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  1. RSChris95

    Yorkshire Dales Drive

    A few photos up in the great 'Yorkshire Dales'
  2. Just found a set of these on eBay, hopefully going to get them this weekend! Cheers for the little guide haha can't wait!
  3. RSChris95

    Fez Black Edition

    A gallery of my Fiesta Black edition, love it to pieces
  4. Hey guys so I'm thinking of making a boot build for my fiesta Zetec s and was just wondering if anyone has done it already as any pics for inspiration will be appreciated, I'm thinking of taking the spare wheel out and putting a sub in and line the boot with red LED strips and a Perspex sheet to cover the amp. As stated, any help, advice or pictures are very welcome! Thanks guys
  5. Hey guys thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Chris and I'm from Bradford, I drive a fiesta black edition and love it. It's got no engine mods... Yet but has a list of aesthetics and still more to add. Got on: sill plates, wind deflectors, gel overlays, hoonigan stickers, s badges front and back and tow strap. In the process of changing the rear diffuser to an st style, adding a front splitter, aftermarket seats in the front, maybe different alloys and engine upgrades and remap. Need a new pic of it but this is from a week after owning, changed abit now
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