) I'm sure it is in the handbook somewhere. Go for a drive along a twisty B road with the steering set to comfort and then do the same with it set to sport - you will notice the difference. :)
  5. Glow Plugs For 1.8Tdci

    The glow plug on these are easy to change. Remove the engine cover and the air deflector (above the intercooler). You could also remove the intercooler and turbo pipes to give you more room. Yes it is a good idea to give the threads a small coating of copper slip grease.
  6. Have a look here http://www.fordpartsuk.com/ Edit just found the right kit for your car http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_mk2_service_kit_16l_duratec_petrol_16v_ti-vct_115120ps_f_KIT54205194_c_424.htm
  7. Diesel!!!!???

    what about 1800 diesel engine and box out of a sierra, would be the most straightforward
  8. A quick tip for Windows 7 users. Windows 7 user account control does not let you install the dllpack.zip files into the windows\system32 folder. What i did was copy the files manually using drag and drop into the system32 folder, then right click on the RegDll.bat file then click Run as administrator. No problems then B)
  9. The Vauxhall oil is the long life stuff. Vauxhall have service intervals of around 20000 miles, even on diesels. :o I can't see it doing any harm really.
  10. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    If the Mondeo is anything like the 1.8 diesel escorts, ford used 2 different types of injector pump. One made by Bosch and the other by CAV RotoDiesel, and I'm not sure if they are interchangable. Also bear in mind that the immobilser works of the pump on later cars as well, you might have to get the pump coded to the immobiliser. A way round this is to use the ECU, pump and keys off another car. A right pain..
  11. Audio Update..

    Yeah, the FAQ seems to be wrong there are no files in the zip file that end in AT. There is 2 that end in AU, I deleted everything off the usb stick other than the AU files, and it worked.
  12. Audio Update..

    :) Just done the update! :) First of all I followed the instructions on the website and surprise, surprise it didn't work. Just came up Update Failed in the radio display So I had a look through the FAQ on the update website, and it turns out that in some cases you have to delete all but two of the files from the USB stick. You have to make sure that the only two files on the USB stick are: 8M5T-14D511-AU.BVC 8M5T-14D511-AU.VBF All of the other files are for other languages, so not needed. Tried again: The update takes around 20 minutes, and is well worth doing. I can now stream music over bluetooth from my phone, couln't do that before, and no need to use the crappy Ford Y cable when connecting my iPod, the Apple cable now works!
  13. Audio Update..

    Am going to try it then
  14. Audio Update..

    Does anyone know if this works on the Sony headunits? I tried an update once before and it didn't work. I'm sure that I read on here that the Sony units cannot be updated.
  15. Focus Paintwork

    Yes its unlikely, but its the kind of crap dealers use to get out of a warranty claim